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The birth of KJM Cosmetics ( Review)

I have been vocal of my liking lip tints as my go to lippie. My adoration of lipsticks I say is never ending. I mean, it doesn’t stop when I own one, it accelerates to a brand then comes the color variation, then the degree of this color variation. I laugh at the degree of the color variation thing, it is when you already have this color but if you’ll come across another you’ll still buy it. In any  makeup line only a makeup junkie will understand this behaviour. I said this because when I recently checked my lipstick acquisition, I found that I own a few ( a few?! common) lip tints. And I found this one that I purchased later of last year that I haven’t used yet. Let me introduce you to the lip tints and balm of KJM Cosmetics. 

As I’ve said, I want  my lip color come in different degrees. This serves well when I chose this Cheek and Lip Tint. Aside from the fact that the very lovely and ethereal beauty of Sophia Andres has made this a cult following by claiming as her favorite, the decision of owning one came a surprise. I guess it really helped seeing her sporting that natural looking luscious lips, but I didn’t know that my far-fetched ( I guess…) thought of finding a lip tint with that vampy, after-blood-sucking color could finally come true. So even if I still have some unused ones waiting their chance, I opted to make this on top of them. I just noticed that ever since my love for this bad boys had started, there aint any color variation in my stash. They all fall to the cherry red color family. Nothing deep which I wanted to be. Yes, I’ve tried the Korean brands but I guess nothing has came up to my standards.

With my lip tint experiences in mind, I’ve come with my own tick list of the qualities that I would love these babies to have.

  • long lasting – because some tints just aren’t
  • non-drying – sometimes I couldn’t understand why a certain would leave my lips so dehydrated
  • doesn’t leave a filmy residue in my inner lips – I find a product sucks if I notice that it gives me this filmy residue when I open my mouth. I just couldn’t put a finger to describe it but it’s just awful.
  • should be like a second lip – this should be on the top, I know. There are just some kind that settles in your lip lines and then they’ll know it’s a lip tint alright!
  • doesn’t bleed on my teeth – I know I wish to have a vampy color, but please I don’t want to portray one.
  • doesn’t have a taste – I could get away with this I guess but it’s much better if it hasn’t.

Okay, comparing KJM Cheek and Lip tint with this categories, I’m happy to say that it came up with a good rating of 5/5. I know it seems too good to be true but that’s why it became my favorite right? I just don’t know why I prefer to use those colors on a summer month though. Some notes that I want to highlight, the colors really stays true to what’s in the roller bottle (which is a plus to prevent spillage and waste of product ) Though I must say that it might vary ( through oxidation) for those who have a high acidity level in their skin. The swatches of bittersweet magenta (which I chose for my summer lips) is also very suitable for your cheeks, if you want to have that long lasting flush ( my recent summer flush that is ;)) I see that it didn’t settle on my pores. This is really non-drying so I got to achieved that hydrated lips even if it’s a hot season. And I love that my lips feels soft and really natural looking. I also got to try their Pandora Lip Tint Balm. The minty flavor really makes your lips look full. The color is also very pigmented it’s just that it’s too dark on my lips. Maybe this coming rainy season, when the weather gets cold that I could wear this color. All is made with all natural ingredients so nothing to worry about. I know that not all are accustomed to these kind of colors but good thing KJM has a wide variety that you can choose from. It’s affordable at Php 150. I bought mind directly from the supplier all the way from Davao. Lol! But don’t worry it’s now readily available from distributors in diffrent parts of Metro Manila. Packaging is neat with it’s minimalist vibe and thumbs up to the roller bottle that gives a good control on the amount of product you’ll use .

Come rainy season, I know I might be pulling the Vibe variant now along with Pandora. Hooray to local brands. Hooray for KJM!

Disclaimer: The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT a paid ad.

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What’s in my Makeup Bag?

I’m an avid watcher of “What’s in my Bag?” videos of youtubers. Even on bloggers, I find it all addictive. Prying on someone’s personal belongings is really fun, don’t get me wrong but I just find it gratifying to find some things that we have in common. Most especially if that person is famous, you just want to covet what they have or really try to squeeze that in to your wishlist. That is always the fun part, at some point you feel that you are both equal. *grins*

Okay, so I also wish of unloading what’s in my bag, only I have to change the bag into makeup because this is the only interesting thing as of the moment. I still don’t have the courage to show the inside of my bag for the fear of being judged. Lol! Someday… when I get famous and stuff. La…La…La…


