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Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint Review

Hello Ladies! 💋

I believe I owe you a very warm greetings since there are so many occasions that’s been missed and Oh! how I miss our interactions. How long has it been? Very!..

I’ve been contemplating a lot what to put up first. Will it be the empties, favorites or simply do an intro for the new year? Say I chose what I feel the most comfortable on doing which is this lip tint review. So here we are.

It’s actually lip tints that I’m addicted to. Or is it? *smiles* I find myself always wanting what’s new where in fact there are still of the same hue. Rhyming! I know we all makeup lovers do. Anyways, going to with my “what’s new”, you might be wondering why would someone hoard on liptints. I mean you could perfectly understand why we would love to own a lipstick eventhough mostly are of the same color BUT there’s a variety right? Texture, formula, finish and price. With liptints, aside from the color variation, is there any thing that you could think of? ( comment down below 👍😁)

Longevity I believe is the sole category for any liptint hunting. Hmmm.. I guess any liptints would. But just imagine when a brand gives you this promise? Of course who won’t give in.  So when I finished watching Tina Yong review on Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tints, I told myself “where on earth will I find these?!” 

Chateau Labiotte although sounding French is actually a Korean brand. Very fascinating though that they also have their skincare line. I believe it’s a good move for this makeup company to be noticed in Westen countries in putting up a name that is very French. I even got caught with the marketing strategy thinking this must be worth something. Actually the brand name is simply Labiotte and from my understanding, this company mainly focuses on botanical infused products. And you should check out their skincare line, so promising indeed.
As I said that this liptint must have worth something.. sure is. The fact that it’s Korean brand and new in the Philippine online market must have cost me so much. I found that this is available in full and trial size (7g and 3g respectively).

photo from

And because a full size costs around Php 600-700, the wise girl will opt for the trial size. There are 6 color variants ( 3 reds, ranging from light to darkest. 1 orange, 1 coral and 1 pink) I was lucky to have found a trusted seller online thru lipsticklover (also a personal friend) that I was able to snag a deal of 3 for the price of Php 500.

photo from Beauty Box Korea

I was actually in die need of the RD01. What I got were 3 mini sized cute little wine bottles with colors RD01, OR01 and CR01.

Thoughts on the liptint

The first one that I got to try was the OR01. Im not sure if you noticed but Koreans do love their orange don’t they? Always present in every lipstick brands. Anyways, as I told, longevity is what got me. The promise is that it could stand for a whole ( even the following day??! Really??) day without touch up. That’s my kind of liptint there! Going back, orange for the brave so I was surprised though I wasn’t thinking that I could pull it off but their orange is applaudingly a good color match for my Filipina skin-tone.

RD01 is very bold red but not intimidating, build it up and it could pass for a bare-face-red-lips kind of makeup.

CR01 if you noticed is very subtle in color. If you aren’t for a heavy colored tints, this number will happily suit your lips.

These lip tints has a faint wine scent in it accompanied with a tad bitter taste which is very tolerable. The qualities of a wine was really embodied in this product that also adds up to its character. The only difference is this won’t make you tipsy. Texture is creamy actually as opposed to the usual liquidy lip tints in the market. I must say that if you will wear it full not the gradient type of application, it would definitely lasts you a whole day. I find that I could still see a faint color stain the day after. The best part for me is that it didn’t dry my lips.


If you are a liptint fanatic like me but still in doubt whether to purchase the full size, I suggest that you look for an available trial size first. This would really cost you less. Aside from the availability problem, color variant is just so-so for me. I couldn’t expect more for a Korean makeup line with their color preference though but fortunately their orange is a thumbs up. Although it costs a bit high from other leading liptints but if you love this, it’s more convenient to buy the full size because indeed it will last you a lifetime considering the longevity matter per se. Packaging, I really have to give a hands down to the creative minds behind this. I appreciate it much to have a neat wine-sampler-looking-liptint inside my makeup bag. So adorable! Ending my review I would give this a 8/10 only because of the color variants.

I enjoyed it very much whenever I get to review and share my thoughts with you bearing in mind that like me, women out there would like to know a non-bias opinion first before diving in. Let’s all get our money’s worth.

Until next time lovelies!

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Chooseday Tuesday: Peripera Peris Tint Marker

Happy Chooseday Tuesday Everyone!
It’s indeed a happy day for me aside from the sun now shinning bright, my self feel a lot better though my voice hasn’t come back to it’s normal state and I still have a bitter taste on foods, my body says she’s perfectly fine. I just couldn’t let my posting schedule be ruined so I strive hard to get better. *laughs* Okay, main reason is my thoughts are running spontaneously about this product review that I couldn’t make it pass.

