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Affordable Makeups for Graduation

Thursdays and Fridays for Instagram freaks are usually meant “throwbacks” and “flashbacks” ( with the hashtags of course) And for millennials (as what we called) and titas of Manila (which is more fitting for me, lol) we cringe whenever we see our photographs from way back. Be it baby pics, family reunion, office functions and the most timely graduation. Yep! Do you still remember those studio pictures that doesn’t even give justice ( to think it’s taken from the studio *roll eyes roll*) Those makeups that you don’t have any say at all just because you’re too scared to ruin the artistic vibes of the makeup artist or else her mood will be all over the place and you’re the one to blame. And those sky scrapper bangs. Ugh! It’s either I wasn’t able to move on or because I was hoping to share that achievement of my life to my children or grandchildren in the future but afraid of the mockery by my own kin. Anyways, gone were the days. At least now we could edit out our imperfections from different photo application. Or we could go to a salon to get ourselves fixed for the main event. But not all are for the shamcy fancy. Most are still opting for practicality like doing it their own since there are so many affordable stuffs now to choose from. It’s also a good investment for makeup enthusiast or those who wants to put up their own collection of necessities just in case a function needs it. So with this in mind, I’ve listed makeups, tools as well as shops that could be of help now that graduation is here. 

First things first, let’s not put aside the natural beauty of a youthful skin. We should always bear in mind that we have to maintain that youthfulness by moisturizing our face. Moisturizers gives a very good base for your skin. It also helps to keep the makeup adhere more. The best to use are the light ones that are non-greasy such as Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer 

via BDJbox

 I know some are still skeptical in using moisturizers in a tropical country like ours but believe me this is a very good investment that your skin will surely thank you for someday. A 50ml tube retails for Php 115.

Next is to Prime. This event calls for long hours of waiting. Primers is like setting a good canvass for a good makeup. So if you still want your look to hold until the moment the Dean calls your name, girl you have to prime. A highly suggested, affordable and a very close dupe of Benefit Porefessional is Maybelline Baby Skin which solds for only Php 299.

via Maybelline Facebook page

Then we proceed to our good foundation. We have to put into consideration something that will look good under the lights and could withstand the long hours of waiting without melting. At the same time feels lightweight and finishes like a second skin. With this in mind I immediately thought of Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation


This retails for Php 525.

Moving on we go to our eyes. We would want to have our eyes speaks the joy we have for the said event so we would opt for the basic but at the same time looking professional. We need an eyeshadow product that we could use not only for this occasion but also after like job hunting right? So the Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette is very suitable since it has beautiful nudes suited for a tame but business-like look. Retails at Php 150. 

via Tackthis

Still with our eyes we now go to our brows. Some of you might still have virgin eyebrows. I highly suggest that you keep it that way. You might want to get rid of some strays to have a perfect shape. Other than that please don’t overdo. So many pays a grand just to have thick brows. Mumuso has a wide array of eyebrow pencils, eyebrow mascara and pen to choose from. The price is so affordable at Php 99 only.

via YouTuber Toni Sia

And we now go to the cheeks. Eventhough it’s a night ( well for the long wait) event I suggest to still have that naturally looking flush. Don’t be scared that it won’t last till picture taking time. Going overboard is not a valid excuse. We wouldn’t want to be looking like a clown on this occasion. Remember if we have a good foundation/base  our blush will stick with us through thick and thin. Detail Cosmetic’s Influential and Ever Bilena Fig are both very flattering on our Filipina skin. These two are also versatile by serving as a contour and eyeshadow as well. Very affordable at Php 175. 

Still on our windows to the soul is a very dependable Mascara.  It is very inevitable that we’ll shed tears of joy so we must be needing a waterproof but at the same time could hold our peppers curl intact after that situation. What better more that I could think of is none other than Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. For only Php 199, those eyes is worth fluttering. 


Last but not the least is the lips. After the ceremony, we will be exchanging kisses with our parents as our gratitude for this milestone. Friends, classmates and teachers that we won’t be seeing for awhile. So what a better way to be prepared for this is to have a long lasting lip color that will stay with us. Something that we will comfortably wear all throughout even at the after party, right? So Maybelline Color sensational Matte lipstick is very much forgiving on this. Lips will still look hydrated even though it’s matte. I chose a color that very much accentuates our morena skin but at the same time would look fresh and natural in the shade Touch of Spice. This retails for only Php 299. And if you were lucky, you could avail for a good discount with their ongoing sale.

Makeup is complete, we now go with the tools. You could find affordable makeup brushes and sponges as well as hair tools for the do at Divisoria’s 168. At Php 250 you could already own a decent set of makeup brushes and for Php50 a beauty blender. But if you don’t have the patience to conquer the world of divi I must say Landmark is the place to be. They also sell affordable brushes that are Korean made and eyelashes. I got this egg blender there for only Php99. 

