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Picks of the Month

Finally I have something to share in my monthly favourites. Though it’s not massive ( because I’ve been MIA) it’s totally gratifying for me to share something that I love that is worth the buy and hoping that you’ll get to remember me if ever you pass by stores and sees them and know that it’s been Chubbychicsdiary approved!

Okay, let’s start with the new and I have three.

Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap- I’l be honest guys. This soap and I didn’t get a good start. I put fault on me being drastic on my shifting to brands that I didn’t give justice to this but now I’m happy that I could finally give credit to where it is due. It helped me a lot in maintaining my skin (at least) pimple free. And what I loved most is that it gave my face that youthful glow. For further information about this product, see my review.

Ovale Tomato Mask

Tomato based skin care products have been proven and tested in giving my skin good results. In fact I always look for them whenever I’m on a skincare aisle. So when I saw this new brand from Ovale (and it’s Tomato!) I didn’t waste my chances. It really helped in giving my face that . What I love most about this product is that it’s super affordable. I could use one pack for a good seven times.

Ovale Whitening Facial Lotion (Aloe Vera)

You always get tempted to try a product specially if it’s new. Even if you don’t have any idea what will become after not minding how much you spent. Hey! It’s experience that counts anyway. How will you know if you wouldn’t try?

This is my mindset whenever I see something new along the cosmetic aisle or even in supermarkets for that matter. Well, good if I got to discover that is worth the buy. And this is my experience with Ovale Facial Lotion. I’m looking for a substitute because at that time my facial lotion is failing me.

I’ve been using Ovale for a month now and suprisingly it did the job. I specifically choose whitening stuff for my face because I easily get tan whenever I go out.

How about we shift to something famous?

Cosrx Centella Water Alcohol-free Toner

This is my first introduction to the famous CosRx specifically known for healing acne troubled skin. I have seen it for awhile but inhibits me to try price wise. I have incorporated this toner in my night skincare regime after applying my Ovale Facial Lotion. I used this mainly as a facial mists to lock in moisture and let it dry naturally. What I love about this is that it keeps my face moisturized and looking fresh.

CosRx Centella Blemish Cream

This is what I use after spritzing my face with the toner. It really does prevents my skin from having recurring acne and it dries up pimples easily. I also love that Centella has an anti-aging properties which is a must for me.

Etude House Zero Sebum

I actually got mine in trial packs as a freebie (the special thing on purchasing Korean beauty products ūüĎć) I use this as a primer or lately wear it alone. It helps keep the oil on my face at bay for the whole day.Trial size really helped in determining wether to buy or not also waste of product will be avoided. Definitely will buy a full size mow.

Gatsby Powdered Oil Control Clear Sheet

I having an oily-combination type of skin have a penchant on everything that is oil control. That is why this is my holy grail in combating oiliness. What I love about this oil control sheet is that it’s powdered, meaning to say no retouching of powder for those of you who are too lazy or no time for touchups. I also find it convinient that this sheet is a tad wider than the usual ones in the market ( which reminds me of Mary Kay’s)


Nestea Milk Tea (Hokaido and Wintermelon)

I know this isn’t beauty related but that won’t stop me from including this on my favourites list. I know most of you were tea lovers specifically the types of Serenitea and Gong Cha. This would definitely excite you. Very affordable at Php13.00, two packs is already equivalent to a large size of your favourite bubble tea ( unfortunately no pearls included) How about that? The Hokaido variant is ( for me) kinda similar to Serenitea whilst the Wintermelon is very much similar to Gong Cha. The only downside is that it’s only available ( not that I know of) in 7-11 branches which is always out of stock.

There you have it my August picks of the month. I know most of you (specially here in the Philippines) are excited because we’re hitting the ber months already. It seems like only yesterday that we’re bidding adieu to 2016. I guess I’ll be more attentive now on posting my blogs and so happy to be creating more. Till our next favourites guys!

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My Bellic Peel and Glow Experience (a review)

I’ve been out of the blogging game for months now. There are few reasons behind the impromptu hiatus and one of this is my battle with hormonal acne. I considered myself one of those lucky teenagers who skipped the “acne period of growing up” Yes, I had smooth skin. I enjoyed it and really took my time taking good care of what I have. I do have skin care regimes suited for my skin and I didn’t abuse it. I sleep well, drank eight glasses of water religiously and ate healthy foods. In return I was given a healthy young looking skin as I grow old.

I’m in my forties now and enjoys the youthful compliments every now and then. But as I come closer then to the big 4-0, I noticed that cystic pimples were slowly emerging. First I woke up with one, then next week two until I realized that some part of my face have troubled acne. Not to mention that my pores are now larger and I even experienced a sudden change of skin type. From oily combo to dry skin. Being in that position now from my 40 years of existence, I lost confidence. I got paranoid. I can’t perpetuate the shame that I felt. I can’t even put up a good skin product review because there’s fear of not being credible with my current situation. So it’s all true, the feelings, the shame. What now? Believe me I have tried many products but I ended up not keeping anything for most doesn’t solve the problem. I’m scared even to put it in the hands of a derma for some personal reasons. Until I just let it be.

