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Peeling Gel Invasion: My Experience

2nd part of two part post

Hi All!
Before I start off, please accept my wholehearted appreciation and Thank You’s to those who took time to read, visit my page or simply dropped by to say their “hi’s”. You’re simple gestures mean alot.
Moving forward. On the first part, I was able to give you a simple walk through about the current exfoliating craze brought about by the Koreans to the world. Now, my take on this cult following skin care routine thru experience.
My curiosity about peeling gels grew when I learned that it helps in whitening the skin. The first introduction to peeling specifically peeling gel was back in the day when I badly needed my skin to even out it’s color. Being a believer that peeling gels aids in the effectivity of other skin care products. The belief that this is due to the sloughing off dead skin layers making the absorption better. And since I have sensitive skin, I find peeling liquid/gel the most friendly for my skin type. I have with me two exfoliating brands. One from Thailand and the other from Korea.  

 Snail Bright is a peeling snail gel from Cathy Doll. This one was brought by my brother when he came to visit Thailand and a little trivia. Thailand is now fast becoming known for producing a good line of skin treatments. When I say skin treatments, the likes of treating your problem areas which are chicken skin on pits, dark ua, dark groins. The likes. I was just a little confused though. Cathy Doll is a popular brand in Thailand but it is in fact made in Korea. This is how Snail Bright peeling snail gel looked like.   

Snail Bright is a gel type of exfoliator

The texture because it’s main component is from snail saliva is not slimy as oppose to other snail products that I know. It works the same as any peeling gel that I used. Does it brighten my skin. Yes. Though rubbing the product to my skin seems to take forever. I also noticed that even the long process of rubbing have took place, only a small amount of (i believe) dead skin layers have been sloughed off.  

my skin turned a little red from the continuos rubbing

 On my face (oily type) based from my observation, tend to oiled up more than the usual. Sad ending is I had a breakout. I might have continue using this if not only of the tiring process rubbing the product to my whole body. But because I don’t want to put it into waste, I looked for some other way in which I could make it of better use. Then I found out that a good solution to keep your pits from darkening due to layering of deo is to exfoliate. Since it’s just a small portion of my body, once a week I exfoliate my under arm gently just so not to traumatize the skin because this could also add up to the darkening. I also use this to other parts of my body that I think needs an extra care like elbows, knees and nape.  I did this just until I could used it all up. Happily, it’s almost half way done. Because I want to empty this all up that I never gotten myself to purchase another peeling gel. Not until I saw this new product that got my eyes all lighted up. Maybe because I was hit by the keyword. Whitening. 


Since my last peeling gel is nearing the bottom I think its time. So I decided to give MUZ a shot since it’s only 66 cents for 10g. The product says it’s 5 Phyto- Chemical Ingredients. Mainly derived from plants and since it’s phyto, it has an anti-oxidant properties. It’s Paraben free, Fragrance free, Alcohol free and no synthetic dyes 

I must say that I’m satisfied with this Korean exfoliator. The amazing thing that got me hooked is that you don’t need to rub your skin with so much force just to be satisfied with the  sight of dry skin that loosens. Only a small amount will suffice. And I also notice that upon spreading of the product,  my skin is already sloughing off the dead layer. That fast.

MUZ is a liquid type of exfoliator
   I know that Koreans are very peculiar to the products that they use/produce. With a mindset of nothing harmful, I believe that the manufacturer of this product put into priority not to traumatized the skin while exfoliating. And because of this action, I also noticed that my face didn’t shed any excess oil as before. Thus no breakouts. This attributes to the peeling gel being alcohol free. I’m not quite sure if this is already available in your Asian make up stores. By far I sould say, this is the best yet but not until I’ll get the chance to own a bottle of Cure then I’ll do the leap.

The Peeling Gel Invasion has given us a chance to do an introspect with the products and routine that we are accustom to. Sometimes our surrounding is one of the big factors why we have to step out of what we are used to and adopt a change that could help us adhere to the needs of our body brought about by the sudden change in our society. What I mean to say ( if you were lost in thought with what I just said 😁 ) Exfoliating let alone using peeling gel is a must and should be incorporated in our daily skin care routine specially now that most of the products we used leaves a heavy residue that causes our other products to plateu. Aside from this, the heavy pollution around us that adds up damage to our skin. Peeling Gels isn’t just a fad. They are here to stay.

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The Peeling Gel Invasion

  This is part 1 of my 2 parts post.

The cult following 10 Steps Korean Skin Care Regime has brought about three unrecognized routine that we now (for the most) incorporate in our own. These are: essence, facial masks and exfoliation. Essence often mistaken as toners is the heart of Korea’s skin care routine. Facial Mask not really that new to some but because of developing science comes different varities that targets different skin concerns. Most of this, again, is manufactured in either Korea or Japan wherein the use of organics is the main component. Then comes exfoliation. First that came to mind when I read exfoliate is St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I know most of you know this household brand in terms of exfoliation and Yes! alongside with this is the word scrubbing. As in intense scrubbing, right? That is our mindset of the term exfoliate, scrubbing off dead layers of skin to achieve a softer, more supple looking one. But just like technology, skin care also had evolved and progressed into many innovations. Our then exfoliators which mainly consists of fine grains or micro beads in aid of taking off that dead skin with ease has now elevated into the form of gels. Peeling gel there is. A little trivia on this, I know that most of the peeling gels available in the market right now are brand names from Korea but did you know that the world’s best peeling gel is actually from Japan. Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel apparently a bottle is being sold for every second in Japan. That effective huh?! It is said that large percentage of this brand is consists of mainly water making it more gentle than any other peeling gel available. On with peeling gels, this might scared you off because of the word peel. I know, how can this be a major evolution when intense scrubbing is changed with peeling? Don’t fret ladies, for this is now called the fancy new generation of exfoliators. It is made special because now, chemicals (which we often thought of as the way peeling is made) are now replaced by a more gentle, more skin friendly solutions in the form of liquid and gel. Only gentle rubbing is required to achieve a soft and bright complexion. And who wouldn’t want that? I myself decided to join in the boat not because of the fad but because I feel that my skin is in need of the extra care brought about by the different layers of products used. Exfoliating also helps in making your products more effective because they are now more absorbed.

Have any of you tried using peeling gel or included such in your skin care routine? How was it? Let me know your experience.