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Monthly Favorites

I wasn’t able to update my favorites of last month so this will be a merge of two to keep in track. But don’t worry, it’s not a hefty list.ūüėĀ Some old and there’s a lot new so let’s get started.

Maybelline Touch of Spice

I’ve been wanting to own this since of last year but due to the limited stocks and high demand that I failed to grab one. Until they included this color in their creamy mattes brown edition.  I find it also very timely because it’s high time of nudes and browns and this is specifically what my heart beats for. Indeed I was right. Though matte it’s creamy formulation makes this moisturizing and easy to wear. The color is not intimidating, a brown that you can call MLBB.

Colourette Uno Lipstick Primer

The problem when you own a lot (lipsticks/lip product) you tend to forget the best ones. This applies true to this as it happens to sit in my stash for so long until I decided to declutter. I specifically pair this with my mattes that are very drying and other lipsticks that fades easily. I didn’t know that I own a life saver.

KJM Tinted Lip Balm in Pandora

 Though we don’t have Autumn here, we Filipinas are not shy to follow it’s color trend specifically with makeups. This one here is my version of Autumn feels for my lips. For a lip balm, the pigmentation is truly amazing. I love the very relaxing minty smell and the big plus which it’s all natural.

MUZ Aqua Cool Gel

Applying Moisturizer is now easy peasy for me with this on hand. Don’t you just hate the greasy after feel a typical Moisturizer gives? Well, not on this one, it’s a gel type that keeps your face fresh and moisturized. For a humid hot weather that we have, I opt to use this.

Avénine White Extra Rich Collagen

I never knew that I could find an affordable Collagen lotion that suits my needs. I thank Watson’s for having a wide array of products for answering my call. I use this before bedtime for our skin regenerates during sleep and this is a good partner. Waking up to a healthy looking skin can never be this good.

Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil

 If you are too busy to book for a salon service but you need to revive those mane asap,  I highly recommend this. For Php 15, a smooth, shiny hair is at your fingertips within the comfort of your home.Definitely a quarter of a price against any serums or hair treatments available in the market. 

Essensa Body Contouring Soap

For the past months, I vowed to strictly follow my exercise routine for a flat stomach together with less meat/carbs diet. To adhere on this is by using this soap which I believe has given me good results.

Makeup Plus Application

I have been using this long before the famous vloggers promoted it. The precision of the makeup application can mistakenly look original. I love the wide selection of lipstick colors that are all in trend. No need to apply makeup if you need a picture on the go. 

The Royals Series

My spare time is mostly spent watching TV series and this is my latest addiction. Anyone rooting for Elena-Jasper?

I warned you, not hefty but indeed exciting. Any of these familiar to you? In any case you happend to stumble upon these remember they are my favorites and it may also do wonders for you. Till next. ūüíč

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Product Empties

The merry months of ber is finally here. Who wouldn’t be more excited than a Filipino like me who starts the Christmas countdown from September onwards.Yes, green trees are now up in the malls. Oh well, actually just a short update on what’s happening from the other side of the universe and to be honest, I haven’t really got hold of why I seem to have less consumption of my beauty/skincare products. Well in fact we’re already nearing the end of the year. Thus the reason why I think my sole post about my empties. Hmmm, is it because I became obsessed with big sizes or have I totally forgotten that I threw them all in the trash?!?. Oh well, these are only a few but mostly consumed well for the longest time. So let’s start. 

  • St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer – I used this for four solid months. I’ve been rotating on Moisturizer brands and this one is what I always go back to specially if I feel that my skin the need to quench from that sun exposure. For a big tub of 283g, it gives that youthful suppleness to skin. It’s lightweight and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Definitely why this is one of the best.  

Will I repurchase? Though I so much love this Moisturizer,  I believe it’s high time that I switch to something that will also address my problem areas like laugh lines and big pores. ‚úč

  • Sooperbeaute’s Tomato Serum – I use this together with my St. Ives and I found a perfect combo. I’ve been a fan of tomato skincare products since they brightens the skin’s complexion. What I love about this is that it gives my face that glow, easily brightens my acne scars, lightweight ( yes, my main criteria just in case you haven’t noticed yet 😁 ) Most of all, super affordable and readily available.  Will I repurchase?  I’ve been testing a new product from MUZ so for the meantime, I’m giving it a break. ‚úč
  • Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer – It’s a foreign brand and I got this from a hotel toiletries. I honestly find it fancy though, not to downgrade the hotels but I got used to low quality types. And for an effective toiletries samples that will last you a good time, this is something. I love how it instantly heals my dry legs. High end organic brand is also a big plus. No parabeans and other toxics. 

