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Say What?? SG Authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick?!

Disclaimer: The following could be harmful to your health. Strong discretion is advised.
If you are based in Asia, this kind of makeup is very rampant here. And if you will ask me what is it, I only have a few knowledge to offer. Okay, let us start first from the definition. At a glance, you probably might have an idea that it’s just a makeup manufactured in Singapore basing on the acronym “SG”. Yep, there’s a point. But if you’ll ask the question what kind, then a huge picture of difference comes in. To be honest, there is no such thing to as a product be named after a country or to it’s authenticity. To make it legit, there is what we called patenting to make it known that the product is lawfully from the maker itself. Now, you see these kind of branding of products here in Asia ( Hong Kong Authentic, Korean Autentic….) were fake ones. Sold at a much cheaper price, who wouldn’t be enticed? And I say, some are pretty much the same as the originals. How did I know? I tried one for myself.

Actually, it’s not just makeup, there are also perfumes, bags, apparels or even the ones you saw on Home TV Shopping. I just noticed that every year it changes. For last year and the present, these makeups had built a trend. I chose to buy myself a liquid lipstick for the obvious. I found this Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick floating every second on my Instagram feed. I’ve also seen MAC’s Giambattista Valli edition, Limecrime, and some Korean brands.


I was thinking that it was indeed a far cry from the original judging on the tube itself. But I just made a mistake in basing it on their lipgloss type which is with a black cap.


From the original Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick



And from what I’ve purchased.


Does it strike a resemblance?
Unfortunately I don’t own an original so I couldn’t make a side by side comparison. With a little help from the net, I was given a glimpse of how physically the original looks like. From the box, the ingredients, the bottom label, name design which for me pretty much looked the same.





Even the same doe foot applicator.

As for the swatches.

Stating that I can’t fully compare, I will just tell you how is it like vs the imported liquid lipsticks that I had.
It amazed me though that they really did have the same name. I mean once I searched for the different Giamvattista lipstick names that I saw from an online shop and nothing matched. With this, Blush’s color looks similar from the original. Contrary to Electro though they have the same name but not with the color.
Electro has a good color pay off. Very pigmented and sets easily. And mind you, no tacky feeling. With blush, I got frustrated with the streaking. I ended up layering just to cover the streaks. Consistency wise, this is a fail. Not to mention that it easily faded on the insides of my mouth. It sets a little longer than electro. And blush leaves a tacky feeling. The smell tho I must say is quite profesh for an imitation. No chemical scent, even a faint one. It resembles more of a chocolate for me. Longevity wise, electro won. I mean, I didn’t expect that it could come by par with the leading liquid lipsticks that I tried. And it leaves with a very good tint on my lips. Both applies easily.
Everyone should know by now how drying liquid lipsticks could be. Undoubtedly this didn’t come with an exemption. I got to used it for a week’s time and thankfully didn’t experience darkening or somewhat ended my lips from getting burned on that matter knowing somewhere from the stated ingredients on the box, nothing is true.
I must say that my experience with this Anastasia SG Authentic Liquid Lipstick is not of what I expect it to be. I did even had some worst ending with the legit ones in compare to this. Impressed is a presumptive word to describe. My experience isn’t necessarily similar with others though some may agree with me. Also, knowing that this isn’t the sole manufacturer, even if the name is the same some might have a different product than what I used here. Just what I stated, same name, but not the color or vice versa.
Purchasing such is at your own risk so if you decided to have one, be ready of the consequences that it may lead to because again, with full emphasis, this isn’t legit and may cause harm to your health.

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Code RED

I know most of you are preparing for the V-Day since it’s just a matter of days. Most have come up with valentine inspired makeups, outfits and the likes. Some might even suggest a good place to spend an evening whether to dine or simply cherish this wonderful time. For me, it’s a great way of posting my top three red lipstick with still valentines in mind. Even thinking of it as I write makes me giggle in the inside, I feel that it’s pretty lame of an idea but hey, I’m still going to push it anyway.