See?! Who among you remembers their play pretend using their crayons and markers as lipsticks, raise their hands!
I can’t…I just can’t sleep my way to full recovery while half of my brain is thinking how smoothly it  runs to my lips. You just got me Peripera!
For those of you who missed my last review about Peripera Peris Tint Water, here is her sister included in the Peris Line. The Peris Tint Marker.
I know you had a good conclusion why I chose this. Aside from the obvious which is a tint , who wouldn’t be anxious to buy this product that vividly reminds us of the little girl we are, filling our lips with markers as lipsticks? Don’t ask me what color I used, but it wasn’t red. I got a shock of green. But anyways, it really caught my fancy.
The reason why Peripera has this playful theme of packaging is that being the love child of Clio ( another Korean brand of makeup popularly known for its Lipnicure: Lip Manicure ) it aims to cater the young crowd or young at heart. This theme has brought them for being innovative in their product line. By the way, let me introduce you to the girl in the packaging. Say Hi! to Pink Sunny. She was created by  the artist Mari Kim who collaborated with the famous 2NE1.

I bought this from a sale bundle that includes 3 lip products for a price of Php 800. I’m not fully aware of how much it costs individually for Peripera isn’t available in the market here. The only way to acquire this is to purchase online. I saw this particular product at W2Beauty for $13.14 or Php 617.13. ( woah! )  It is available in five basic colors nd what I’m reviewing for you today is Pink Stain.

imageWhat you see from the swatch that I made is a subtle pink color which I instanly love. Maybe because I had so many lip tints in reds that I want to try the lighter ones instead. Perfect for gradient lips or you can also do full. The lip marker that I had comes in a black pen like packaging which is the new look from the previous white one.

From the web


It was love at first use. I can’t fully say that it’s been influenced with my nostalgia but it really did it’s job. It glides smoothly with it’s felt tip which also gives you a precise application. It’s quick drying but, has a moist finish that doesn’t transfer. Though the color that I chose is a light pink, one swipe would suffice if you want that subtle natural look but is buildable. I just notice that the color in my lips changes to red as it oxidies. Your lips will tend to dry because of the quick drying formulation so it is best advised to apply lip balm after using to prevent it from chaffing. The tint actually last me a whole day, but would fade into a lighter shade if you would eat or take liquids. the formulation didn’t settle in my lips, and the best part is that it didn’t stain my teeth. It’s also a good touch up if you are already tired of re-applying your lipstick. You can also do this without a mirror which I often use because of the pointed tip that serves as my guide. Doesn’t have a strong taste and smell which I now stress out when looking for tints. Actually it best reminds me of a candy because of the sweet scent. It’s very handy to carry around for it won’t leak, break, won’t loose cap and fits any purse because of it’s slender shape. If I would have one worry that would be how long it will last. It states 6 months shelf time in the box. That would be a problem is if it dries up quickly. And another thing to consider, based on a real life marker itself is that the tip would worn out from further use. Again, the above mentioned won’t be proven until such time. Other than that, I don’t have other qualm.

If we will review it’s claims from what is stated in the web, points 1 and 2 were checked but not number 3 for I felt my lips dry as the day progressed.


  • longevity
  • easy to use
  • no spills, leak
  • won’t bleed/transfer proof
  • doesn’t stain lips
  • no strong smell/taste


  • tends to dry lips
  • product could dry up
  • tip has a possibility to worn out


The success factor that I would give this product is 8/10. Over all, I’m fairly satisfied with the outcome other than the drying part ( lips ) which is manageable. I just say that use this with a care that you’ll give your markers if you don’t want to dry them up quickly, always secure the cap or don’t leave it open for a long period of time. Remember it has a quick drying  formula that means it has alcohol. Tip is solid and sturdy unless you won’t use it properly it would worn out in no less than time.

Peris Tint Marker is from the Peripera line of Club Clio. It is manufactured in South Korea.

Until my next lippie review Ladies, Jal Ga ( Korean word which means bye, go well )

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Trending Thursday: What’s in? What’s Hot? What’s New

I’m feeling like a beat reporter now with that title written on my idiot card. How are you ladies? Any happenings in your area? Something new? How about I tell mind first?
October seems to be a good month for releases. I just observed that there are so many new products and brands that came out in the market lately. I suppose my birthmonth is the lucky one? Well anyways let me get my fingers on this newbies starting off with my recurring obsession on lipsticks. As you all know by now my dear followers the reason of my sudden splurge ( leeway on a birthday!! ) Given this chance, I was like a little girl lost in the world of Willy Wonka.