  1. Kipling Navy Blue Pouch – all this 19 pieces of makeup stuff are stored inside this pouch. Really roomy and heavy.:) This was given to me from an Aunt. I really don’t buy my makeup pouches. They are mostly given as a gift or hand me downs from my Aunties abroad. I personally love this one because all fits here, and it’s easy to wash just in case there’s an accident spill or my lipstick cap went loose. No worries on cleaning. I just added those metal thingy on the zipper head as a personal touch ( see my initial )
  2. Pink Sugar Dual Finish Face Powder (Shell) – I got this from Plump.Ph Magazine giveaway. I don’t usually own a powder compact, let alone carry one. The last compact that I religiously used and fell in love with is from Bench’s Zui makeup line. That thing was discontinued, unfortunate me. My face is really sensitive and oily. In addition to that, there’s this large pores situation now so I get pretty prone to breakouts if I use one. I never really expected that this compact and my skin will get along. It sits well just like a second skin and no breakouts. What’s more is it’s a local brand which makes me all the more proud of.
  3. Maybelline COLORSensational Shine Gloss ( Fuschia Flash) – Another gift from my Aunt, I believe this is not distributed in my country. I haven’t seen one though they have the colorsensational line here. To be honest, I was close to giving this away simply for a fact that I’m not a fan of glosses. Not until I paired it with my lip tints that it found home.
  4. Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyeliner Duo – Another item from the giveaway. I was so excited to own this liquid eyeliner to practice my cat’s eye which until now hasn’t become even. This comes with a liquid eyeliner on the other end while white eyeliner on the other. I really have a terrible oily eyelids so the product smudges so easily. Unfotunately, I just use the white eyeliner instead, in times that I want to make my peppers looked fully slept.
  5. Bobbie Cosmetics Baby Doll Eyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner – Again, I’m in the stage of practicing my cat’s eye skills so you can’t blame me if I own another one. I just noticed that local eyeliners could not cope with these eyelids of mine. I think I have to temporarily give up on the local ones.
  6. KJM Cheek and Lip Tint- This I should say is my favorite summer lippie of 2016. You might think that it’s just another lip tint again. NAHAH! What makes it special? A different color of tint. ( did I say it right?) All of the tints that I own/used were reds. if not pinks, well not really but more likely leans also to red. So when I saw this, I told myself that I really have to have it. My urge of owning one brought me to placing an order all the way to Davao. My fartest on my online order history. I think we’ll just have to put all of that stories under one blog post.
  7. Eyelash Curler- For me, this is the thing that leveled up my being vain. The thouight of this while writing just made me laugh. On an eyelash curler being the meter of vanity? Anyways, I got this for Php 50.00 only. Not even a fancy one but it suits the eyes well so why bother. It’s been with me for almost two years now and it still serves it’s purpose.
  8. San San False Lash Effect Mascara- This I used for my collab with Lipstick and Bottles Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge ( Philippine Edition)  I love anything shiny and holographic. Again, for a late bloomer like me, I don’t also use mascaras when I go out. I mean, not really all does here but my lashes are too thin. I really don’t bother before but this is what I meant when the eyelash curler leveled up my vain self. If you’ll ask if it lived up to the false lash effect claim… Yes. I just don’t wear it that long for the fear of panda eyes though it doesn’t smudge that easy.
  9. Vaseline Lip Therapy (rosy lips) – I tend to hoard.. I know. ( 2 pieces!) But I didn’t bought it, this came together with Maybelline. I use this every night. My Hurraw lip balm has already hit bottom and I can’t find any good substitute. These are the tinted kind so I also reach to these whenever my lipstick has worn off.
  10. Bobbie Cosmetics Matte Lipstick (sugar babykiss) – My summer everyday lipstick or MLBB. I admit I gave this an unfair judgement. Curiosity got me to buy it. Imagine, a lipstick under Php 100? With a no lead tag on the seal. I mean, common?? But low and behold. I never though that with it’s price it could live up to it’s claims. No lead: Check. I could wear this everyday all throughout the year without worrying my lips getting dark which usually the case if you’re an all lipstick user.Matte: Check. The matte that is non-drying and very comfortable to wear plus it leaves a faint tint. Most of all, affordable.
  11. Daiso Eyebrow Pencil- It’s a retractable pencil with a spollie brush on the other end. I love that it gives me a precise definition on my brows and with a built in spollie, very handy.
  12. EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain- Aside from being my most read blog post, this is my all time favorite. If you want that au naturale look with a flush that is not makeup obvious, I highly recommend this.
  13. San San Eyebrow Mascara- Another collab item with lipstick and bottles. I value my eyebrows that much that I want it to look neat everytime I go out ( eyebrows and lips are fine with me) This product keeps everything in their proper places.
  14. Colourpop Lippie Stix (tutu) – I’m a vampy red kind of a lipstick girl. Maybe because it blends well with my skintone. And this for me is my perfect vampy night lipstick. It’s actually my first Colourpop. I just don’t know why it took me that long.
  15. Essence Eyebrow Styling Set- Again, anything for my brows. This I use for filling in. Another thing is that it comes with stencils so for that not so perfect eyebrow day, this you can rely on.
  16. Kate Tokyo CC Lip Cream- Actually this is of my sister’s. The CC got me. I was expecting it to be Color Correcting as it says, lessens the dark pigmentation on your lips? But sadly, it failed. All I see is just an ordinary tinted lip balm. It can’t even cure the dryness of my lips. Such a waste Kate!
  17. Menow Long Lasting Lip Gloss (#2) – Don’t be mislead by the lip gloss! It’s actually a liquid lipstick. This brand has gotten it’s name for being a good high end lipstick duplicate. I just don’t know what mine is. I use this simultaneously with Bobbie. Another my summer lipstick 2016 favorite.
  18. KJM Lip Balm (pandora) – Finally, my second to the last. This lip balm is hand pressed and made with natural ingredients. I love that it’s not your typical lip balm color and it has a minty feel making your lips a little bit plump. What else can I say?
  19. Eyelash Glue – I laugh at the randomness of this. I don’t use any false eyelashes to have one but I guess it’s here to save someone else’s day. :))


There you have it! My apologies for the lenghty post but I hope it brought excitement in you guys as much as mine everytime I pull them from the bag. It’s like pulling something off from the magician’s hat. Do we have anything in common? Or should I be including a more fun brand? I wish to see yours too!

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