Will I repurchase? Actually I loved to but it’s not available here in our country yet. I’m also kind of hesitant to purchase online since I worry much about the International charges. 👎

  • Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser – This has been my combatant since I suffered from mild acne early of this year. It helped in clearing out my skin and made it less oily. I know many will agree that this has been our dependable facial cleanser for decades now so I rest my case.

Will I repurchase? Definitely YES. I’m on my freshly opened bottle right now. 👍

  • Dial Healthy Moisture with Soy and Almond Milk  I thought that this is just another ordinary body wash. I haven’t use Dial before. I’m more on to Baby type kind of body wash. Yes, mild and gentle. I honestly shy away from those that are not familiar to me other than my preference. Eek! Sorry about that. But if you have some relatives abroad, you know how to have this kinds in rotation. What to love about this product is it makes your skin supple and healthy looking. I like that it made my skin glow because of the almond milk since my skin is super dry. Trust me ladies, you’ll never go wrong with almond milk specially if you have dry skin. I could attest to that. 

Will I repurchase? I tried looking for it at our local stores here but I couldn’t find this kind which is a bit odd. But since I now find Dial credible, I opted to have the other kind instead which is the Vitamin Boost with Vitamin Complex Super C.  👍

  • Hurraw Lime Lip Balm – This is the first lip balm that I consumed up to the very end. I satisfactory indulged myself to the uncertain availability of this product because it’s always out of stock. What to love about this one is aside from being 100% organic it makes your lips plump aside from healing. I like waking up to a good healthy Angelina Jolie kind of lips. Seriously. 
  • Will I repurchase? Sadly this item hasn’t been restocked since I bought it or I just haven’t checked thoroughly? But the truth of the matter is it’s that so good that you can’t get a good chance to own one. I have to check it in my list next time. 👍

    My accumulated empties for the many months. No procrastination present, it’s just that my mom is diligent enough to throw some stuff on the vanity. Lol! But it’s fun and relaxing to see that you have consumed a product to the brim. It’s like a reminder that a penny wasn’t wasted and at the same time you could also be a personal consultant to those who have doubts of purchasing something that is new.

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    07 Favorites

    July has been the busiest and the most challenging month to date. To juggle the schedule is a painstaking task as I obsessed myself on doing almost everything in one go. Thus my time management skills has been put to test. Nevertheless, above all the chaos we definitely would still want to see ourselves in control by looking at our best amidst pressure. I know it’s hard to keep up ze favorites on a monthly basis but these three had been a very good companion for the whole month. 

    Hello August! 

    Though Chinese finds you as their ghost month, I want to align everything with positivity and good vibes. With that let’s start off with last month’s favorites. Yay! Happiness.

    Giving vibrance and glow for my month is Pink Sugar HD Cheeks in Concrete Jungle. 

    What to love about this product?
     Since the dawn of Becca and Jacklyn Hill collaboration, everybody went cray. And since Sephora Philippines has make it a lot easier, so many has been able to join the glowing club.  The trend it is, but if you are like me who find it hard to spend a grand, Pink Sugar’s Concrete Jungle,  fits just as well. I’m so thankful to be able to find a good dupe for a very reasonable price of Php 490. The pigments where good, semi fine and really gives that bouncing glow even if the lighting isn’t that good ( my way to test ) 

    • Feeling Kylie over Matte in Detail Samantha and Pinkies Smooth Long Eye & Lip Pencil in Chocobrown

      What to love about this product?
      I know some of you are longing to have that Kylie Lip Kit, be it because of the fad or just for the experience of that sought after longevity that everyone talks about. I personally love how they were able to capture the brown  that I was looking for that it made it’s way easily to my heart. And because also of this hype that I’m thankful for the release of so many dupes, I was able to choose without compromising my budget. In my country, I found a true color duplicate for True Brown K in Matte Detail Samantha who I got in a very good buy one take one deal. Whilst Pinkies Smooth Long Eye & Lip Pencil  in Chocobrown is so creamy just like a lipstick, a perfect alternative if you’re a penchant for smooth gliding lipliner that is like Kylie’s.

      • Staying fresh with Pink Sugar BB Cream

        What to love about this product?

        Pink Sugar  is proudly Philippine brand. They might still be a baby in the business but proved us wrong when surprisingly all of their makeup line is at par with the Filipino consumers picky standards. I’m still at awe at how they were able to put all details in their makeups in just a short period of time that they were able to build a name that is dependable and worthy. One of the so many things that I love is their BB Cream. I must admit that I’m saddened at the thought that only few BB’s has passed the oily skin radar of Filipinos. And I believe this is one of the few. Although minimal in coverage but it’s good for an everyday use. It didn’t clog my pores, no breakouts aftermath. It sets on to a dewy finish on me which makes my skin looking healthy but it isn’t oily on my face.