 Graduation is the end and at the same time the beginning of another chapter in our life. I believe no makeups could amount to the inner joy of having completed this course. That alone is picture perfect. Also let us not forget our parents for the sacrifices they had in order for us to achieve this success. We owe it all to them. To the graduates of 2017, Congratulations!

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Monthly Favorites

I wasn’t able to update my favorites of last month so this will be a merge of two to keep in track. But don’t worry, it’s not a hefty list.😁 Some old and there’s a lot new so let’s get started.

Maybelline Touch of Spice

I’ve been wanting to own this since of last year but due to the limited stocks and high demand that I failed to grab one. Until they included this color in their creamy mattes brown edition.  I find it also very timely because it’s high time of nudes and browns and this is specifically what my heart beats for. Indeed I was right. Though matte it’s creamy formulation makes this moisturizing and easy to wear. The color is not intimidating, a brown that you can call MLBB.

Colourette Uno Lipstick Primer

The problem when you own a lot (lipsticks/lip product) you tend to forget the best ones. This applies true to this as it happens to sit in my stash for so long until I decided to declutter. I specifically pair this with my mattes that are very drying and other lipsticks that fades easily. I didn’t know that I own a life saver.

KJM Tinted Lip Balm in Pandora

 Though we don’t have Autumn here, we Filipinas are not shy to follow it’s color trend specifically with makeups. This one here is my version of Autumn feels for my lips. For a lip balm, the pigmentation is truly amazing. I love the very relaxing minty smell and the big plus which it’s all natural.

MUZ Aqua Cool Gel

Applying Moisturizer is now easy peasy for me with this on hand. Don’t you just hate the greasy after feel a typical Moisturizer gives? Well, not on this one, it’s a gel type that keeps your face fresh and moisturized. For a humid hot weather that we have, I opt to use this.

Avénine White Extra Rich Collagen

I never knew that I could find an affordable Collagen lotion that suits my needs. I thank Watson’s for having a wide array of products for answering my call. I use this before bedtime for our skin regenerates during sleep and this is a good partner. Waking up to a healthy looking skin can never be this good.

Hortaleza Professional Black Pelan Hot Oil

 If you are too busy to book for a salon service but you need to revive those mane asap,  I highly recommend this. For Php 15, a smooth, shiny hair is at your fingertips within the comfort of your home.Definitely a quarter of a price against any serums or hair treatments available in the market. 

Essensa Body Contouring Soap

For the past months, I vowed to strictly follow my exercise routine for a flat stomach together with less meat/carbs diet. To adhere on this is by using this soap which I believe has given me good results.

Makeup Plus Application

I have been using this long before the famous vloggers promoted it. The precision of the makeup application can mistakenly look original. I love the wide selection of lipstick colors that are all in trend. No need to apply makeup if you need a picture on the go. 

The Royals Series

My spare time is mostly spent watching TV series and this is my latest addiction. Anyone rooting for Elena-Jasper?

I warned you, not hefty but indeed exciting. Any of these familiar to you? In any case you happend to stumble upon these remember they are my favorites and it may also do wonders for you. Till next. 💋

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Product Dedication Week: The Bobbie Matte Lipstick Discovery

I guess nothing beats that gratifying feeling of having to spot a gem.. a gem in the sea of makeup brands. *big grin* That thing when you get so confused in the center of the aisle trying to figure out what to buy or be that adventurous and find that special one. Am I making sense?

Anyways this is one of those makeup hunt escapades story of mine. Actually it’s one of my leisure thingy that I love doing whenever I have my trip to the mall. At least make it worth the while since I seldom do the visit. I really want to give focus on our local makeup brands and make it known that these were often victims of mistaken identity. What made me say so is that most times, people judge the quality according to the brands popularity or some tends to shy away if it’s on a cheap price thinking it won’t do good. It’s saddening that one’s fault would be passed to all as there are those who strive to earn their names but are not given due credit because of this mindset. And what made me push myself to strive more to attain that goal is the big number of response/reads that I got whenever I do a local brand lipstick review. This time we need to give the underrated the limelight.

I believe early of 2014 ( please correct me if I’m wrong) that Bobbie Cosmetics  which is more known to us as the leading nail polish brand has expanded their line and also ventured in the world of makeups. Exciting really, happy to find that the local makeup family here is growing. Slowly I’ve seen makeup vloggers feature these products. How they speak well about it made me include Bobbie in my itenerary for my next mall visit. For the obvious reason the first product that my hand picked is their Matte Lipstick. This claims to be “Lead Free” . 

There are only limited colors available in their Watsons kiosk so I chose a safe, for everyday, your kind of MLBB color. My heart lead me to Sugar Babykiss.  

