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My Monthly Empties

It’s that time of the month again my lovelies that we count down the empty containers of our month’s product consumption. I noticed that I have ample since it’s been four months from my last one and it mostly consists of skin care product. So it’s a Keep if i want to repurchase and a Ditch if I want to replace it. This is a bit lenghty so we rather get started.

Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner in Tomato – I’ve been loving this product since day 1. Well aside from being organic, I like that it is a tomato which gives my skin a certain glow. Once, I ran out of this toner and I switched to the other kind ending me with breakouts. So this is a keep.


Human Nature 100% Natural Daily Moisturizer Another fron the line of Human Nature (you really can’t tell that it’s a favorite, would you?) It’s a type of a moisturizer that it’s light with no sticky after feel. The consistency is a bit runny which I prefer because it easily absorbs by the skin. Again, for keeps.


Human Nature 100% Natural Night Moisturizer Though it has the same qualities as my daily moisturizer, I feel that there’s a bit lacking. This being applied before bed, I expected to wake up with such suppleness on my face but ending with the same. So I’m ditching.


I plan to replace it with their 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen


Cover and Clean Essentials Foaming Facial Wash I’ve been using this for quite sometime now that I feel my face is so getting used to it. It plateau. Though it’s oil free, my face doesn’t attest to it’s claims anymore unlike before. With that being said, it’s a ditch verdict.


I guess there would be a reunion with Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser.


Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo I must say that my bathing experience isn’t complete lately because the absence of this. (oh, the empty bottle was accidentaly thrown in the trash hence it’s not in the group picture) So I won’t prolong the agony. It’s a keep.


Glysolid Glycerin Cream My footsies are experiencing dessert storm again. I must say, no foot lotion nor body butter could surpass it’s service. A Keep.image

Watsons Fresh Baby Wipes There are a lot of baby wipes variation but I specificaly prefer this one with 3D honeycomb pattern. At times that I feel lazy washing my face at night, this is what I reach to. When I do alot of paperworks during the night, I refrain from stressing my eyes more. So before my eyes kills me for being stubborn, lemme keep this.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock
Though rainy season is here, it’s still a must to wear your sunblock to protect you from the harmful UV rays. I love it’s Ultra Light Clean Feel formulation which you seldom find in a sunblock. No tacky feeling. Hurray for keeps

FCUK Friction – lastly, I almost died when I found out that it spilled in my bag for no apparent reason. It was a gift from an aunt in Canada so it breaks my heart that I can’t repurchase anymore. I’m tempted to go online but there is a standing issue about postal package fee. Good thing, I still have the hand lotion. Unless I go to tell my aunt again. Undecided.image

There you have it, monthly consumption empties. Excited to know what’s yours! And oh, have a nice

weeWweekend my lovelies!

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Don’t Panic It’s Organic: My Human Nature Review

img1430191254511Just about a month ago that I made a life changing decision. That is to finally embrace organic in my skin care regime. I know this should have been years ago but since I’m not that bothered with any wrinkles and stuff, I really didn’t mind. My sole consolation for my skin is that I don’t use make up that much, which made my skin a lot younger than my supposed age. Though as much as I want to try, be liberated on using products my skin would not want me to for being so sensitive. Chances are, I always end up having breakouts or dry, dull skin. I must admit that I tend to chose high end products before since most of them are non-comedogenic but I have a hard time maintaining because of the high cost. And so I scour the market for organic products being my last resort. The good thing is there are two household names available and I chose Human Nature for it caters most on my targeted skin care concern. Recently I repurchased their Nourishing Face Toner and their 100% Natural Moisturizer is my new Best friend.

  • Nourishing Face Toner (Tomato Extract) 

Product Description: It is 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives and alcohol which are no-no’s for sensitive skin. Plus, it has tomato extract that keeps your skin clear, hydrated, and sting-free.

Because of my skin’s sensitivity to harsh chemicals, I really took note of Alcohol free being on top of my list. Though their toners have two variants, I opted for this because of the tomato extract since it is known to brighten dull skin. The product stays true to what it describes for making my skin hydrated and sting free. The water like solution is just a bare manifestation of being 100% natural. The price value is a knockout at Php 99.75 (roughly $ 2.25) for a 200 ml bottle. It has a faint bubble gum smell but not overpowering. A bottle lasted me a month but only because my sister and I share. The only downside for this is that only two department stores caters them.

  • 100% Natural Day Moisturizer 

Product Description: has beetroot extract and other actives known to help skin retain its natural moisture for a full 8 hours! Loaded with 15 essential vitamins and minerals, it nourishes and helps protect your skin from environmental stresses so your skin looks hydrated and happy every day.

This I should say is my holy grail. My Life changing product. This moisturizer really hydrates my skin well. And surprisingly i didn’t have any breakouts given that my skin is oily. This is what I mostly encounter on previous moisturizer brands that I purchase giving me breakouts at the end of the day. It doesn’t give me that icky feeling. The solution is light weight so I don’t have any trouble combining it with my sun screen. Skin absorbs it quickly so I preferred using this right after washing my face wherein it’s still a little damp. With this one squirt already covers my entire face. The finish on me is demi matte. This retails for Php 149.75 ( $ 3.38) for a 50 ml bottle. It’s still with me for a month now not nearing the bottom yet. Downside maybe it’s scent. Some might think the smell of flowers irritates them but it’s good for me.

Luckily I found the duo in a famous department store which has a lane for organic products. Unfortunately, not all are offered. Mostly, are the essentials and best buys are available. The size variant are also limited. Upon research also, only two department stores caters them. But if you want a hassle free transaction and have different choices, visiting their website is the best option.

What’s your best Organic Products?