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My Bellic Peel and Glow Experience (a review)

I’ve been out of the blogging game for months now. There are few reasons behind the impromptu hiatus and one of this is my battle with hormonal acne. I considered myself one of those lucky teenagers who skipped the “acne period of growing up” Yes, I had smooth skin. I enjoyed it and really took my time taking good care of what I have. I do have skin care regimes suited for my skin and I didn’t abuse it. I sleep well, drank eight glasses of water religiously and ate healthy foods. In return I was given a healthy young looking skin as I grow old.

I’m in my forties now and enjoys the youthful compliments every now and then. But as I come closer then to the big 4-0, I noticed that cystic pimples were slowly emerging. First I woke up with one, then next week two until I realized that some part of my face have troubled acne. Not to mention that my pores are now larger and I even experienced a sudden change of skin type. From oily combo to dry skin. Being in that position now from my 40 years of existence, I lost confidence. I got paranoid. I can’t perpetuate the shame that I felt. I can’t even put up a good skin product review because there’s fear of not being credible with my current situation. So it’s all true, the feelings, the shame. What now? Believe me I have tried many products but I ended up not keeping anything for most doesn’t solve the problem. I’m scared even to put it in the hands of a derma for some personal reasons. Until I just let it be.

Looking back, one of the products that I have tried during that period is the Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap. To be frank it was a love-hate relationship. We really didn’t go along well at first until I ended not using it. But you see I have this weird reactions to new products. I always don’t get the desired results at a first try well not that it’s not effective but maybe i have experienced drastic transition problems or results. So what I always do is give it a rest and then take another shot. Mostly on the second time around are a lot more in their proper place.

And this is now what happeneds to my Bellic soap experience.

Earlier this month that I decided to incorporate this in my new skin care routine after maybe six months. But before I proceed here is a scope of Bellic’s potent ingredients and claims.

Glycolic Acid – exfoliator, anti-aging, lightens skin discoloration, alpha hydroxy acid (aha)

Salicylic Acid – anti-acne, beta hydroxy acid (bha)

Daisy flower extract (Bellis perenis) antiseptic, great alternative for Hydroquinone and Kojic acid in treating hyperpigmentation, lightens skin.

Kojic Acid – known to limit melanin formation.

What to expect when/after using Bellic:

Skin tightening, micro peeling (thus the rough skin texture), lightening of blemishes, drying of pimples.

My Experience

I know for the second time around that I have given justice to this product and very thankful for doing so. What I would usually do is cut the soap in parts like this whole bar is divided into four.SONY DSC It’s priced at Php 66 which some might find a bit pricey in compared to its sister soap. (Yes they’re manufactured by Bevi, the one that broght us the famous Koji-san.) So cutting it in portions is economical since this suds up well. I leave it on my face for a few seconds (concentrating to the pimple infested area) and noticed a slight tingling sensation which is all good for me. ( my sign that it’s actually working) I love that it lathers so fast. A little caution though is that the bar soap dissolves easily. It has a tendency to melt in your soap dish so store it dry. I also noticed the tightening of my skin but not overly drying. Your skin will feel rough or like it’s peeling. This might be drying for those of you who have a dry skin type so it is advised to apply moisturizer after using to avoid irritation.

To wrap things up, Bellic is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for a soap that would help dry up pimples, lighten blemish spots and also with an anti-aging properties. I was truly pleased of what I see now and I could say that my confidence has gained back and kinda learn to accept aging. 👍

*Bellic Peel and Glow Brightening Soap is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. ( just a reminder that it might be sold out in some leading drugstores) This is based on a personal experience and it’s not sponsored. What works for me might not be the same with you so highly precaution is advised.*


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