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Tough Chick Thursday: My Top 5 YouTube vlogger

Hello Ladies!ūüėä

It’s almost the end of March and in a few days it’ll be Spring. But Bipolar weather got some parts of the world experiencing Winter, again. How’s that? Well,¬†whatever the season may be let’s always look at the bright side. On a personal note, I want to give my big THANK YOU to all ¬†who made my first month an enjoyable¬†one. I’m a learning progress and I believe that baby steps is a key to success. A huge *hug* to my new found family.

Now on with my topic. Part of my morning routine is checking out my you tube for current vlogs on my subscription. I give this a big matter for like blogging, watching vlogs also consumes a quarter of my day. I’m talking about the live people, in action who in some way had me influenced. Coupled with my coffee, I let myself be updated with the recent make ups, day to day life and luckily be on a fan mode by waiting my name to be mentioned at shutouts. Just the natural human thing. *smiles* Does any of you feel the same way? Let me know. Let us exchange chitchat, shall we? ¬†So, on with my top five You Tubers:

It’s Judy Time– I’ve been a follower for almost three years. Its in her that I first learn to appreciate make ups and do my first smokey eye. Her make up tutorials are easy to follow especially for the newbies. Her choices of colors are gorgeous and really compliments the asian skin. With that, BH Cosmetics collaborated with her and come up with Its Judy Time eye shadow palette. Alongside with her beauty channel, I also watch It’s Judys Life which is about their everyday family life. Their way of giving back is by holding an annual Dancember wherein this month long dancing receives pledges and have the proceeds given to their chosen charitable institution.

Michelle Phan – Who wouldn’t know a “Michelle Phan”. Aside from her equally gorge bf, she for me is the epitome of you tube make up gurus. Now that she leveled up her game by having her own make up line. She ventured also into fashion, wellness and arts. What I like most about her is that she also produces and directs her vlogs. I remember being addicted to her then story themed way of advertising make up products. Made her own network FAWN.¬†Launched a book¬†‚ÄúMake Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success ‚ÄĒ Online and Off.‚ÄĚ ¬†I didn’t even know that she also co-founded¬†¬†

JLovesMac1 – Jarmaine is my fresh breath of air. If I want a good laugh, I’ll certainly go to her channel. I love her being ¬†in-your-face, no pretense talking. Her uncensored, impromptu girl talk is what separates her from the unusual. She does make up tutorial, beauty hauls and fashion trends. She even expanded her beauty channel and added ¬†health and fitness.

Dulce Candy РPetite Dulce has her ways of getting noticed. Her unique sense of style, up to date make up reviews and  that well raved celebrity make up tutorial. Her enthusiasm is infectious and is generous in sharing her inspirations that she had it compiled in a book. Pretty things had come with that generosity that she makes her loyal subbies be rewarded. On her newly revamp website, she let her readers share their insights and got to earn points and receive freebies. Talk about sweet life!

Carli Bybel РI love how she has a healthy interaction with her subbies. How she gives them the voice in her vlogs. You could feel the passion and love in what she is doing. The accuracy in every tutorial she has by showing step by step procedure in attaining a certain requested make up. Tutorials are done neatly and she makes sure not to forget a single detail by giving importance even up to the kind of make up brushes used. And surely she knows how to give back to her viewers by hosting lots of give aways. Carli Bybel lets everyone be inspired not only by her looks, lifestyle but also feeding food for the soul by starting every vlog with a day in a life inspirational quotes.