Looking back, one of the products that I have tried during that period is the Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap. To be frank it was a love-hate relationship. We really didn’t go along well at first until I ended not using it. But you see I have this weird reactions to new products. I always don’t get the desired results at a first try well not that it’s not effective but maybe i have experienced drastic transition problems or results. So what I always do is give it a rest and then take another shot. Mostly on the second time around are a lot more in their proper place.

And this is now what happeneds to my Bellic soap experience.

Earlier this month that I decided to incorporate this in my new skin care routine after maybe six months. But before I proceed here is a scope of Bellic’s potent ingredients and claims.

Glycolic Acid – exfoliator, anti-aging, lightens skin discoloration, alpha hydroxy acid (aha)

Salicylic Acid – anti-acne, beta hydroxy acid (bha)

Daisy flower extract (Bellis perenis) antiseptic, great alternative for Hydroquinone and Kojic acid in treating hyperpigmentation, lightens skin.

Kojic Acid – known to limit melanin formation.

What to expect when/after using Bellic:

Skin tightening, micro peeling (thus the rough skin texture), lightening of blemishes, drying of pimples.

My Experience

I know for the second time around that I have given justice to this product and very thankful for doing so. What I would usually do is cut the soap in parts like this whole bar is divided into four.SONY DSC It’s priced at Php 66 which some might find a bit pricey in compared to its sister soap. (Yes they’re manufactured by Bevi, the one that broght us the famous Koji-san.) So cutting it in portions is economical since this suds up well. I leave it on my face for a few seconds (concentrating to the pimple infested area) and noticed a slight tingling sensation which is all good for me. ( my sign that it’s actually working) I love that it lathers so fast. A little caution though is that the bar soap dissolves easily. It has a tendency to melt in your soap dish so store it dry. I also noticed the tightening of my skin but not overly drying. Your skin will feel rough or like it’s peeling. This might be drying for those of you who have a dry skin type so it is advised to apply moisturizer after using to avoid irritation.

To wrap things up, Bellic is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a soap that would help dry up pimples, lighten blemish spots and also with an anti-aging properties. I was truly pleased of what I see now and I could say that my confidence has gained back and kinda learn to accept aging. ūüĎć

*Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. ( just a reminder that it might be sold out in some leading drugstores) This is based on a personal experience and it’s not sponsored. What works for me might not be the same with you so highly precaution is advised.*

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Cathy Doll AA Automatic Aura Cream Review

My first encounter with the brand Cathy Doll was during the hype of Thai beauty products here in the Philippines, long before the Korean fad started. It was then that thousands of beauty and skincare products from Thailand are floating on my Instagram feed. The testimonials are really very convincing seeing how Thai women has come about such lovely and flawless skin synonymous to that of a Korean. To think that they also belong to the tropics country of Asia. So when my brother got the chance to visit Thailand, I specifically asked him to buy me a Cathy Doll. In fact I also made a review on one of the products he handed me when he got home. Unfortunately my happiness was cut short when I finished one bottle after the other. You see, though they are abundant on online sites you can’t be so sure that they are legit. Just imagine my happiness when finally after a year Cathy Doll has decided to venture business in the Philippine shores. You won’t be having difficulty anymore of finding your favourite product because they are already available here. Actually I was pretty much overwhelmed when I saw one of their stall in Watson’s. I can’t figure out what to buy! Until I finally decided to have their AA Cream.

What is AA Cream by the way? 

I know you are all confused with the number of letter creams ( BB, CC, DD and ZZ ) coming out in the market nowadays. To what is their use? Benefits and the likes. 

I really wonder what’s AA to be exact.

Automatic Aura is what Cathy Doll’s AA stands for. Usually from the letter itself that you’ll find its use like BB for Blemish Balm or CC for Color Correction. 

This AA cream foundation provides incredibly lightweight texture like the air. This easy-to-blend formula automatically delivers an aura complexion all day long with the Auto Aura, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Aging effects. It provides perfect coverage and naturally smooth appearance to the skin. Moreover, it contains the properties of Tea Tree Oil that helps to control oil and reduces the occurrence of acne; Korean Herb Extract that helps to fade off dark spots caused by acne, while Titanium Dioxide brightens skin tone and protects skin from dullness with the 45x sunscreen protection benefit. This item is well-suited for every skin types including sensitive skin.”

 I suppose from the name Aura it’ll give you that instant glow. I purchased the trial pack only which costs me Php 54.00 at Watson’s. They only have two color variants which is Light Beige and Natural Beige. I chose the latter since it’s leaning closer to my skin color but not exactly.