First, let me just share you what my curiosity for red lead me to. Aside from the fact that it’s my favorite shade of lipstick for obvious reason, I wonder what mainly attracts men to woman wearing red. Most for this time of the year, Valentines. My initial thought was because it’s correlated to hearts so they pretty much follow it as a rule. For a girl spending this day with a date, somewhere in her ensemble there just got to be red. Forgive me but I still haven’t experience that impact when you wear red on a date. Is it really effective? Okay, no going on details why I don’t. All I know is the second looks that I got when I wear my red lipsticks. Is it similar to that? Anyways, from what I read, men are primitive in nature. The same signals a “chimpanzee reddened conspicously when nearing ovulation, sending a clear sexual signal to attract male” (Psychological Study Reveals that Red Enhances Men Attraction to Women) Being synonymous to primates, men demonstrates the same response to red. Oh, Okay. With now fully educated why we are chased when in red, let us now go to the main reason of what I’m being chased for .*wink*

There is really a big difficulty of chosing my top three picks because honestly, I all do love them. So I decided to just categorized them on the number of cat calls that I recieve when I wear them. Kidding! I ranked them according to mainly the color payoff. For me a good red is just a swipe away. My main three consists of a creme lipstick, a local brand and a dupe. Let’s start.

Colourette by FnF in Helena


It’s a local brand only available here in the Philippines and gained it’s popularity through Instagram. Just like Melt cosmetics and the likes who reached fandom on this social site, this I should say is our version. I’m really impressed on how pigmented their lipsticks are, literally just one swipe. (for in depth review, see my Naughty or Nice Review here)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Grand Cru


Bourjois is produced with the same manufacturer of Channel. I first learned of it from Fivezero, (my wonderful nailpolish expert who houses a vast library of nail polishes in her blog) Unfortunately, it’s not available here in my country. I was just lucky enough to have my brother purchase it for me in Singapore. This is a Wow! Red for me. It’s kind a bit on a vampy side but I love it just the same. Really bold with a matte finish. ( I applied lip balm here because of the endless swatches, hence the glossy look) It’s creamy, applies like a dream and it’s light. (review coming up soon!)

Me Now Pro Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick in #013


Yes, this is the dupe that I’m talking about. Only for Php 149 ($3.13) and guess what lipstick color is this similar to? It’s a dupe for Ruby Woo which makes it an instant hit. It’s always a sold out here where aside from the two impressive attributes is also a one-swipe-true-to-it’s-color lipstick that I love. It’s matte, affordable and a MAC dupe so what more could I ask for?

There you have it ladies, my three code reds that I love not only for the Valentines but also the rest of the year. Be sure to wear something red this coming V-day to wow your man. Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Actual images may vary in person.

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The EB Advance Liquid Lipstick First Impression Review

I’ve been with so much enthusiam since the press release of this product last month. I thought, way to go Ever Bilena! I am but ample of happiness and  with a sense of pride that my local brand is stepping up it’s game. Every now and then, I’ve been checking out their Instagram account to see  their new lineup which admittingly made me so hyped about. And this I found, the EB Advance Liquid Lipstick  together with their eyeshadow pallette, the cheek color and the blush duo that I’ve been raving also. Ever Bilena has been in the cosmetics bussiness for a long time now and has maintained their top ranking of being no. 1 in terms of sales. I’ve been such a fan of their lipsticks since they are the only ones that gives a wide array of colors to choose from and suits the Filipina skin tone perfectly.

 The EB Advance Liquid Lipstick came in full swing come first week of December. Though it’s been on my radar since the latter week of October if I may remember it right. I’ve been haunting down malls after malls, drugstores and supermarket searching for this. It literaly gave me a month of longing after I finally found one at SM Mall of Asia. As predicted, all six shades were available. (yay!) Though I haven’t swatched them all, here are the four ones that I’ve been eyeing.  

My apologies for the bad lighting. To give you a short info about these four beauties that I have in my hand starting with Soft Lace in which at first glance, I thought would fall in the nude category. Unfortunately, it belongs to the pink family. Being the palest of all six, it is best described as “a milky peachy pink with slight yellow undertone”. 

Fire Opal, the one that captivated me is “ a deep, blue based red”  which I know for all is the standard quality when it comes to choosing reds.

Rich Vino, my second favorite being on the autumn-ish shade is ” a deep reddish-plum that looks flattering on all skintones.”

Lastly, Pink Pearl,  a mauvey pink color that “that makes it a perfect everyday shade to swipe on.”


I settled for Fire Opal. I just love blue based red. The ones that makes your teeth whiter and gives you an ilussion of a sudden flush on your cheeks. In a way, it’s kinda economical too because there’s no need to put on that blush to complete the look. A really good go to product. Aside from these characteristics, my added point on this liquid lipstick is that it’s affordable at Php 180.00 or $3.82. Packaging is sleek, they pretty much reminds me of Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick but on the cuter side. Easy to handle with a doe foot applicator.