        These three has been my best bud all throughout the month. They making me look at my best has been very rewarding second to my completed tasks. 

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        Product Dedication Week: The Bobbie Matte Lipstick Discovery

        I guess nothing beats that gratifying feeling of having to spot a gem.. a gem in the sea of makeup brands. *big grin* That thing when you get so confused in the center of the aisle trying to figure out what to buy or be that adventurous and find that special one. Am I making sense?

        Anyways this is one of those¬†makeup hunt escapades¬†story of mine. Actually it’s one of my leisure thingy that I love doing whenever I have my trip to the mall. At least make it worth the while since I seldom do the visit. I really want to give focus on our local makeup brands and make it known that these were often victims of mistaken identity. What made me say so is that most times, people judge the quality according to the brands popularity or some tends to shy away if it’s on a cheap price thinking it won’t do good. It’s saddening that one’s fault would be passed to all as there are those who strive to earn their names but are not given due credit because of this mindset. And what made me push myself to strive more to attain that goal is the big number of response/reads that I got whenever I do a local brand lipstick review. This time we need to give the underrated the limelight.

        I believe early of 2014 ( please correct me if I’m wrong) that¬†Bobbie Cosmetics¬† which is more known to us as the leading nail polish brand has expanded their line and also ventured in the world of makeups. Exciting really, happy to find that the local makeup family here is growing. Slowly I’ve seen makeup vloggers feature these products. How they speak well about it made me include¬†Bobbie¬†in my itenerary for my next mall visit. For the obvious reason the first product that my hand picked is their Matte Lipstick. This claims to be “Lead Free” .¬†

        There are only limited colors available in their Watsons kiosk so I chose a safe, for everyday, your kind of MLBB color. My heart lead me to Sugar Babykiss.  

        This lipstick retails for only Php 89.00 for I think 4gms. Not bad right? I see that their packaging is really cute with metallic pink as it’s color banner. This lipstick is in a transparent tube, very convenient in determining the lipstick shade. I just worry at how flimsy the cap though for it looks prone to breakage. Aside from the brand name, manufacturing date and batch number are the only vital things printed but no ingredients. It could be helpful in validating their “Lead-Free” claim though. While the shade’s name is written on the bottom part.¬†Other than that, my initial assessment seems OK.

        Moving on to the formulation. It’s pretty pleasant for a matte finish having a creamy texture. I find this a good point for people who wishes to wear matte with comfort. No tugging on application, glides smoothly . But with minimal transfer which I personally don’t mind. Scent is bearable that resembles more of a candy. For its longevity, if no further activity it lasted at least 2hours. Not really long because it also tends to wear off as you speak or ¬†have long conversation. But I love that it’s very pigmented. And oh, I also noticed that this color could also pass for a MAC Please Me dupe.¬†Really compatible for the Filipino Morena color. And upon three days of consecutive using, it didn’t dry my lips.

        I know it’s kind of too good to be true but with all honesty I’m also surprised. Some might have a qualm of how not long staying this is but most I think would agree and give a thumbs up on how it’s comfortable to wear and that above all, nondrying. And don’t forget, ¬†it’s Lead-free!¬†Really too much for Php 89.00.

        This I tell you what makes a makeup¬†hunting ¬†escapade fun and fulfilling. For me, ¬†it’s much contenting to be able to discover new finds but at the same time budget friendly. Though it could be a hit and miss but once you hit, it’s like winning a jackpot.

        Thank you for being with me on this makeup discovery. Stay tune for more haunting series.



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        Sooperbeaute’s Candyporefecting Review

        I must confess that I’m a¬†Sooperbeaute¬†fan since day one. In fact one of my well read post was a review from their¬†Lip and Cheek Therapy¬†( click here just in case you missed that one :)) Since then, I lived to the very good impression they gave me and has built the trust and faith on our¬†online sellers/local products.¬†If¬†this brand STILL doesn’t ring a bell to you my dear Filipina readers, let me give you a brief introduction.

        This brand gain it’s instant fame on¬†Instagram¬†being an Online makeup seller that indulges into purely organic made products. Their intial line consists of¬†then¬†some lip products and mostly skin care. They are more popularly known for dual purpose products, fun and colorful label designs and most of all the very much awaited promos which I personally sought after. Soon¬†Sooperbeaute¬†became a household name to bloggers/vloggers here because of their budget friendly but with a good quality range of skincare and makeups.