To note, I was able to find good sales that at least won’t burden my guilt. So as I was tick tack typing, scouting and browsing I found BeautyMNL. It’s more on like a Soko Glam if I were to describe it. What I specially like on this site are their mini magazine that I’m so hooked on to. Tackling about makeup tips, guides, what’s in and new. Of course, the main feature were the different brands, products classified according to a girls essential needs. The big bonus would be the great sale and affordable finds. As predicted, I got a few, ok.. I got five lipstick. Don’t judge yet! I’ll be featuring the great reveal why I come up with five. Also included is a lip balm that’s been so raved about here. Since I’ve been stocking up on the lipstick collection, I just need a good protection. Let’s see if it lives up to the enormous raves.

I’ve been sticking around this site so much that I found out that L’Oreal has released somewhat similar to the Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok that I reviewed. Slowly, these US brands are embracing the Korean Makeup concept. I wouldn’t be surprised, Lancome has released a cushion powder to begin with.

Next would be a lot of seeing Liquid Lipsticks which I believe were a thing here. The likes of Maybelline and L’Oreal  has both released a new line for this and I must say they are pretty good colors.

If you’re wondering what liquid lipsticks would be, my classic example is Nyx’s creamy matte lipsticks. Comes in a liquid form but with a matte finish. I’m pretty much surprised to find a liquid lipstick at a very reasonable price also in their site ( I could be a good researcher you know..) Claim to be dupes of famous brands so I hit the “add to cart“. Just so excited to give you guys my thoughts on these.

So I got to rest and get myself out of there for a moment. You probably know why.

On to my latest finds, Celeteque has now expanded their range from skin care and now to makeups. Yes, our old time favorite line of skincare for sensitive skin has included a makeup line gearing towards girls who have problems with irritations brought about by strong chemicals. We could finally sing their alleluhiahs to this. Celeteque DermoCosmetics are dermatologically tested to give skin it’s enhanced beauty while further improving it. Really impressive, as it gives you a youthful color, it also nourishes and adheres to our typical Filipina concerns such as dull and oily skin. What specifically got me is their 24hr Photoready Foundation. Which is why I like this product because even in their cosmetics they also give focus to the middle age range by their anti-aging line. I really have to see this for myself. This is now available to all Watsons branch.

Lastly, for all of you who are an avid fan of Jordana Cosmetics ( specially their matte nudes and mauves ) rejoice for it’s full makeup line is finally here. I believe it’s available in all SM branches in Metro Manila. Aren’t you thrilled? Now, no reserving and waiting for months to come just to be able to get your Jordana Lipsticks online. Most is that you are sure it’s 100% original and not imitations.

There you have it. A list of What’s In? What’s New? What’s Hot?

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Chooseday Tuesday: Peripera Peri’s Water Tint

Hello Lovelies! It’s this time again of the week that I get to pull another lip product and do a review for you. As promised, my month long highlight of newly purchased lippies. For this Tuesday, it’ll be Peripera Peris Tint Water.
This was purchased online under the sale tag. I got this for a bundle which means there are a few more lip products along. image The best part would be the freebies.  imageAll three for a price of Php 800 ( $17 ).
For the span of time that I was on a low buy, different kinds of Korean lip products came soaring in the market. Let’s just say I was making up for my absence. Taking in mind that it was also the hype then that I refuse myself to dive in. I wouldn’t see myself owning these three all at the same time just like this. Unlike now, everyone is calm and behaved and on sale. Wohoo!
This would be my second Korean lip tint purchase for this month. Although Holika is also the same, this doesn’t come with a balm but a sole glass bottle of liquid tint which pretty much reminds me of Benetint.

Lip tints has been a go to lip product since Tony Moly made it’s impression on me. What brings me to this are: lightweight and easy to use. No feathering, no smudging. Matte finish. Natural looking colors and most of all economical. I say this 6.5ml would last me a lifetime.
Okay, let’s go down to the product. Peris Tint Water is only one of the few from the Peris Line of Peripera. As predicted, the cute packaging is always a bonus. The girl in the box. Am I seeing an Arianna Grande inspiration? Her bow looks like ears to me. On to what it says on the box:

Like juice, this water tint spreads upon lips with vivid colors. With a single touch perfectly dewy colors give an elegant look. Fruit Complex help give vitality to the lips.

