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Chooseday Tuesday: Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master

I recent purchased this Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master in RD801 or Club Red through a trusted online shop Koreana_ph
I’ve been a lover of Korean lippies. The au-naturele look that it gives sells so much to me being that of a “less-makeup” wearer. Mattes are less drying but with little shine that gives lips a luscious looking one. Colors maybe all safe but I feel that it still adheres to our Filipina skin tone. Enough said, here’s a first impression review as promised. image
Kiss Lover Lip Master comes in a sleek black packaging with a doe foot applicator. imageProduct glides on perfectly on the lips. A word of caution though, thorough exfoliation must be done first for the product tend to settle on fine lines. Standing time is good for four hours without eating or drinking. Good pigmentation. imageGives lips that certain moisture as it stays on. Because it’s a lip gloss, it’s expected to have transfers but minimal. Consistency is creamy with a mousse kind. imageOnly downside for me is the taste. Though it has a fruity smell which reminds me of my childhood medicine but tastes so awful. I don’t know why it’s so strong that I always end with a goofy face whenever I taste it. And it stays! For the price: Php 548.00 mall. Got it for Php 290.00
Okay, let’s now go down to what it says in the web.

– Gloss + Tint + Lipstick
– Moisturizing

Most vivid color appliance than matte lipstick, but soft as velvet and moisturizing as lip lacquer

My say:
Indeed, true to it’s color and really moisturizing. I didn’t experience dryness on the lips or flakes after wearing which is usually my problem with bold colors.

Perfect color line lip stick, long lasting glossy moisture with vegetable oil and butter ingredients for hydrated lips.

*My say:
To date I must say that this lip product has the most oil ingredient that I’ve seen not to mention the butter. Overwhelming!
-Jojoba oil
-Olive oil
-Argan oil
-Pomegranate oil
-Rosehip oil
-Shea butter
-Mango butter
+ Honey extract
Color line is not that impressive. Pretty much the usual.

* highly pigmented
* no sticky feel
* no greassy looking gloss
* lightweight for a lip gloss
* no dryness, flaking for a matte tint
* affordable

* smell
* taste
* if you intent to bring this around be careful not to tilt for the product settles on the applicator.
I’m happy that I’ve found my way to this product. I’ve shy away to lip glosses ever since because of the high shine. I feel that my lips look bigger. Aside from this, the sticky after feel distracts me. Lip Master has proven this all wrong. It’s one product that live up to it’s claims. I feel that I could wear this on an everyday because it’s not too heavy and with a healthy looking shine that I could tolerate.

Though the taste is a big distraction for me, I would still give this a 8/10 rating.
More Korean Lip product reviews to come so you better hold on tight and stay tuned!

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Trending Thursday: My Korean Addiction

I could honestly say that aside from the patriotic love I have for our local brands, I’am also a loyal user of Korean products. I don’t know which came first, the Idols or the Makeups? Anyways, just like my fascination with it’s country (same withJapan) I have high respect with their brands. How they live to their claims, how they are all innovative and gentle on the skin. In addition to this are the Hallyu stars who have the fairest, dewiest vampire looking skin. They don’t really age! And how’s that?! I know, who wouldn’t want to look young. Okay, my emotions now are going on top of my head. *breath* If my reasons aren’t valid enough to love them, what else?

At the first hit of Korean Wave in our country, long before the flagship of different makeups and skincare in Myeongdong had mushroomed here, there goes the  fame of different online shops. Most of these shops caters to Korean makeups. This online shop that my sister and I have been following were the one who gave us our first taste of Hallyu (Korean wave) and I should say the rest is history.

Koreana_ph has long been standing for almost 7 years now. We accidentaly got to know her through Facebook which by then is her personal account. Until such she had become a license distributor of Lioele products here, and now most of our local stars had become her loyal clients. I decided to feature her because of the credibility that she had, an approachable person that you wouldn’t hesitate on asking queries. Most is that a trustworthy online shop that lives up to it’s name.

What made me decide to chose on buying through her online is because 1) I got to avail of good sale items that is unfortunately seldom offered in stores here. 2) unique finds 3) freebies! just like in Korea. I could still remember my first BB Cream which I got as a free sample from here and my ever trusted Lioele primer that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Just recently that we we’re able to purchase again from her after.. 3 years I guess. Yet her kindness  in assisting us is still unwavering. Okay, down to my new babies which I’m so excited to show you.


Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master and Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok.

Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram
Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram

I got the Lip Master for Php 290 ( roughly $7) which I believe is around Php 600 (roughly $ 13) in mall price.

Image from Koreana_PH Instagram
Image from Koreana_PH Instagram

While the Pro: Beauty Tint Tok I got for Php 280 ( roughly $ 6) I’m not sure of it’s mall price but originaly it’s Php 400 (roughly $9) I saw from Holika’s site in US that it’s worth $22 (whoah!)

To sum it up, I got a total of Php 620 *shipping fee included* (around $13) It’s like two for the price of one, I still got to save a good amount enough to buy another one.

The best one would be the freebies which is a Fresh Snail Mask Sheet from 3W Clinic which is I’m excited to try. image

Individual reviews would be done the soonest, I promise! Until then, keep yourself posted. 🙂

I don’t hesitate to give a post feature to those who are deserving and in which I guaranteed 100%. To this I gave it to Scherique of Koreana_ph for being a credible and trusted online shop that I’ve known for in years. Her’s worth to be known by others. You could check out  her Facebook page here and also on Instagram.