Here are the following thoughts on my Cathy Doll AA Automatic Aura Cream SPF 45 PA+++ 

  • Has a strong tea tree scent upon application but fades eventually
  • Turns grayish on skin
  • Creamy and thick consistency makes it easy to blend
  • Feels lightweight on the skin though it’s a little bit tacky upon application
  • Medium coverage
  • Good oil control coverage
  • Tends to emphasize some dry parts of my face
  • Matte finish
  • Good spectrum coverage ideal for summer ( SPF 45 PA+++)
  • Has a tendency to cake when applied with brush or by using your fingers.

As you can see it has a very thick consistency that I resent applying it using my fingers on first use. 

I’m not sure if you noticed but it looked cakey on me. But surprisingly it held up to my face without the oilyness for 4 hours. Really not bad since the only oily place noticeable is around nose area. 

As oppose to this one wherein I used a beauty blender. I love that it adhere to my skin very well though you might notice that it emphasizes the dry parts in my face ( side of nose and side of  mouth ) The freshness it gives due to its matte finish is very ideal for everyday specially this summer since it already has SPF 45 PA+++ in it.

Though it was never a love at first use I learned to work it’s way out to be a suitable companion this summer. It really pays that you have to try everything possible before you ditch a product. The only downside is the grayish color it gives to your skin making it difficult to find match. And I do hope they would have at least four color variants for the in between. Other than this, everything is workable.

Cathy Doll AA Automatic Aura Cream SPF 45 PA+++ is from the AA Series. Other product included is the Cathy Doll AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control SPF 50 PA+++ 

image via Ebay

The Cathy Doll AA Automatic Aura Cream SPF 45 PA+++ is available in tube and trial packs. Both are sold in all Watson’s and 7-11 branches nationwide. 

Cathy Doll is a Korean inspired brand made in Thailand.

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Baking or Jamsu? Which works better

I stumbled upon Jamsu  which means submerging thru Facebook. The word originated in Korean and it’s their version I believe of Baking. Contrary to the latter, Koreans doesn’t dust off the excessive translucent or loose powder on their face but dunks it in a bowl of cold water. Intriguing isn’t it? Korean being the trendsetter in makeup trends, who wouldn’t give this a try?Since the arrival of baking up to the present day, I have been introduced to different ways of how this technique is done. Primarily it just started with the under eyes to prevent it from creasing and withstand the day without looking mummified. Until it goes on to the whole face, to set everything and make it lasts. I did try though but not religiously. Yes, it upholds to it’s promise and really for an oily combo skin like mine, there’s more that I need to bake.

Then after a year, Jamsu came up. I’m not really a professional in terms of makeup. I just rely on what I believe will look best on me. So when I saw and read how this new makeup technique came to be, I immediately thought of comparing it to know which one works best and share this experience to you. So far amongst Filipina vloggers, only a few have tried and reviewed this so it hasn’t really penetrated deep yet. I must say the finished product is really promising which I admit, what compelled me to try and feel it for myself. If this succeeds, well I’ll sing my bye bye’s now to oiliness.

Getting ready with the procedure, I used San San Matte Finish liquid foundation for my face and Pink Sugar Our lil Secret Concealer for my under eyes. My inspiration is to go all local with my makeup brands particularly on these two basic ones. 

And for my loose powder, this one has been with me for quite sometime now. Unfortunately the name of the brand is not imprinted in the label. It is of your preference what to use in this step, actually the first that I have in mind is to use Johnson’s Baby Powder. If you noticed I still used a matte finish for my foundation just for an optimum results of being an oily faced and applied it using a damp beauty blender. 

 And so I go on to the main event of this technique which is the submerging of that face into cold water. This should last for 30 seconds or merely counting thirty. You could go up every now and then if you think that you feel drowning. I was told that for oily 3o would suffice but for normal to dry, 20 will do. Prior to the dunking you shouldn’t forget to put a generous amount of loose powder to year face. The best image that I could think for this is kabuki

Yes, be as white as a kabuki. After the submersion, pat dry your face. Do not rub or it will take away that foundation. Wait for a few minutes to settle. Don’t fret if you’ll see some caking, I think it’s the initial reaction of the powder to the cold water. Eventually it’ll take form of what you expect it to be. Super matte finish.