Aside from this brief description in English, the rest is already in Korean so I have to consult the web again for further understanding.

Peri’s Tint Water comes in five colors. Though you could still see it as the basics, I’m pretty much surprised to see an orange one which often than not included in this typical line. Unfortunately because it’s on sale, only a few stocks were available. What I’m reviewing with you now is #1 Cherry Juice.


  • lightweight
  • long-lasting
  • suoer bright colors


Aside from being a lip tint which is already an edge for me, with all honesty I was thinking that this will be my solution for my long overdue lust over Benetint. Don’t be suprised why for the longest time, I haven’t purchased one. The tint comes in a liquid form, not your jelly type consistency of lip tint so it’s not sticky. That for me is a pro already because I should say, with an experience with lip tints I could vouch that liquids doesn’t give you that sticky film in your lips which is quite annoying. Why Liquid? Because it’s made to resemble fruit juices for Peripera’s explanation. I see a good vibrant color in one swipe with it’s doe foot applicator. This is one of my qualm though for lip tints, I find doe foot applicator unhygenic. Though I find some that comes in a brush which personally I would prefer. It didn’t settle on my lip lines which is another good point. Didn’t dry my lips but it’s highly recommended to exfoliate to achieve best results. It lasted me a good five hours with occasional water intake and lips licking. I had this used by my sister. She is acidic so I found out that her lips seems to eat the tint. Needless to say, it didn’t last her that long so she have to re-apply. So for those of you who have the same state, this would probably might happend. It’s a matte finish so there’s no smudges or transfer. I would also like to point out that I used this as a cheek tint due to curiosity. I find that it blends evenly on my “after” swatch giving you a subtle flush color which I love. ( I have to give a seperate review on this when used as a cheek tint, promise! ) No bitter after taste, more of like a candy. No overpowering smell. One thing I noticed is that it seems to bleed on my teeth. I end up looking like a vampire who just finished drinking a glass of blood. Ok, just exaggerating, in effect for the coming Halloween. *wink* But seriously, you have to apply in good moderation, and avoid pressing your lips whilst it’s wet for it tends to stain your teeth.


  • liquid consistency
  • lightweight
  • no sticky feel
  • vibrant color
  • smooth application
  • doesn’t dry lips
  • matte
  • no transfer/smudge proof
  • no overpowering smell/taste
  • lasts for hours
  • affordable


  • doe foot applicator
  • bleeds on your teeth

To sum it up, Peripera Peri’s Tint Water is a highly recommendable product. It’s a good Benetint sub for those who doesn’t want to splurge. Has an outstanding attributes for a lip tint. Because of it’s liquid water consistency, a bottle could lasts a long period of time. Very buget friendly. I would rate this a 7/10 if only not it’s staining my teeth.

Peripera is a namesake of a Persian fairy, Peri. It is manufactured in South Korea.

Until my next lippie review ladies. Ciao!

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Chooseday Tuesday: Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok

Tuesdays will be full of excitement for all of you my dear readers. Specially for those who love this. For the month of October, which is my birth month I decided to dedicate this segment of Chooseday Tuesday to my longtime favorite which is Lipstick. If you’ll  wondering why no nail polish? We will get there. For the meantime, since birthdays give you the leeways, I give in to the Birthday Buying Spree. Still, I take hold of my low buy so a single purchase should not cause me over $23. If you’ll ask me how many purchases have I done so far? I made two. And another one on the way. All lip products. But wait, before the judgement took place, all these purchases were made under the SALE tag. A lot of sanning here and there, online shop to online shop and these were the results. A month long of lipstick reviews just for you. Specifically, most of these were of Korean brands. It’s just a rekindling of an old flame that I had. There were so much that has been out in the market since I had my low buy and unfortunately no sale like this. So there, so much of my justification, let’s get on to what this is all about.

Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok was purchased together with Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (which I made a review last Tuesday) from my trusted online seller Koreana_ph. With all honesty, curiosity prevailed on chosing this. I have seen a lot about this “smudger” sponge tip and based on what I read, they came as an applicator for lip tint. This is popularly used for gradient lip effect. The product comes in a slim shiny black stick that you’ll mistaken for an eyeliner. The only difference would be the screw cap on both end. Yes, this is a two product in one. The other being the lip balm while the other end being the lip tint.


Pro: Beauty Tint Tok comes in seven colors and what I’ll be reviewing for you now is RD801.