        To date, I’ve been using religiously their¬†Tomato Serum and just recently replenished my stash from their¬†buy 1 take 1¬†promo. From there that I got the chance to include my new apple of the eye¬†Candyporrefecting Cream. ¬†160710062731-01So lucky that they have included this on their promo line since it’s priced for Php 185 at 20ml? (not sure here). What made this spark my interest is the very promising caption on their¬†Instagram¬†account that reads

        No need to trouble yourself in hiding those pores because we made it easier for you. We concocted a tinted cream called the Candyporefecting Cream that will easily fill in pores , smoothen skin texture while keeping it looking young and fresh with continous use.

        Does that mean my existing large pores dilemma will now come to an end? So excited to find out.

        First let’s talk about the packaging. Housed in a pink pump bottle which is a must for me. No wasting of product, check. Label includes ingredients, batch number and expiration date ( a lot different from their previous skin care labels that they, I think forgot to put the essential “expiry and batch no.”) another check.

        Next is the formulation. I noticed that it very much resembles a foundation with it’s consistency. Quite thick but a bit runny. Come to think of it, this tinted cream could be a foundation and a primer in one since it claims to fill in pores and smoothen skin texture. (pretty much reminds me of¬†Covergirl’s Outlast¬†except for the concealer part) And the bubblegum scent that I couldn’t pass which really caught my olfactory sense

        Application is easy peasy. Very blendable. It is true when they state¬†pea size amount since a little goes a long way. One pump could already cover my entire face. So even if it costs much for a 20ml ( on my opinion) it’s safe to say that that bottle could lasts you long usage. Sets on a dewy finish but kinda tacky.¬†2016-07-22-17-47-25

        I road tested the product for two consecutive days. The intitial claim on hidding my large pores were… I’m happy to note was achieved. The tint though bothers me as it’s a bit shade darker than my complexion. I was hoping that in a few minutes it’ll set and would adhere to my natural skin color but it didn’t. The sticky feeling is very prominent though it feels lightweight on my skin. I very much like the dewy finish but eventually come midday my face become shiny. So I have to blot and noticed that it transfers to the blotting paper even with a little pressing.Unfortunately I have to kiss my dewy look goodbye and apply a setting powder to combat the oil, lessen the transfer and the tacky feeling.

        with setting powder

        Maybe the combination didn’t went well for the day after I noticed a breakout. I guess those filling of pores wouldn’t work for me.

        On my verdict I give it 3 candies ( since it’s candyporefecting :)) out of five. I’m so sad about the breakout outcome since it did fully well it’s job of making my pores less visible. I want to know from those who have tried this if it really indeed has a dewy finish on you girls.Mine is oily combo hence I suggest that this works well for those who have dry skin. I’ve seen that they also have¬†Porefectionist Serum¬†which I think would work for me instead. I would be glad to hear your thoughts to those of you who have already tried but with a different outcome.

        On a lighter note, Sooperbeaute still has an ongoing promo with 20% off on selected makeup and skincare items. Head on now to their Instagram account to see deets and who knows maybe one of your favorites might be included.


        Disclaimer:  The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT sponsored or paid.


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        My Top 3 Whitening Soaps

        Summer has now ended. Though rainy season has gone official, the humid weather is still evident making you think, did we really changed seasons?

        Anyways, this blog post is intended for my Filipino readers who after enjoying the sun basking summer have already the change of heart. From the sun kissed tan to now more lighter complexion. May I present to you my tried and tested Top 3 Whitening Soaps.

        The following are rated based on my personal experience. I’ve used the following products whenever there’s a need and I should say that are proven safe and effective. They’re rank according to effectivity in which soap gives the fastest results being number 1 as the best and so on. So I’ll be starting with number 3.

        3. Top Gel 


        I first known the brand from a Cebu based Youtuber. Being this is manufactured in that place that I thought the reason why she loves this.

        Seeing this in leading drugstores and supermarkets but never took time to try it out because of ¬†fear from fly by night products.¬†¬†But I tell you, this youtuber’s explanation really convinced the heck out of me. Maybe because youtube reviews are like live testimonials. So anyways, amongst the three this is the priciest at Php 71.00 but the biggest. Top Gel is a Papaya soap and what makes this different from other papaya soaps in the market is that it’s formulated with squalene, vitamin E + C and AHA + Collagen. These infusions are the main reason why I included this on my top whitening soaps. You see, though these soaps help lighten your problem areas, they could also stress out your skin making them dry. And dryness dulls the skin making it also darker. That’s why don’t forget to moisturize after using whitening soaps. Works well for me. Tips..Tips..¬†

        Just a gentle reminder

        On estimation, I used this for about two weeks that I see some changes.This suds up to a creamy lather and could lasts for a long use. I love how it gives you a supple looking fair skin after a long consume.

        2. Kojic San 


        From the word itself, this soap’s main component is Kojic Acid¬†. I specifically use this for my face in combating stubborn blemishes and acne scars.

         Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties it is used to treat skin diseases like melasma.[5] Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties

        What to love about this soap is the immediate results you can see (¬†e.g ligthening of scars)¬†in just a week. It has this micro peeling effect which I believe what makes it more effective. And because of that, it is inevitable to feel some burning sensation. Some may not like this but I see it as a sign that the soap is taking effect on me. I even let it stand for a few seconds. But my dear readers this is at your own risk, let me just remind you. I wouldn’t really recommend the latter specially if you have a very sensitive skin. It is also drying so ¬†better use moisturizer if you intend to use it on your face. Also, it is highly recommended that you avoid direct exposure to the sun and should religiously apply sunblock before going out. I also tried using this on my body but I feel that it makes my skin lost it’s moisture much faster than lightening it. This retails a lot cheaper and sizes comes in different variants to suit one’s budget.

        1. Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap


        My No. 1 whitening soap. I’ll be honest with you guys, I never really put a better judgement on this at first. Aside from the fact that you can’t see this on leading drugstores and supermarkets here ( available only in online stores but I got mine from Super 8) There are also alot of counterfeits so be careful to buy only the legit. Of all the three, this one is the cheapest at around Php 30+. Another thing that adds to my doubt of it efficacy. But the curiosity in me arose when I saw a lot of testimonies given of how effective this soap is. So I guess after some years that I totally give in. Fortunately a nearby supermarket has this, my trouble of tiresome haunting was put to ease.

        At such price, it works wonders. I preferably opt¬†Papaya¬†for my body and¬†Kojic¬†for my face. Papaya is less drying on my skin as of Kojic. But unfortunately I can’t use it on my face as it aggreviates it’s oily status causing some breakouts. Moving on, it claims that it is organic which I believe because the soap melts so fast. And suds up to a good lather. I just hate the orange tint it gives staining my washcloth. I see results in just a week and what I love is that aside from the price, it gives a healthy looking fair skin. I really didn’t have trouble moisturizing, whether or not I apply a lotion after bath. There is no worries of irritated and itchy skin due to dryness. Unfortunately as they say, you can’t get all the luck in this world as I have a hard time of it’s availability. Often than not, it’s always out of stock. I just thought it really is that effective. So if I got the chance, I hoard. Still not a prob because it suits the budget well.

        May I just remind you my dear ladies that what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean may give the same effect on you. An important thing to note is that I have an oily combo on my face and ¬†a dry skin for the body. Though¬†Whitening or Lightening¬†our skin could help us aesthetically, taking a good care should be on top of our priority. And when I say that it means drinking plenty of liquids, taking a good amount of sleep and eating the right kind of meals. I believe in the importance of keeping a healthy core for it reflects a radiant beauty outside. And for the most, love your self, love your skin.


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        June Favorites

        When I was about to gather all the things that fancied me for the month of June, I’m surprised to find out that there are only a few. And when I did an acquisition for the products that I consumed, only one stood out. Hence there will be some merging  for my empties which I’ll be posting next month or depending on the volume of the products. Though it’s only a few (six to be exact) things that caught my heart, they’re are actually exciting ones. Actually it’s more of my love at first use items which are quite new to me and a discovery. Though there’s one that I found myself going back to and one that I wish I could have the guts to pursue. I guess it is now well explained we will go now with with my June favorites.

        The first on the list is something that I didn’t expected to have. I first saw this on itsjudyslife. While their family having a penchant for organic, I’m not really keen on the brands name let alone having to try one. Aside from the fact that it’s not available here, it costs a fortune. 

        • Malin+Goetz  

        I’ve been using their Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer as my night lotion. To be honest, this didn’t catch me at all (which is before I use it). Although I adore the clean minimalist packaging, the scent is something that I’m not really a fan of.

        It’s actually a clean masculine scent but for no apparent reason, instantly reminds me of hospitals. The reason why I emphasize on this is that I am very particular when it comes to lotion scents. Like it matters most to me than any of it’s attributes. Okay, don’t judge please. Yes, it’s scent before anything else. Going back, but you know that I easily disregard the scent factor with this one knowing that it’s a legit organic. And that I love waking up to a supple, healthy looking smooth skin. But my liking also comes with a problem. How could I repurchase??

        • Cilantro Hair Conditioner

        What made me drawn to their conditioner is that it’s very beguiling. Yes, catching word alright but in a positive way. Let me explain. The kinds of conditioners that I used are the ones that you get results as early as it touches your hair. As you apply, it glides smoothly and you feel like your hair is a ball of cotton. That definition. But it’s totally different with  Cilantro.  I got frustrated while applying this on my hair. No smoothness, tangles as I ran my fingers and coarse to the feel. Totally opposite. So with this given to me on first impression, I really couldn’t care less of whats next. But as soon as my hair dried up (air dry) I noticed how soft and managable it become. That’s what I call deception.

        • Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips 

        It took me awhile to finally use this product. You know that I have this weird thing making them stay for sometime to make sure of it’s effectivity. Especially if it didn’t give me good results for a start. Yes, a chance to redeem and that happened to this lip balm. I call this “pagbabalik loob” or conversion. I don’t know why it didn’t give me this appreciation that I have now way back. It surprisingly healed the dryness and chapping on my lips. And what’s best is that the natural red lips that I have since I started using it again. 

        • Lalavesi Alma Cream Moisturizer

        This samples were only given to me by my brother who got them from her officemate. The trail.. I’m a bit confused at the letters tho. What it stands for and the significance. Upon research, I found out that it’s the 4 seasons. First time that I encountered a Korean product with no cute characters and bold striking packaging. Yes, the minimalist themes on organic brands are hitting me. But anyway,  Akma Cream is one darn moisturizer that I’ve tried so far where you could already see results just from these samples. So sad that I couldn’t find a local online store that carries this. I’m so eager to find the amazing results in a long term use so I’m searching online internationally since they don’t have any distributors in any country but Korea.

        • Thrifting

        This is something that my sister and I both loved doing. The pleasure of finding good stuff that only you owns. We’re kinda bit dramatic on that part if we find out that we wore the usuals. Lol! That feeling “artista” vibe. Anyways, I’ll be posting a separate blog on this so I could show you some finds that I had from thrifting. 

        • Thrifty Hanako

        Which also brought me to this. During my spare if I’m not reading a Jeffrey Archer book, you’ll find me watching her vlogs. I’m her senior but I find her very inspirational when it comes to being a minimalist. And I love how she have an eye for fashionable pieces which mostly she got from her thrifting. I find adopting mostly of her peices and include it in my wardrobe staple. Simple yet with authority. For the meantime, I’m still garnering some strength and high spirits to come up with “some” fashion blog. I’m laughing at the thought but seriously, you’ll find it here. ūüôā

        • Jeffrey Archer The Clifton Chronicles


        I find myself being hooked on this Clifton story. It’s been years since I engross myself to a good read. I just have to contain my excitement though so that I could get some sleep or else I would finish the entire four in one sitting.

        There you have it. Another month, another good stuff. Only few but I could say worth it. Have you listed your favorites yet. It’s also a good reminder of how well our month turn about. See you on my next.


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        Covet Me Not. Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit Review

        Sleek Makeup set foot in the Philippine shores sometime late of last year. The much anticipated opening of the company’s first flagship store has set quite a stir to makeup enthusiasts and beauty bloggers alike. It was indeed the height of¬†Sleek¬†then and I personally got to see how georgeous and dreamy their products were. It’s like a new branch of¬†Wolly Wonka’s Chocolate Factory¬†has opened, that¬†everything the SA would offer ¬†I can’t afford to pass. I really have to get hold of my emotions that day for I specifically put focus on to their liquid lipstick only. The one that made a colossal following since it’s debut on¬†Anne Clutz’s vlog.¬†But I guess it isn’t my luck, for I with the rest of the girls who experienced love at first sight on this lipstick eventually got also our hearts broken when we left the store empty handed. I asked the SA when are they going to restock the item and she said that there is still no definite date for they just recently put up the stock a day before. Oh geez, that fast! And as if she could feel my pain by saying that I could place some reservation if I want to. I’m not so sure if they allow this so I asked if it’s ok. She said that as long as I’ll be able to show up on the event that she notifies me. If not, then automatically they will put in on stand. So I said yes and waited. It took me almost two weeks until she inform me that it’s already back in stock. And when I got there, mine is the last piece that they have. Finally, I got it in my hands. Is¬†Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit Lip Cream¬†worth the wait?

        Before I proceed to the documentation of this experience, I would like to express to my readers that this is a honest, based on my experience review and that what I feel might not be similar to you guys, okay. Just some clarification. DSC00407

        Mine is a love and hate relationship with ze¬†Birthday Suit.¬†If you ask me what got me to buy this product is the color. I have never seen a perfect nude that time on since I laid my eyes on her. The fact that¬†Anne¬†has this typical Filipina morena skin and it suits her well, what more to me ( I thought) Anyways, it really didn’t fail me on that aspect but there are just things that I forget to take note of. I know for a fact that Liquid Lipsticks/Lip Cream indeed tends to dry your lips. On that time, I failed to put up my reviews right away for my lips weren’t on their good state. They are cracking like crazy, and to base my observation with that situation would be unfair. So I gave it a good five months ( my lips) before I start.