My Thoughts

I noticed that there’s some caking under my eyes. I actually fret a little so my initial defense was dab it with the damp beauty blender. But it did came out well, and I really am true to my word saying this. The texture of the skin looks soft and kinda peachy. Though I must say that the color difference between my face and neck is really o-vi-ous! It’s just a teeny weeny problem. And since the powder who acts as a sealer really adds up to the color, it is suggested that you go one tone lower than you’re usual color of foundation. That is if the color change really overwhelmes you. For me it eventually sets to my skin color so I didn’t mind. Other than that, I’m impressed. The matte finish for me isn’t flat looking. And the application of blush is just perfect. At first I remind myself to not go overboard with my blush, you know not steady hands. Suprisingly I was able to control the amount that I want and it just glides on so smoothly. The idea of baking is to allow the heat of your face to set the base foundation and concealer wheareas in jamsu you let the cold set your base. Baking takes 10 minutes to take but jamsu with all the preparation of the cold water and stuff, will take you to 20-30.The entirety of the technique will give you a whole day of smudge proof, fresh looking face. I swear! I didn’t get this on baking for I usually end all oiled up in the afternoon. But jamsu is very forgiving on just making my face a little dewy at the end of the day. I just noticed that the first to oil up is my nose but what really gave me the infinite go is my laugh lines. The foundation that I used, in any brand always settles on this area. But Jamsu washed those fears away. 

For Filipinas on the go, this isn’t really commendable. I must say that if you really, really would like to incorporate this on your makeup routine before going to work, spare some time ahead. You may come in your office with a bang but still, late. So just stick to baking instead. But if you will to attend a function, gathering or event that needs a superlative beauty to lasts, I highly recommend this.



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Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Review

Hello Ladies! ūüíč

I believe I owe you a very warm greetings since there are so many occasions that’s been missed and Oh! how I miss our interactions. How long has it been? Very!..

I’ve been contemplating a lot what to put up first. Will it be the empties, favorites or simply do an intro for the new year? Say I chose what I feel the most comfortable on doing which is this lip tint review. So here we are.

It’s actually lip tints that I’m addicted to. Or is it? *smiles* I find myself always wanting what’s new where in fact there are still of the same hue. Rhyming! I know we all makeup lovers do. Anyways, going to with my “what’s new”, you might be wondering why would someone hoard on liptints.¬†I mean you could perfectly understand why we would love to own a lipstick eventhough mostly are of the same color BUT there’s a variety right? Texture, formula, finish and price. With liptints, aside from the color variation, is there any thing that you could think of? ( comment down below ūüĎćūüėĀ)

Longevity I believe is the sole category for any liptint hunting.¬†Hmmm..¬†I guess¬†any liptints would. But just imagine when a brand gives you this promise? Of course who won’t give in.¬†¬†So when I finished watching¬†Tina¬†Yong¬†review¬†on Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints, I told myself “where on earth will I find these?!”¬†

Chateau Labiotte although sounding French is actually a Korean brand. Very fascinating though that they also have their skincare line.¬†I believe it’s a good move for this makeup company to be noticed in Westen countries in putting up a name that is very French. I even got caught with the marketing strategy thinking this must be worth something. Actually the brand name is simply¬†Labiotte¬†and from my understanding, this company mainly focuses on botanical infused products. And you should check out their skincare line, so promising indeed.
As I said that this liptint must have worth something.. sure is. The fact that it’s Korean brand and new in the Philippine online market must have cost me so much. I found that this is available in full and trial size (7g and 3g respectively).

photo from

And because a full size costs around Php 600-700, the wise girl will opt for the trial size. There are 6 color variants ( 3 reds, ranging from light to darkest. 1 orange, 1 coral and 1 pink) I was lucky to have found a trusted seller online thru lipsticklover (also a personal friend) that I was able to snag a deal of 3 for the price of Php 500.

photo from Beauty Box Korea

I was actually in die need of the RD01. What I got were 3 mini sized cute little wine bottles with colors RD01, OR01 and CR01.

Thoughts on the liptint

The first one that I got to try was the OR01. Im not sure if you noticed but Koreans do love their orange don’t they? Always present in every lipstick brands. Anyways, as I told, longevity is what got me. The promise is that it could stand for a whole ( even the following day??! Really??) day without touch up. That’s my kind of liptint there! Going back, orange for the brave so I was surprised though I wasn’t thinking that I could pull it off but their orange is applaudingly a good color match for my Filipina skin-tone.

RD01 is very bold red but not intimidating, build it up and it could pass for a bare-face-red-lips kind of makeup.

CR01 if you noticed is very subtle in color. If you aren’t for a heavy colored tints, this number will happily suit your lips.

These lip tints has a faint wine scent in it accompanied with a tad bitter taste which is very tolerable. The qualities of a wine was really embodied in this product that also adds up to its character. The only difference is this won’t make you tipsy. Texture is creamy actually as opposed to the usual liquidy lip tints in the market. I must say that if you will wear it full not the gradient type of application, it would definitely lasts you a whole day. I find that I could still see a faint color stain the day after. The best part for me is that it didn’t dry my lips.


If you are a liptint fanatic like me but still in doubt whether to purchase the full size, I suggest that you look for an available trial size first. This would really cost you less. Aside from the availability problem, color variant is just so-so for me. I couldn’t expect more for a Korean makeup line with their color preference though but fortunately their orange is a thumbs up. Although it costs a bit high from other leading liptints but if you love this, it’s more convenient to buy the full size because indeed it will last you a lifetime considering the longevity matter per se. Packaging, I really have to give a hands down to the creative minds behind this. I appreciate it much to have a neat wine-sampler-looking-liptint inside my makeup bag. So adorable! Ending my review I would give this a 8/10 only because of the color variants.