I made a swatch on my hand using the lip balm. It has a sheer color which is buildable. This makes your lips soft and prep up upon applying the image

While the lip tint which is in “smudger” sponge applicator bursts a lively color.image

Both product comes with a screw cap which: protects the lip balm from being punctured and for the lip tint to dry up.

What it says on the web:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a Holika Holika website that would best explains the product. Instead I got a few excerpts from

Product Description:

: Cushion tint for easy tap vital looking lip expression

: Botanical oil complex for healthy glowing lips

: Blooming flower complex giving soft and bright looking lips.

Major Ingredients:

: Botanical oil complex, Blossom extract, Lily Magnolia extract, Damask Rose extract, Lotus extract

My Impression

I bought this product which is on sale for Php 280 ( $6 ) with volume of tint at 0.6g and lip balm at 1.1g.  I decided to use this on a dry lips to see how the lip balm works. I was a bit disappointed with the lip balm. Though it look tainted in person, it wasn’t pigmented as I expect it to be. Being buidable, it gives a little sheer color. Considering the amount of Flower extracts and Botanical oil, it is not as impressive the way Kiss Lover has moisturized my lips. But a goid prep up for the lip tint.

The lip tint in a sponge applicator that applies in a tok motion which means tapping. Tap the lip tint gently on your lips wether it’s on the middle part or the entire lips area. The color is pretty impressive with its bold, matte finish. Very pigmented. Only one swipe will suffice, for those who wants it light on an everyday like me. But if you want an intense one, the color is buildable but not overwhelming. The sponge applicator is so easy to use for it glides smoothly. Though when tint is worn alone, it could accentuate your dry lips. I just have a few qualms about the smudger though. Will the sponge worn out easily? Will the tint dry up fast? Having a screw cap lid just gave me a little assurance about my latter worry. But to no avail, for some reason, the lip tint cap cracked! Though it is still usable, it won’t secure much plus I have to be really carefull now for I might broke the cap if exerted with force. This saddened me for I only got to use it a few weeks upon purchase. I also find sponges unhygienic. On a lighter note, no unpleasant smell/taste for me. It lasted me a good four hours. Even if I ate Ice Cream in between, it fades but with a subtle tint left. Because of the lip balm, smudging is inevitable unlike if you wear the lip tint alone.


▫️ Lip balm is moisturizing

▫️ Lip tint is very pigmented

▫️ Handy

▫️ Lip tint is easy to use. Being with a sponge applicator, no worries about spillage or waste of product.

▫️Affordable having two product ( lip balm + lip tint ) in one price.

▫️ Screw cap lid secures product in place.

▫️ No overpowering scent.

▫️ Good wear time.


▪️ Screw cap isn’t sturdy enough so handle it with outmost care.

▪️ Though the sponge applicator has it’s pros, it is still unhygeinic.

▪️ Sponge applicator has a tendency to worn out.

▪️ Lip balm’s tint is superfacial.

▪️ Lip tint has a tendency to dry your lips.

▪️ No English translation it the box.

▪️ Smudges


Because there is no Holika Holika website that could greatly explain this product and it’s claim ( I wouldn’t dare either to translate it myself for some reason ) I leave this as it is. But if you are looking for a lip product that would give enough tint, enough gloss but at the same time moisturizes, this is for you. This double end product is so handy, good to carry all around.


Given with enough deliberation, I give this product a 7/10. Though it really is a must have for a girl who is always on the go ( lip balm + lip tint = what more could you ask for? ) My apprehension about the sponge applicator is still there until it is otherwise proven. But if you wouldn’t mind it that much, it is really a money’s worth.

Holika Holika is distributed by Enprani. Made in South Korea.

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Chooseday Tuesday: Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master

I recent purchased this Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master in RD801 or Club Red through a trusted online shop Koreana_ph
I’ve been a lover of Korean lippies. The au-naturele look that it gives sells so much to me being that of a “less-makeup” wearer. Mattes are less drying but with little shine that gives lips a luscious looking one. Colors maybe all safe but I feel that it still adheres to our Filipina skin tone. Enough said, here’s a first impression review as promised. image
Kiss Lover Lip Master comes in a sleek black packaging with a doe foot applicator. imageProduct glides on perfectly on the lips. A word of caution though, thorough exfoliation must be done first for the product tend to settle on fine lines. Standing time is good for four hours without eating or drinking. Good pigmentation. imageGives lips that certain moisture as it stays on. Because it’s a lip gloss, it’s expected to have transfers but minimal. Consistency is creamy with a mousse kind. imageOnly downside for me is the taste. Though it has a fruity smell which reminds me of my childhood medicine but tastes so awful. I don’t know why it’s so strong that I always end with a goofy face whenever I taste it. And it stays! For the price: Php 548.00 mall. Got it for Php 290.00
Okay, let’s now go down to what it says in the web.