        First, the color is indeed true as to what you see on the tube. It’s the perfect pink nude that flatters the warm skin tone of Filipinas. Undeniebly the best selling liquid lipstick in the Philippines. The color is very pigmented. As you see on my swatch, this was made with only one swipe.


        It sets to a min max which I find it a bit long in compare to my other liquid lipsticks. Before applying, I highly suggest that you exfoliate and hydrate your lips prior to achieve satisfying results which I did. It’s easy to apply, no tacky feeling but here is what I observed. I noticed that it accentuated the lines of my lips though I moisturized them beforehand, they looked dry. But then, I would give it a fair chance maybe because this one is on the lighter shade, I have yet to try the dark ones to see if they are alike.The process still works the same for these same as the other liquid lipsticks that if you avoid eating, drinking it’ll maximize the longevity of wear. The first part to fade would be the inner lips. Yes, you could retouch on that part only for I see that if you tend to buil it up, it’ll flake. But the most remarkable is that the way it dried my lips so fast. To think that I made sure on applying my lip balm before and after. The dryness resulted to the cracking again. Yes, I feel terribly bad. Just when I thought I found my go-to liquid lipstick. What I do now is not to make it stay longer, let’s just say 3 hrs max. And I make sure to use a makeup remover. I just couldn’t let her go. Just like in a relationship, I still would give her the chance because I so love this color. To date, she is still my favorite nude maybe not until I found another one. Though they say that¬†Birthday Suit¬†is a good color dupe for Kylie’s Dolce K.

        As of this writing, there are still some difficulty in purchasing this liquid lipstick as it’s always out of stock. I got mine for Php 450 ( $9.66) ¬†The packaging is okay, nothing special. I like that it has no scent and the flat applicator works well for me specially if you have the lips like mine. Unlike other Liquid Lipstick, you could readily see the product information on the tube, the name, batch number and it’s shelf life.


        PicMonkey Collage

        In this particular, I give it a rating of 3/5 since it’s drying on my lips. Though I find ways of still making it wearable. I would still want to purchase Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks this time in different shade to see if it’ll have the same effect on my lips. Until my next Matte Me Review… *mwah*

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        Product Dedication Week: Strip-it Cold Wax/Sugaring Review

        As a Filipina I observed that we obsessed so much on how ideally what our armpits should looked like. We put a dedicated time and effort to keep it from looking smooth, fresh and even colored. That’s why we make it as an essential to keep it hair-free as always. As in no intervals, or procrastinating days but religiously we make sure that no hair on that area should be visible. And I believe that with maintaining this regimen, everything else follows. Like smooth, fresh and even skintone underarms.

        But not all has the luxury to be a regular on a waxing salon all the more the time of the day to visit one. We all know how much it takes to book a certain schedule convinient to us. And we just couldn’t have that emergency appointments we need due to unexpected events. So oftentimes we ended up shaving, plucking or worst going to cheap salons just because we have to. In this situations that unevitable circumstances arises. Like when we shave, we ended up with chicken skin and razor burns that causes to darken our UA. Cheap salons often times becomes a tragedy of being mishandled by unexperienced staff. And if we go for depilating creams, we’re left with little stubborn hair.

        Waxing before is not as accessible as it was now. The ones that I saw in the market then needs to be heated in order to achieve full effect. Eventually it progressed thus Cold Wax and Sugaring was made. Much convenient, less work.and more options. I have tried all believe me and nothing beats the works of a Cold Wax. I got my first from an online shop on the year I’m not sure when. Unfortunately when I got to finished the tub, the shop is already nowhere to be found. It has been years since I got my hands on the waxing game again for a reason that I find it hard to trust a legit cold wax seller. Until my luck has changed and I unexpectedly won a¬†¬†Strip It¬†package¬†from Kris Lumagui’s giveaway.¬†160606055832

        Before we lead to my experience let me first share to you the benefits of Strip It Sugaring taken from their website.

        • Have a lighter skin that’s silky-smooth and hairless for weeks
        • Easy to use, no heating required
        • 50% less pain from ordinary wax
        • Hairless skin that lasts 2-4 weeks
        • Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin
        • Hypoallergenic and Water soluble
        • Calamansi ingredient which promotes skin lightening
        • Removes hair from the roots
        • Hair regrowth is finer and softer
        • Laced with Moisturizer


        Prior to my waxing experience, using¬†Strip It¬†is far way better than my previous brand. Let me enumerate. Though I must say that it has been years way back but I vividly remember how my first wax looks like. The consistency was a bit runny then in comparison to¬†Strip It’s¬†solid and more compact form. 5182016193814¬†Then I understand that this is how it’s supposed to look like because the density it has makes stripping more easy and less painfull. I just noticed that some of the hair were pulled off already upon spreading the wax to the skin so the tugging could give a jolt of pain. But tolerable for me. And also because of this quality that the strip cloth were able to pull all of the hair. So no redoing or no areas are missed. A word of advice though, please follow the rules accordingly to maximize effect. Some might be too excited to have their UA get waxed again even if the hair still aren’t growing to it’s suitable length. Chances are some hair will be left unwaxed due to it’s length. And another one, the cold wax adheres strongly to the skin that at one point I wound myself upon pulling the strip.