I enjoyed it very much whenever I get to review and share my thoughts with you bearing in mind that like me, women out there would like to know a non-bias opinion first before diving in. Let’s all get our money’s worth.

Until next time lovelies!

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The Battle of the Best ( Pond’s vs Olay)

This post was originally inspired by my monthly favorites which I kind of skipped ( only for this month) due to a few product consumption. Anyways, these brands were supposed to be included on that post until I thought of documenting my comparison. I know Filipinas would definitely agree with me that at one point in their life they had used these or maybe still until now. I know how much we are such penchants for anything that whitens. So let’s get started on choosing between Pond’s White Beauty Non Oily Day Cream and Olay Natural White All In One Fairness Day Cream.

The first thing that we’ll do whenever we see something new that we would like to try is to read or search about it’s claims. Could it answer our concerns if we have one. So for the obvious we all know our main reason. There are a lot of choices actually in the market but these two are the tried and tested. 

Starting off with Olay. It’s claims were the following.

  • Lightens skin tone
  • *Reduce appearance of dark spots,
  • Evens skin tone
  • Hydrate and 
  • Protect skin from harmful UV rays to give you a fairness that glows.

I’m just not sure of the asterisk for the ..reduce dark spot. If it’s to highlight that specific claim? Olay is what you call an all-in-one product that includes a Moisturizer, Fairness Cream and Dark Spot Remover in one. Not to mention the UV protection. So if you happend to look for these qualities on a Day Cream, this is a check.

Next would be Pond’s which is available in the market in three variants. Since mine is susceptible to breakouts so I opted for the Korean Ginseng + Saffron which is for Acne-Prone Skin. Written on the label are the following claims.

  • Translucent Pinkish White Glow
  • Fade Pimple Marks
  • Spot-less* ( in bold text)
  • Non Oily Day Cream
  • Detox (also in bold text)
  • With Korean Ginseng+ Saffron+ Spot-less Complex

The list is really overwhelming I should say. Not only that, written on the back are as follows.

  • Best fairness in just 7 days**!
  • Clinically proven results on Asian skin
  • Purify skin layer by layer
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Helps prevent future breakouts
  • Unique light moisturizing cream with a powder finish for a translucent rosy white glow

Don’t ask me why this product got me. I mean who wouldn’t. If you promise me a Korean skin. Push! 

An advisory also is included stating not to stay long in the sun  and stay away from direct sunlight which for me is very helpful. I guess whenever or if ever we’ll have such results such as mentioned above, a little pat of reminder from time to time is needed. People tend to get overwhelmed sometimes. 

Although Pond’s has the pinkish glow claim, it was Olay who has a pinkish tint in it’s formulation

I’ve started using Pond’s actually because efficiently wise, it’s true when they said results will be achieved in just 7 days. Take note of that if you want a faster progression girls. I would also want to emphasize that I have oily skin. I have used it for three weeks, enough I believe for me to notice of the results. 

Having oily skin, I very much chose matte finishes due to the uncontrollable oil buildup it might later cause. In this case although matte it is, I’m not sold to the formulation. It’s easy to blend but I find a little tugging after awhile. I feel that on some areas of my skin dryness and a little flaking is emphasized. Some wee lines around the mouth area is also evident. I have a some Pimple marks on the left side of my cheek and I don’t see any changes in the color. After two weeks I stopped for a week, I noticed some breakouts which really happens whenever I discontinue using Pond’s products. Also just so you know, I used Pond’s Acne Control facial wash with this. 


Going on with my Olay experience. For starters, though the formulation is non-greasy it’s not matte. So better be warned. But to be honest I find myself more comfortable using this because I love the dewy effect it gives. My skin looks more radiant on top of being fair which I most prefer. I’m still on my second week but aside from the radiance, my face is already fair enough with all due credit to Pond’s. I’m still nursing the pimples left behind but most are now on it’s healing stage.

Matte ( Pond’s) vs Dewy (Olay) Finish

If I were to chose between the two I’ll chose Olay. I’m more on a healthy glow which Pond’s failed to give. But fairness wise, I praise Pond’s for giving the fastest whitening results. Price wise Olay is available at 7.5g for only Php 18. While Pond’s has 3 sizes which is more convenient. Their 6g costs Php 10.

As the saying goes to each is own. Go for what will suit your needs/concern best. Ending my comparison here, I hoped that you were able to take some notes on choosing your brand and that always remember not to go with the fad. Know your skin concern first and if it was properly addressed with the brand you chose. Don’t go with the fad. What works for them might not work for you. 