Product glides on easily on the lips which is a big suprise for me. This usually is my biggest problem on liquid lipsticks, application per se. So with the superb application that I get, it’s understandable that the consistency is very good in a light formulation, another good tick on my unexpected list. I preferably would like liquid lipsticks to be light on the lips and not tacky so it wouldn’t give you that irritating feel or like reminding you that you have a lipstick on. Such a hassle. Which also brings me down to the smell. No strong smell nor taste. Very good Ever Bilena!

It’s the first that I consider using a satin finish on my lips as oppose to it’s matte counterparts. The good side here is that it leaves with a good stain. It’s like applying a lip stain for a touch-up but it’s not. The satin finish that it gave me is so good that it made me consider on choosing that kind for the next purchase. No settling on my lip line giving me that full healthy pout that I love.

But if you think that I’m being good and all that on this impression, unfortunately I also have seen some bad. The lipstick color isn’t true to what is seen on the tube which kinda frustrates me. Though the color pay off is really good on this red number which totally eradicates my qualm. The color selection is very limited. I was hoping that they could come up with nudes next time. I know they could give better since they know the Filipina skin the most. 

This is a newfound love. A big thumbs up for Ever Bilena for creating another world class product.

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Trending Thursday: What’s in? What’s Hot? What’s New

I’m feeling like a beat reporter now with that title written on my idiot card. How are you ladies? Any happenings in your area? Something new? How about I tell mind first?
October seems to be a good month for releases. I just observed that there are so many new products and brands that came out in the market lately. I suppose my birthmonth is the lucky one? Well anyways let me get my fingers on this newbies starting off with my recurring obsession on lipsticks. As you all know by now my dear followers the reason of my sudden splurge ( leeway on a birthday!! ) Given this chance, I was like a little girl lost in the world of Willy Wonka.

To note, I was able to find good sales that at least won’t burden my guilt. So as I was tick tack typing, scouting and browsing I found BeautyMNL. It’s more on like a Soko Glam if I were to describe it. What I specially like on this site are their mini magazine that I’m so hooked on to. Tackling about makeup tips, guides, what’s in and new. Of course, the main feature were the different brands, products classified according to a girls essential needs. The big bonus would be the great sale and affordable finds. As predicted, I got a few, ok.. I got five lipstick. Don’t judge yet! I’ll be featuring the great reveal why I come up with five. Also included is a lip balm that’s been so raved about here. Since I’ve been stocking up on the lipstick collection, I just need a good protection. Let’s see if it lives up to the enormous raves.

I’ve been sticking around this site so much that I found out that L’Oreal has released somewhat similar to the Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok that I reviewed. Slowly, these US brands are embracing the Korean Makeup concept. I wouldn’t be surprised, Lancome has released a cushion powder to begin with.

Next would be a lot of seeing Liquid Lipsticks which I believe were a thing here. The likes of Maybelline and L’Oreal  has both released a new line for this and I must say they are pretty good colors.

If you’re wondering what liquid lipsticks would be, my classic example is Nyx’s creamy matte lipsticks. Comes in a liquid form but with a matte finish. I’m pretty much surprised to find a liquid lipstick at a very reasonable price also in their site ( I could be a good researcher you know..) Claim to be dupes of famous brands so I hit the “add to cart“. Just so excited to give you guys my thoughts on these.

So I got to rest and get myself out of there for a moment. You probably know why.

On to my latest finds, Celeteque has now expanded their range from skin care and now to makeups. Yes, our old time favorite line of skincare for sensitive skin has included a makeup line gearing towards girls who have problems with irritations brought about by strong chemicals. We could finally sing their alleluhiahs to this. Celeteque DermoCosmetics are dermatologically tested to give skin it’s enhanced beauty while further improving it. Really impressive, as it gives you a youthful color, it also nourishes and adheres to our typical Filipina concerns such as dull and oily skin. What specifically got me is their 24hr Photoready Foundation. Which is why I like this product because even in their cosmetics they also give focus to the middle age range by their anti-aging line. I really have to see this for myself. This is now available to all Watsons branch.

Lastly, for all of you who are an avid fan of Jordana Cosmetics ( specially their matte nudes and mauves ) rejoice for it’s full makeup line is finally here. I believe it’s available in all SM branches in Metro Manila. Aren’t you thrilled? Now, no reserving and waiting for months to come just to be able to get your Jordana Lipsticks online. Most is that you are sure it’s 100% original and not imitations.

There you have it. A list of What’s In? What’s New? What’s Hot?