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Happy Monday Lovelies!

Last day before we officially welcome the “ber” months, which excites me. This four remaining months of the year really brings joy to me aside from the fact that it includes my birth month which is October and my favorite holiday which is Christmas falls in these months. So anyways, here in the Philippines we had, what I believe the longest days of spending this holiday. I should say we have our pre, which is September, October and November wherein you got to see all the decorations and lights now being up in the streets, buildings, malls (not to mention by September you would now start hearing Christmas songs being played). The holiday proper in the month of December and the post which is January. As I mentioned in my 50 Things that made me Happy post this significant holiday brings bliss to my life. Correlated to this is the #GSlist tag which the beautiful M of the girl loves makeup nominated me. I’ve been googling what GS stands for, and all leads me to the Craiglist definition which is a dictionary of acronyms. I wasn’t able to ask M either. Upon further research, I believe #GSlist simply means hashtag Girl Shadow list whom originally the tag came from. Spreading this good vibes to this two fellow blogger and let’s all give them a follow.


The rules are:

  1. Make a list of the 10 things that make your life happy;
  2. Tag your post with the hashtag: #GSlist;
  3. Use the #GSlist picture on your post;
  4. Nominate five (or more) blogs you want
10 Things that make me happy
  1. Daiso shopping.
  2. Sushi.
  3. Newfound restaurants, food.
  4. Christmas songs.
  5. Simbang Gabi ( a nine days Novena Mass)
  6. Puto Bumbong and Bibingka

  1. Dancing Lights.
  2. Fireworks display.
  3. Shopping for Christmas gifts.
  4. Putting up the Christmas tree.

I made this mostly Christmas related because lately it’s always been on top of my head.:) For my nominations, I would like to welcome my five recent followers. Let’s all give them a warm following also.

Can’t wait to see your Happy list Lovelies!

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50 Things that makes you happy

Finally! Weekend is here. Not that I’m complaining about how my week turned about but it’s that time that I got to spent with myself. Part of this supposed “ME” time would be a self introspection. I have to be one with myself first, seek my inner happiness and nothing could be so timely than to do this.

 I really had fun reading this from Karen of Confetti and Curves Katie of Plus+Beauty27Such wonderful people with a very positive personality. They’re such an inspiration. Since it’s a weekend, I want to sum up my week by being thankful for all the blessings, miracles (big and small 😉) and look back at the beauty that life had offered.

  1. Cold bed weather. I just love staying in bed, feeling the cold in the sheets.
  2. Storm. Don’t get me wrong here. Nobody wants a storm in their life. Only by the fact that I got to see my siblings in the house because work is suspended.image
  3. Holidays. With the same reason as above.
  4. Our dogs having new tricks. This never fails to make me smile. 😊
  5. Siblings bonding. We always have that time in a month that we go out and have good food.
  6. Good Food. I grew up in a family where cooking good food matters. I think it’s a family tradition from my Father’s side.
  7. Videoke days. A Filipino gathering/event wouldn’t be complete without it.
  8. Out of town trips. This is always present every summer.
  9. Having coffee with old friends. Catching up really is a wonderful feeling.
  10. Beaches. I always love that feeling of the sand touching my feet.
  11. Ice Cream on a cold weather.

    Photo from
    Photo from
  12. Ramen on a rainy day.

    Photo from
    Photo from
  13. Chocolate Cookies and Milk.
  14. A feel good movie.
  15. My dogs scent. I know some might find it disgusting but I just love that old rug smell.
  16. Pestering my dog Edward when his asleep. One of my past times.
  17. Taking Naps.
  18. Lipsticks
  19. Channel Chance. I just have to name it. It’s always a sniff of heaven for me.
  20. Seeing my favorite people on my reader.
  21. Good conversation.
  22. Chocolates.
  23. Baking
  24. A good soak in the tub.
  25. Finding cool pieces online.
  26. Finishing a good book. Actually it’s a mixed emotions. Feeling happy and sad at the same time.
  27. Creating a new recipe.
  28. Congratulating you for a job well-done.
  29. Watching the sun set by the bay.

    Photo from gerryruiz images.
    Photo from gerryruiz images.
  30. Ghost rides at the amusement park. I always laugh a lot seeing people so scared of nothing. Am I bad?
  31. Watching Running Man. People who have a good following of anything Korean knows how amusing this  is.
  32. So Ji Sub and Lee Min Ho. I could stand staring at them for the whole day without complaining. Writing this just sends me giggles already. image
  33. Anything Kawaii!
  34. Japan and Italy. The thought of being in this country someday just makes me happy.
  35. Pasta. This could be my staple.
  36. Castles. I know I should be including Denmark or any country that has Castles. Maybe I was a princess in my past life or a Queen.
  37. Good Shoes because it’ll take me to places.
  38. My admiration for anything Designer will always be there. Guess those wish list are always on a stand by just in case.
  39. Nail Polish. I tend to hoard.
  40. A cup of good hot chocolate on cold christmas mornings.
  41. Cinnamon. Automatically changes my mood into the merry month.
  42. Autumn leaves falling. Though we don’t have that, I find the solemnity of the colors of these leaves falling from the tree.
  43. Old Churches and Buildings.

    Photo from
    Photo from
  44. Weddings specially the brides.
  45. Doing something good for the elders because they always have that soft spot in my heart.
  46. Seeing my Mom happy.
  47. Shopping. Who wouldn’t want this very effective therapy.
  48. Having that sole moment in the house listening to good old music.
  49. Doing grocery shopping.
  50. Receiving unanticipated gifts.

I can’t believe that I still have plenty in mind. Everyone is  free to do this tag. I hope you’ll find your way on doing this because it’s such a fun and therapeutic way of remembering the things that had made you happy and that feeling while you are writing them. Also a simple way of reminding yourself how fortunate you are being surrounded with beautiful things. On that note, here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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Post a Quote Challenge Day 3

credits to kuyamax
credits to kuyamax

Happy Weekend All!

This would be the last day for my challenge and I would like to pay homage to our very own Salawikain (proverbs) In our culture, we had so much proverbs passed on by our great ancestors that we lived by. With a heritage so rich, this were carried on in every family as a golden rule. Some might have still live with it specially to the traditional type like ours. Out of the many, I picked this because I totally could relate and admits that  still follows unconsciously.

Habang maiksi ang kumot, matuto kang mamaluktot

In English translation:

When the blanket is short, learn to curl up underneath.

I believe that we Filipinos are known for it’s resiliency. I give a big credit to my roots for this. The ability to stand strong amidst the storm. The ability to adjust to our surroundings and live with it.

My set of nominees for this day are the following:

Let’s not forget The Rules:

  1. Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)
  2. Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post
  3. Thank the person who nominated you

On that final note, my deep appreciation to Zovesta, a beautiful girl with an equally beautiful heart. Check out her blog with her sought after make up tips. Spread the Love ❤️


I had a total laugh when I run my preview of this recent post and see this..


Indeed! You need to curl up if it’s a shirt. 😂