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Monthly Favorites

I wasn’t able to update my favorites of last month so this will be a merge of two to keep in track. But don’t worry, it’s not a hefty list.ūüėĀ Some old and there’s a lot new so let’s get started.

Maybelline Touch of Spice

I’ve been wanting to own this since of last year but due to the limited stocks and high demand that I failed to grab one. Until they included this color in their creamy mattes brown edition.  I find it also very timely because it’s high time of nudes and browns and this is specifically what my heart beats for. Indeed I was right. Though matte it’s creamy formulation makes this moisturizing and easy to wear. The color is not intimidating, a brown that you can call MLBB.

Colourette Uno Lipstick Primer

The problem when you own a lot (lipsticks/lip product) you tend to forget the best ones. This applies true to this as it happens to sit in my stash for so long until I decided to declutter. I specifically pair this with my mattes that are very drying and other lipsticks that fades easily. I didn’t know that I own a life saver.

KJM Tinted Lip Balm in Pandora

 Though we don’t have Autumn here, we Filipinas are not shy to follow it’s color trend specifically with makeups. This one here is my version of Autumn feels for my lips. For a lip balm, the pigmentation is truly amazing. I love the very relaxing minty smell and the big plus which it’s all natural.

MUZ Aqua Cool Gel

Applying Moisturizer is now easy peasy for me with this on hand. Don’t you just hate the greasy after feel a typical Moisturizer gives? Well, not on this one, it’s a gel type that keeps your face fresh and moisturized. For a humid hot weather that we have, I opt to use this.

Avénine White Extra Rich Collagen

I never knew that I could find an affordable Collagen lotion that suits my needs. I thank Watson’s for having a wide array of products for answering my call. I use this before bedtime for our skin regenerates during sleep and this is a good partner. Waking up to a healthy looking skin can never be this good.

Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil

 If you are too busy to book for a salon service but you need to revive those mane asap,  I highly recommend this. For Php 15, a smooth, shiny hair is at your fingertips within the comfort of your home.Definitely a quarter of a price against any serums or hair treatments available in the market. 

Essensa Body Contouring Soap

For the past months, I vowed to strictly follow my exercise routine for a flat stomach together with less meat/carbs diet. To adhere on this is by using this soap which I believe has given me good results.

Makeup Plus Application

I have been using this long before the famous vloggers promoted it. The precision of the makeup application can mistakenly look original. I love the wide selection of lipstick colors that are all in trend. No need to apply makeup if you need a picture on the go. 

The Royals Series

My spare time is mostly spent watching TV series and this is my latest addiction. Anyone rooting for Elena-Jasper?

I warned you, not hefty but indeed exciting. Any of these familiar to you? In any case you happend to stumble upon these remember they are my favorites and it may also do wonders for you. Till next. ūüíč

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Product Dedication Week: The Bobbie Matte Lipstick Discovery

I guess nothing beats that gratifying feeling of having to spot a gem.. a gem in the sea of makeup brands. *big grin* That thing when you get so confused in the center of the aisle trying to figure out what to buy or be that adventurous and find that special one. Am I making sense?

Anyways this is one of those¬†makeup hunt escapades¬†story of mine. Actually it’s one of my leisure thingy that I love doing whenever I have my trip to the mall. At least make it worth the while since I seldom do the visit. I really want to give focus on our local makeup brands and make it known that these were often victims of mistaken identity. What made me say so is that most times, people judge the quality according to the brands popularity or some tends to shy away if it’s on a cheap price thinking it won’t do good. It’s saddening that one’s fault would be passed to all as there are those who strive to earn their names but are not given due credit because of this mindset. And what made me push myself to strive more to attain that goal is the big number of response/reads that I got whenever I do a local brand lipstick review. This time we need to give the underrated the limelight.

I believe early of 2014 ( please correct me if I’m wrong) that¬†Bobbie Cosmetics¬† which is more known to us as the leading nail polish brand has expanded their line and also ventured in the world of makeups. Exciting really, happy to find that the local makeup family here is growing. Slowly I’ve seen makeup vloggers feature these products. How they speak well about it made me include¬†Bobbie¬†in my itenerary for my next mall visit. For the obvious reason the first product that my hand picked is their Matte Lipstick. This claims to be “Lead Free” .¬†

There are only limited colors available in their Watsons kiosk so I chose a safe, for everyday, your kind of MLBB color. My heart lead me to Sugar Babykiss.  

This lipstick retails for only Php 89.00 for I think 4gms. Not bad right? I see that their packaging is really cute with metallic pink as it’s color banner. This lipstick is in a transparent tube, very convenient in determining the lipstick shade. I just worry at how flimsy the cap though for it looks prone to breakage. Aside from the brand name, manufacturing date and batch number are the only vital things printed but no ingredients. It could be helpful in validating their “Lead-Free” claim though. While the shade’s name is written on the bottom part.¬†Other than that, my initial assessment seems OK.

