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Sooperbeaute’s Candyporefecting Review

I must confess that I’m a Sooperbeaute fan since day one. In fact one of my well read post was a review from their Lip and Cheek Therapy ( click here just in case you missed that one :)) Since then, I lived to the very good impression they gave me and has built the trust and faith on our online sellers/local products. If this brand STILL doesn’t ring a bell to you my dear Filipina readers, let me give you a brief introduction.

This brand gain it’s instant fame on Instagram being an Online makeup seller that indulges into purely organic made products. Their intial line consists of then some lip products and mostly skin care. They are more popularly known for dual purpose products, fun and colorful label designs and most of all the very much awaited promos which I personally sought after. Soon Sooperbeaute became a household name to bloggers/vloggers here because of their budget friendly but with a good quality range of skincare and makeups.

To date, I’ve been using religiously their Tomato Serum and just recently replenished my stash from their buy 1 take 1 promo. From there that I got the chance to include my new apple of the eye Candyporrefecting Cream.  160710062731-01So lucky that they have included this on their promo line since it’s priced for Php 185 at 20ml? (not sure here). What made this spark my interest is the very promising caption on their Instagram account that reads

No need to trouble yourself in hiding those pores because we made it easier for you. We concocted a tinted cream called the Candyporefecting Cream that will easily fill in pores , smoothen skin texture while keeping it looking young and fresh with continous use.

Does that mean my existing large pores dilemma will now come to an end? So excited to find out.

First let’s talk about the packaging. Housed in a pink pump bottle which is a must for me. No wasting of product, check. Label includes ingredients, batch number and expiration date ( a lot different from their previous skin care labels that they, I think forgot to put the essential “expiry and batch no.”) another check.

Next is the formulation. I noticed that it very much resembles a foundation with it’s consistency. Quite thick but a bit runny. Come to think of it, this tinted cream could be a foundation and a primer in one since it claims to fill in pores and smoothen skin texture. (pretty much reminds me of Covergirl’s Outlast except for the concealer part) And the bubblegum scent that I couldn’t pass which really caught my olfactory sense

Application is easy peasy. Very blendable. It is true when they state pea size amount since a little goes a long way. One pump could already cover my entire face. So even if it costs much for a 20ml ( on my opinion) it’s safe to say that that bottle could lasts you long usage. Sets on a dewy finish but kinda tacky. 2016-07-22-17-47-25

I road tested the product for two consecutive days. The intitial claim on hidding my large pores were… I’m happy to note was achieved. The tint though bothers me as it’s a bit shade darker than my complexion. I was hoping that in a few minutes it’ll set and would adhere to my natural skin color but it didn’t. The sticky feeling is very prominent though it feels lightweight on my skin. I very much like the dewy finish but eventually come midday my face become shiny. So I have to blot and noticed that it transfers to the blotting paper even with a little pressing.Unfortunately I have to kiss my dewy look goodbye and apply a setting powder to combat the oil, lessen the transfer and the tacky feeling.

with setting powder

Maybe the combination didn’t went well for the day after I noticed a breakout. I guess those filling of pores wouldn’t work for me.

On my verdict I give it 3 candies ( since it’s candyporefecting :)) out of five. I’m so sad about the breakout outcome since it did fully well it’s job of making my pores less visible. I want to know from those who have tried this if it really indeed has a dewy finish on you girls.Mine is oily combo hence I suggest that this works well for those who have dry skin. I’ve seen that they also have Porefectionist Serum which I think would work for me instead. I would be glad to hear your thoughts to those of you who have already tried but with a different outcome.

On a lighter note, Sooperbeaute still has an ongoing promo with 20% off on selected makeup and skincare items. Head on now to their Instagram account to see deets and who knows maybe one of your favorites might be included.


Disclaimer:  The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT sponsored or paid.


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  1. Aw too bad this didn’t work for you! Do you know if there’s a certain ingredient that is causing the break out? Sooperbeaute sounds like a cute brand, of course it’s local to you! I love reading about your local brands.


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