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Show me your NUDES!


It’s always been a love\hate relationship that I have with my nudes. At times they look oh so lovely on my arms but seldom on my lips. I guess I haven’t succeeded yet in finding my true match. But that didn’t stop me on acquiring more. Let’s just say “practice makes perfect” best applies here or should I say ” the more the merrier”?
So I ended up with a collection in search for the one.

I’ve always love the drama neutrals give. Some might give you youthfulness or look of naivety. Then there are some who makes you look  fierce and bold like “speaking to my soul” eyes. The mystery that pulls out the sexy in you. That’s why even if I find a tube giving me a ghostly figure on the mirror, I just set it aside. No tossing to the other bags\drawer stuff. They just sit there, until I could find my life drama that I could pull them off.



With my warm skin tone , I find nudes with a hint of pink wearable. As the profesh said, it has to look alive or you have to look breathing on nudes kind of lipstick not gasping for air. And the following are the ones that gave me daisies in the summertime. *wink*


And then you want to flaunt your eyes. I believe that aside from my lips, my eyes were a gift. If making my selfie with that nude lippie going on as my default lock screen on my phone as my narcissist proof, I don’t know what any adulation could fit. If only I could master my moods and have a perfect blending ability on steady with my eye shadows, I don’t think there would be a problem. But I guess those bipolar moods could be of handy not a liability. It just fills that spot at the right time. Something that you wouldn’t feel monotonous. And here are my picks.


To date, I recently purchased another batch of mauvey nudes or maybe not until I find my “the one”. How about you? Show me your NUDES?

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Trending Thursday: What’s in? What’s Hot? What’s New

I’m feeling like a beat reporter now with that title written on my idiot card. How are you ladies? Any happenings in your area? Something new? How about I tell mind first?
October seems to be a good month for releases. I just observed that there are so many new products and brands that came out in the market lately. I suppose my birthmonth is the lucky one? Well anyways let me get my fingers on this newbies starting off with my recurring obsession on lipsticks. As you all know by now my dear followers the reason of my sudden splurge ( leeway on a birthday!! ) Given this chance, I was like a little girl lost in the world of Willy Wonka.

To note, I was able to find good sales that at least won’t burden my guilt. So as I was tick tack typing, scouting and browsing I found BeautyMNL. It’s more on like a Soko Glam if I were to describe it. What I specially like on this site are their mini magazine that I’m so hooked on to. Tackling about makeup tips, guides, what’s in and new. Of course, the main feature were the different brands, products classified according to a girls essential needs. The big bonus would be the great sale and affordable finds. As predicted, I got a few, ok.. I got five lipstick. Don’t judge yet! I’ll be featuring the great reveal why I come up with five. Also included is a lip balm that’s been so raved about here. Since I’ve been stocking up on the lipstick collection, I just need a good protection. Let’s see if it lives up to the enormous raves.

I’ve been sticking around this site so much that I found out that L’Oreal has released somewhat similar to the Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok that I reviewed. Slowly, these US brands are embracing the Korean Makeup concept. I wouldn’t be surprised, Lancome has released a cushion powder to begin with.

Next would be a lot of seeing Liquid Lipsticks which I believe were a thing here. The likes of Maybelline and L’Oreal  has both released a new line for this and I must say they are pretty good colors.

If you’re wondering what liquid lipsticks would be, my classic example is Nyx’s creamy matte lipsticks. Comes in a liquid form but with a matte finish. I’m pretty much surprised to find a liquid lipstick at a very reasonable price also in their site ( I could be a good researcher you know..) Claim to be dupes of famous brands so I hit the “add to cart“. Just so excited to give you guys my thoughts on these.

So I got to rest and get myself out of there for a moment. You probably know why.

On to my latest finds, Celeteque has now expanded their range from skin care and now to makeups. Yes, our old time favorite line of skincare for sensitive skin has included a makeup line gearing towards girls who have problems with irritations brought about by strong chemicals. We could finally sing their alleluhiahs to this. Celeteque DermoCosmetics are dermatologically tested to give skin it’s enhanced beauty while further improving it. Really impressive, as it gives you a youthful color, it also nourishes and adheres to our typical Filipina concerns such as dull and oily skin. What specifically got me is their 24hr Photoready Foundation. Which is why I like this product because even in their cosmetics they also give focus to the middle age range by their anti-aging line. I really have to see this for myself. This is now available to all Watsons branch.

Lastly, for all of you who are an avid fan of Jordana Cosmetics ( specially their matte nudes and mauves ) rejoice for it’s full makeup line is finally here. I believe it’s available in all SM branches in Metro Manila. Aren’t you thrilled? Now, no reserving and waiting for months to come just to be able to get your Jordana Lipsticks online. Most is that you are sure it’s 100% original and not imitations.

There you have it. A list of What’s In? What’s New? What’s Hot?