– Gloss + Tint + Lipstick
– Moisturizing

Most vivid color appliance than matte lipstick, but soft as velvet and moisturizing as lip lacquer

My say:
Indeed, true to it’s color and really moisturizing. I didn’t experience dryness on the lips or flakes after wearing which is usually my problem with bold colors.

Perfect color line lip stick, long lasting glossy moisture with vegetable oil and butter ingredients for hydrated lips.

*My say:
To date I must say that this lip product has the most oil ingredient that I’ve seen not to mention the butter. Overwhelming!
-Jojoba oil
-Olive oil
-Argan oil
-Pomegranate oil
-Rosehip oil
-Shea butter
-Mango butter
+ Honey extract
Color line is not that impressive. Pretty much the usual.

* highly pigmented
* no sticky feel
* no greassy looking gloss
* lightweight for a lip gloss
* no dryness, flaking for a matte tint
* affordable

* smell
* taste
* if you intent to bring this around be careful not to tilt for the product settles on the applicator.
I’m happy that I’ve found my way to this product. I’ve shy away to lip glosses ever since because of the high shine. I feel that my lips look bigger. Aside from this, the sticky after feel distracts me. Lip Master has proven this all wrong. It’s one product that live up to it’s claims. I feel that I could wear this on an everyday because it’s not too heavy and with a healthy looking shine that I could tolerate.

Though the taste is a big distraction for me, I would still give this a 8/10 rating.
More Korean Lip product reviews to come so you better hold on tight and stay tuned!

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Trending Thursday: My Korean Addiction

I could honestly say that aside from the patriotic love I have for our local brands, I’am also a loyal user of Korean products. I don’t know which came first, the Idols or the Makeups? Anyways, just like my fascination with it’s country (same withJapan) I have high respect with their brands. How they live to their claims, how they are all innovative and gentle on the skin. In addition to this are the Hallyu stars who have the fairest, dewiest vampire looking skin. They don’t really age! And how’s that?! I know, who wouldn’t want to look young. Okay, my emotions now are going on top of my head. *breath* If my reasons aren’t valid enough to love them, what else?

At the first hit of Korean Wave in our country, long before the flagship of different makeups and skincare in Myeongdong had mushroomed here, there goes the  fame of different online shops. Most of these shops caters to Korean makeups. This online shop that my sister and I have been following were the one who gave us our first taste of Hallyu (Korean wave) and I should say the rest is history.

Koreana_ph has long been standing for almost 7 years now. We accidentaly got to know her through Facebook which by then is her personal account. Until such she had become a license distributor of Lioele products here, and now most of our local stars had become her loyal clients. I decided to feature her because of the credibility that she had, an approachable person that you wouldn’t hesitate on asking queries. Most is that a trustworthy online shop that lives up to it’s name.

What made me decide to chose on buying through her online is because 1) I got to avail of good sale items that is unfortunately seldom offered in stores here. 2) unique finds 3) freebies! just like in Korea. I could still remember my first BB Cream which I got as a free sample from here and my ever trusted Lioele primer that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Just recently that we we’re able to purchase again from her after.. 3 years I guess. Yet her kindness  in assisting us is still unwavering. Okay, down to my new babies which I’m so excited to show you.


Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master and Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok.

Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram
Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram

I got the Lip Master for Php 290 ( roughly $7) which I believe is around Php 600 (roughly $ 13) in mall price.

Image from Koreana_PH Instagram
Image from Koreana_PH Instagram

While the Pro: Beauty Tint Tok I got for Php 280 ( roughly $ 6) I’m not sure of it’s mall price but originaly it’s Php 400 (roughly $9) I saw from Holika’s site in US that it’s worth $22 (whoah!)

To sum it up, I got a total of Php 620 *shipping fee included* (around $13) It’s like two for the price of one, I still got to save a good amount enough to buy another one.

The best one would be the freebies which is a Fresh Snail Mask Sheet from 3W Clinic which is I’m excited to try. image

Individual reviews would be done the soonest, I promise! Until then, keep yourself posted. 🙂

I don’t hesitate to give a post feature to those who are deserving and in which I guaranteed 100%. To this I gave it to Scherique of Koreana_ph for being a credible and trusted online shop that I’ve known for in years. Her’s worth to be known by others. You could check out  her Facebook page here and also on Instagram.