Moving on to the formulation. It’s pretty pleasant for a matte finish having a creamy texture. I find this a good point for people who wishes to wear matte with comfort. No tugging on application, glides smoothly . But with minimal transfer which I personally don’t mind. Scent is bearable that resembles more of a candy. For its longevity, if no further activity it lasted at least 2hours. Not really long because it also tends to wear off as you speak or ¬†have long conversation. But I love that it’s very pigmented. And oh, I also noticed that this color could also pass for a MAC Please Me dupe.¬†Really compatible for the Filipino Morena color. And upon three days of consecutive using, it didn’t dry my lips.

I know it’s kind of too good to be true but with all honesty I’m also surprised. Some might have a qualm of how not long staying this is but most I think would agree and give a thumbs up on how it’s comfortable to wear and that above all, nondrying. And don’t forget, ¬†it’s Lead-free!¬†Really too much for Php 89.00.

This I tell you what makes a makeup¬†hunting ¬†escapade fun and fulfilling. For me, ¬†it’s much contenting to be able to discover new finds but at the same time budget friendly. Though it could be a hit and miss but once you hit, it’s like winning a jackpot.

Thank you for being with me on this makeup discovery. Stay tune for more haunting series.



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Sooperbeaute’s Candyporefecting Review

I must confess that I’m a¬†Sooperbeaute¬†fan since day one. In fact one of my well read post was a review from their¬†Lip and Cheek Therapy¬†( click here just in case you missed that one :)) Since then, I lived to the very good impression they gave me and has built the trust and faith on our¬†online sellers/local products.¬†If¬†this brand STILL doesn’t ring a bell to you my dear Filipina readers, let me give you a brief introduction.

This brand gain it’s instant fame on¬†Instagram¬†being an Online makeup seller that indulges into purely organic made products. Their intial line consists of¬†then¬†some lip products and mostly skin care. They are more popularly known for dual purpose products, fun and colorful label designs and most of all the very much awaited promos which I personally sought after. Soon¬†Sooperbeaute¬†became a household name to bloggers/vloggers here because of their budget friendly but with a good quality range of skincare and makeups.

To date, I’ve been using religiously their¬†Tomato Serum and just recently replenished my stash from their¬†buy 1 take 1¬†promo. From there that I got the chance to include my new apple of the eye¬†Candyporrefecting Cream. ¬†160710062731-01So lucky that they have included this on their promo line since it’s priced for Php 185 at 20ml? (not sure here). What made this spark my interest is the very promising caption on their¬†Instagram¬†account that reads

No need to trouble yourself in hiding those pores because we made it easier for you. We concocted a tinted cream called the Candyporefecting Cream that will easily fill in pores , smoothen skin texture while keeping it looking young and fresh with continous use.

Does that mean my existing large pores dilemma will now come to an end? So excited to find out.

First let’s talk about the packaging. Housed in a pink pump bottle which is a must for me. No wasting of product, check. Label includes ingredients, batch number and expiration date ( a lot different from their previous skin care labels that they, I think forgot to put the essential “expiry and batch no.”) another check.

Next is the formulation. I noticed that it very much resembles a foundation with it’s consistency. Quite thick but a bit runny. Come to think of it, this tinted cream could be a foundation and a primer in one since it claims to fill in pores and smoothen skin texture. (pretty much reminds me of¬†Covergirl’s Outlast¬†except for the concealer part) And the bubblegum scent that I couldn’t pass which really caught my olfactory sense

Application is easy peasy. Very blendable. It is true when they state¬†pea size amount since a little goes a long way. One pump could already cover my entire face. So even if it costs much for a 20ml ( on my opinion) it’s safe to say that that bottle could lasts you long usage. Sets on a dewy finish but kinda tacky.¬†2016-07-22-17-47-25

I road tested the product for two consecutive days. The intitial claim on hidding my large pores were… I’m happy to note was achieved. The tint though bothers me as it’s a bit shade darker than my complexion. I was hoping that in a few minutes it’ll set and would adhere to my natural skin color but it didn’t. The sticky feeling is very prominent though it feels lightweight on my skin. I very much like the dewy finish but eventually come midday my face become shiny. So I have to blot and noticed that it transfers to the blotting paper even with a little pressing.Unfortunately I have to kiss my dewy look goodbye and apply a setting powder to combat the oil, lessen the transfer and the tacky feeling.

with setting powder

Maybe the combination didn’t went well for the day after I noticed a breakout. I guess those filling of pores wouldn’t work for me.

On my verdict I give it 3 candies ( since it’s candyporefecting :)) out of five. I’m so sad about the breakout outcome since it did fully well it’s job of making my pores less visible. I want to know from those who have tried this if it really indeed has a dewy finish on you girls.Mine is oily combo hence I suggest that this works well for those who have dry skin. I’ve seen that they also have¬†Porefectionist Serum¬†which I think would work for me instead. I would be glad to hear your thoughts to those of you who have already tried but with a different outcome.

