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My Top 3 Whitening Soaps

Summer has now ended. Though rainy season has gone official, the humid weather is still evident making you think, did we really changed seasons?

Anyways, this blog post is intended for my Filipino readers who after enjoying the sun basking summer have already the change of heart. From the sun kissed tan to now more lighter complexion. May I present to you my tried and tested Top 3 Whitening Soaps.

The following are rated based on my personal experience. I’ve used the following products whenever there’s a need and I should say that are proven safe and effective. They’re rank according to effectivity in which soap gives the fastest results being number 1 as the best and so on. So I’ll be starting with number 3.

3. Top Gel 


I first known the brand from a Cebu based Youtuber. Being this is manufactured in that place that I thought the reason why she loves this.

Seeing this in leading drugstores and supermarkets but never took time to try it out because of  fear from fly by night products.  But I tell you, this youtuber’s explanation really convinced the heck out of me. Maybe because youtube reviews are like live testimonials. So anyways, amongst the three this is the priciest at Php 71.00 but the biggest. Top Gel is a Papaya soap and what makes this different from other papaya soaps in the market is that it’s formulated with squalene, vitamin E + C and AHA + Collagen. These infusions are the main reason why I included this on my top whitening soaps. You see, though these soaps help lighten your problem areas, they could also stress out your skin making them dry. And dryness dulls the skin making it also darker. That’s why don’t forget to moisturize after using whitening soaps. Works well for me. Tips..Tips.. 

Just a gentle reminder

On estimation, I used this for about two weeks that I see some changes.This suds up to a creamy lather and could lasts for a long use. I love how it gives you a supple looking fair skin after a long consume.

2. Kojic San 


From the word itself, this soap’s main component is Kojic Acid . I specifically use this for my face in combating stubborn blemishes and acne scars.

 Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties it is used to treat skin diseases like melasma.[5] Kojic acid also has antibacterial and antifungal properties

What to love about this soap is the immediate results you can see ( e.g ligthening of scars) in just a week. It has this micro peeling effect which I believe what makes it more effective. And because of that, it is inevitable to feel some burning sensation. Some may not like this but I see it as a sign that the soap is taking effect on me. I even let it stand for a few seconds. But my dear readers this is at your own risk, let me just remind you. I wouldn’t really recommend the latter specially if you have a very sensitive skin. It is also drying so  better use moisturizer if you intend to use it on your face. Also, it is highly recommended that you avoid direct exposure to the sun and should religiously apply sunblock before going out. I also tried using this on my body but I feel that it makes my skin lost it’s moisture much faster than lightening it. This retails a lot cheaper and sizes comes in different variants to suit one’s budget.

1. Sutla Flawless Papaya Soap


My No. 1 whitening soap. I’ll be honest with you guys, I never really put a better judgement on this at first. Aside from the fact that you can’t see this on leading drugstores and supermarkets here ( available only in online stores but I got mine from Super 8) There are also alot of counterfeits so be careful to buy only the legit. Of all the three, this one is the cheapest at around Php 30+. Another thing that adds to my doubt of it efficacy. But the curiosity in me arose when I saw a lot of testimonies given of how effective this soap is. So I guess after some years that I totally give in. Fortunately a nearby supermarket has this, my trouble of tiresome haunting was put to ease.

At such price, it works wonders. I preferably opt Papaya for my body and Kojic for my face. Papaya is less drying on my skin as of Kojic. But unfortunately I can’t use it on my face as it aggreviates it’s oily status causing some breakouts. Moving on, it claims that it is organic which I believe because the soap melts so fast. And suds up to a good lather. I just hate the orange tint it gives staining my washcloth. I see results in just a week and what I love is that aside from the price, it gives a healthy looking fair skin. I really didn’t have trouble moisturizing, whether or not I apply a lotion after bath. There is no worries of irritated and itchy skin due to dryness. Unfortunately as they say, you can’t get all the luck in this world as I have a hard time of it’s availability. Often than not, it’s always out of stock. I just thought it really is that effective. So if I got the chance, I hoard. Still not a prob because it suits the budget well.

May I just remind you my dear ladies that what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean may give the same effect on you. An important thing to note is that I have an oily combo on my face and  a dry skin for the body. Though Whitening or Lightening our skin could help us aesthetically, taking a good care should be on top of our priority. And when I say that it means drinking plenty of liquids, taking a good amount of sleep and eating the right kind of meals. I believe in the importance of keeping a healthy core for it reflects a radiant beauty outside. And for the most, love your self, love your skin.


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