        Excuse the vulgarity of the image.

        It took me a month and a half to have my armpits waxed again. Yes, that long and the growth is not as thick and coarse as before ( I used razor before I had this) My UA is not that bad looking as it was when I was shaving with hints of razor burns and uneven skintone. Though I could still experience a little chicken skin but not as terrible as it’s prior state. And no ingrown hair. To date that it’s only been my second time of use. Ms. Lumagui has been generous enough to give me two variants. I must also say that a tub could last you a lengthy amount of waxing. Not to mention that it is more affordable and saves you a lot to own some more for your stash. So I might have trouble of finishing them all. ūüėČ To sum it up, it has been very satisfying to find a brand after all these years that suits your standards. I highly recommend¬†Strip It¬†for those who are looking for a trusted and true to it’s claims. With that note that I give them a 5/5 rating.

        No worries now of purchasing this product, visit their site to see the nearest distributor in your location. A tub starts of with a 100g trial size at Php 130.00 up to the biggest which is 350g at Php 295. A pamphlet with it’s procedure, stripping cloth and waxing stick comes together with the tube.The product is good for only a year upon opening so might as well use it also in some parts of your body that you want hair-free. Strip-It is made from all natural ingredients.

        Disclaimer:  The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT sponsored or paid.

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        Product Dedication Week: MUZ BB Cream Review

        I had a huge admiration on how Koreans keep up such a good healthy young looking skin. We belong to the same continent but where’s justice? The reason of many on the propensity of trying and buying any Korean beauty product is attributed to this. I, myself attest to the shot in the arm purchases of such. I even want to inject the¬†10 steps beauty regime but the hot weather won’t allow me so. And then one fine day, as I was strolling down the beauty products bay of a leading drugstore I found¬†MUZ.¬†¬†I thought it was just another snail cream variant that they had which (lol!) I also tried. But as I leaned closer, it’s a¬†BB Cream! (excuse the exclamation but that’s just what I felt that day :))

        Moving on, I was standing there a good five minutes. I tell you, it’ll be the first Korean product I say that I buy without an impulse. Why? Because it’s a¬†BB Cream. I know my reaction prior doesn’t justify to this.¬†Lemme explain. I had tried countless BB’s, local and imported brands but nothing satisfies ze skin. My combination oily skin is a snub to this so no matter how hard I try literally tried different brands, I failed. But the skeptic still gave in listening to her inner self, “how will you know if you won’t buy?”. ¬†I know this has been a broken record but sometimes it works.

        The problems that I encounter with these Beauty Balms were:

        • aggravated oily skin
        • clogged pores the morning after
        • transfer of the product¬†
        • sticky feel
        • too heavy¬†

        I gave this product a week test to see if it solved my Beauty Balm standards and I say that after a weeklong, I gave it a 4/5 rating. To be honest, I had only a little chance in me of not having an oily skin nor it would escalate the situation. But I’m surprised that I only have minimal oil on my t-zone. I wish I knew beforehand that I ran out of blotting paper so I could show you how it is. ūüė¶ ¬†Really beyond my expectation. Usually the following morning I’ll be having zits or bumps afterwards but as I feel my face… clear. Though it still has a minimal transfer but really nothing obvious. And this, it is so lightweight that you have to remind yourself that you wear one. Wow! (keep on talking!) It’s easy to blend with it’s average consistency. A little bit goes a long way I should say so though it’s a bit pricey ( Php 104 for 10ml) it’s worth it. This amount covers my entire face already but it’s buidable if you would want to give that extra on your problem areas. No worries of caking.¬†It has light to medium coverage with¬†SPF 50 PA+++¬†.


        Just a few downside though why I didn’t give a perfect grade. It only has one shade available which is light beige (though it suits my skintone) From the tube it has this strong foundation-like scent ( what I could remember) but fades when applied. You can’t really see any information from the tube aside from the bar code, it’s manufacturer and the cruelty-free logo. Not even a product website to consult with.No expiration, batch no. or ingredients.


        ¬†I just hope that they could also come up with other shades specifically fit for the morena skintone. And that they could state beneficial information of the product. All in all, ¬†I’m still satisfied with this product and could finally end the hunt for my ideal BB Cream.

        MUZ BB Cream is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.

        Disclaimer: The following are of the author’s experience. This is not sponsored nor a paid ad.

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