On a lighter note, Sooperbeaute still has an ongoing promo with 20% off on selected makeup and skincare items. Head on now to their Instagram account to see deets and who knows maybe one of your favorites might be included.


Disclaimer:  The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT sponsored or paid.


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My Top 3 Whitening Soaps

Summer has now ended. Though rainy season has gone official, the humid weather is still evident making you think, did we really changed seasons?

Anyways, this blog post is intended for my Filipino readers who after enjoying the sun basking summer have already the change of heart. From the sun kissed tan to now more lighter complexion. May I present to you my tried and tested Top 3 Whitening Soaps.

The following are rated based on my personal experience. I’ve used the following products whenever there’s a need and I should say that are proven safe and effective. They’re rank according to effectivity in which soap gives the fastest results being number 1 as the best and so on. So I’ll be starting with number 3.

3. Top Gel 


I first known the brand from a Cebu based Youtuber. Being this is manufactured in that place that I thought the reason why she loves this.

Seeing this in leading drugstores and supermarkets but never took time to try it out because of ¬†fear from fly by night products.¬†¬†But I tell you, this youtuber’s explanation really convinced the heck out of me. Maybe because youtube reviews are like live testimonials. So anyways, amongst the three this is the priciest at Php 71.00 but the biggest. Top Gel is a Papaya soap and what makes this different from other papaya soaps in the market is that it’s formulated with squalene, vitamin E + C and AHA + Collagen. These infusions are the main reason why I included this on my top whitening soaps. You see, though these soaps help lighten your problem areas, they could also stress out your skin making them dry. And dryness dulls the skin making it also darker. That’s why don’t forget to moisturize after using whitening soaps. Works well for me. Tips..Tips..¬†

Just a gentle reminder

On estimation, I used this for about two weeks that I see some changes.This suds up to a creamy lather and could lasts for a long use. I love how it gives you a supple looking fair skin after a long consume.

2. Kojic San 


From the word itself, this soap’s main component is Kojic Acid¬†. I specifically use this for my face in combating stubborn blemishes and acne scars.

 Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties it is used to treat skin diseases like melasma.[5] Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties

What to love about this soap is the immediate results you can see (¬†e.g ligthening of scars)¬†in just a week. It has this micro peeling effect which I believe what makes it more effective. And because of that, it is inevitable to feel some burning sensation. Some may not like this but I see it as a sign that the soap is taking effect on me. I even let it stand for a few seconds. But my dear readers this is at your own risk, let me just remind you. I wouldn’t really recommend the latter specially if you have a very sensitive skin. It is also drying so ¬†better use moisturizer if you intend to use it on your face. Also, it is highly recommended that you avoid direct exposure to the sun and should religiously apply sunblock before going out. I also tried using this on my body but I feel that it makes my skin lost it’s moisture much faster than lightening it. This retails a lot cheaper and sizes comes in different variants to suit one’s budget.

1. Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap


My No. 1 whitening soap. I’ll be honest with you guys, I never really put a better judgement on this at first. Aside from the fact that you can’t see this on leading drugstores and supermarkets here ( available only in online stores but I got mine from Super 8) There are also alot of counterfeits so be careful to buy only the legit. Of all the three, this one is the cheapest at around Php 30+. Another thing that adds to my doubt of it efficacy. But the curiosity in me arose when I saw a lot of testimonies given of how effective this soap is. So I guess after some years that I totally give in. Fortunately a nearby supermarket has this, my trouble of tiresome haunting was put to ease.

At such price, it works wonders. I preferably opt¬†Papaya¬†for my body and¬†Kojic¬†for my face. Papaya is less drying on my skin as of Kojic. But unfortunately I can’t use it on my face as it aggreviates it’s oily status causing some breakouts. Moving on, it claims that it is organic which I believe because the soap melts so fast. And suds up to a good lather. I just hate the orange tint it gives staining my washcloth. I see results in just a week and what I love is that aside from the price, it gives a healthy looking fair skin. I really didn’t have trouble moisturizing, whether or not I apply a lotion after bath. There is no worries of irritated and itchy skin due to dryness. Unfortunately as they say, you can’t get all the luck in this world as I have a hard time of it’s availability. Often than not, it’s always out of stock. I just thought it really is that effective. So if I got the chance, I hoard. Still not a prob because it suits the budget well.

May I just remind you my dear ladies that what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean may give the same effect on you. An important thing to note is that I have an oily combo on my face and ¬†a dry skin for the body. Though¬†Whitening or Lightening¬†our skin could help us aesthetically, taking a good care should be on top of our priority. And when I say that it means drinking plenty of liquids, taking a good amount of sleep and eating the right kind of meals. I believe in the importance of keeping a healthy core for it reflects a radiant beauty outside. And for the most, love your self, love your skin.


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