This lipstick retails for only Php 89.00 for I think 4gms. Not bad right? I see that their packaging is really cute with metallic pink as it’s color banner. This lipstick is in a transparent tube, very convenient in determining the lipstick shade. I just worry at how flimsy the cap though for it looks prone to breakage. Aside from the brand name, manufacturing date and batch number are the only vital things printed but no ingredients. It could be helpful in validating their “Lead-Free” claim though. While the shade’s name is written on the bottom part. Other than that, my initial assessment seems OK.

Moving on to the formulation. It’s pretty pleasant for a matte finish having a creamy texture. I find this a good point for people who wishes to wear matte with comfort. No tugging on application, glides smoothly . But with minimal transfer which I personally don’t mind. Scent is bearable that resembles more of a candy. For its longevity, if no further activity it lasted at least 2hours. Not really long because it also tends to wear off as you speak or  have long conversation. But I love that it’s very pigmented. And oh, I also noticed that this color could also pass for a MAC Please Me dupe. Really compatible for the Filipino Morena color. And upon three days of consecutive using, it didn’t dry my lips.

I know it’s kind of too good to be true but with all honesty I’m also surprised. Some might have a qualm of how not long staying this is but most I think would agree and give a thumbs up on how it’s comfortable to wear and that above all, nondrying. And don’t forget,  it’s Lead-free! Really too much for Php 89.00.

This I tell you what makes a makeup hunting  escapade fun and fulfilling. For me,  it’s much contenting to be able to discover new finds but at the same time budget friendly. Though it could be a hit and miss but once you hit, it’s like winning a jackpot.

Thank you for being with me on this makeup discovery. Stay tune for more haunting series.



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Show me your NUDES!


It’s always been a love\hate relationship that I have with my nudes. At times they look oh so lovely on my arms but seldom on my lips. I guess I haven’t succeeded yet in finding my true match. But that didn’t stop me on acquiring more. Let’s just say “practice makes perfect” best applies here or should I say ” the more the merrier”?
So I ended up with a collection in search for the one.

I’ve always love the drama neutrals give. Some might give you youthfulness or look of naivety. Then there are some who makes you look  fierce and bold like “speaking to my soul” eyes. The mystery that pulls out the sexy in you. That’s why even if I find a tube giving me a ghostly figure on the mirror, I just set it aside. No tossing to the other bags\drawer stuff. They just sit there, until I could find my life drama that I could pull them off.



With my warm skin tone , I find nudes with a hint of pink wearable. As the profesh said, it has to look alive or you have to look breathing on nudes kind of lipstick not gasping for air. And the following are the ones that gave me daisies in the summertime. *wink*


And then you want to flaunt your eyes. I believe that aside from my lips, my eyes were a gift. If making my selfie with that nude lippie going on as my default lock screen on my phone as my narcissist proof, I don’t know what any adulation could fit. If only I could master my moods and have a perfect blending ability on steady with my eye shadows, I don’t think there would be a problem. But I guess those bipolar moods could be of handy not a liability. It just fills that spot at the right time. Something that you wouldn’t feel monotonous. And here are my picks.


To date, I recently purchased another batch of mauvey nudes or maybe not until I find my “the one”. How about you? Show me your NUDES?

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Joining the Colourpop Bandwagon

It was of last year that Colourpop has hit it’s high and for some reason I was just seating at the back and watching. I’m not a snub when it comes to imported brands, in fact my wishlist is a bit lenghty. One of the main reason why I seldom have featured them is to be honest lips compatibility. The last that I owned with less problems dealt with is MAC The rest, it’s a fail.
It was only of this year that I finally give it a shot. Luckily I was able to acquire from a vlogger with less hassle as opposed to placing an order online. It was priced lower that the actual for it’s a preloved. I got the Colourpop Lippie Six in Tutu. It is a deep red wine color that is very unapologetic even for the summer/spring.

I owned a number of this shade and for the record, it’s my current favorite.
As I told you on my recent post here just in case you missed it, is that I now found myself gravitating to semi-matte or demi-matte lipsticks. For the sole reason that I had a severe case of lips chaffing and it was really unpleasant. And using matte after matte just worsened the case even applying lip balm religiously. Though I can’t totally let go of it, with all honesty so a tad matteness will do. As long as it’s nourishing, not drying and comfortable to wear. Saying these as now my lipstick requirement, Lippie Stix has it all three. In addition, the color payoff is just so rich. It leaves a faint but remarkable stain that won’t oblige me to retouch which is a pet peeve. Application is so smooth because of it’s semi-matte finish.
So far my Colourpop experience is a success. I love that after days of using, it didn’t give me any problems. My lips didn’t suffer from drought. So with the success of the road-test, I think it’s a go now for other Lippie Stix colors I should say. My next agenda is to try the other kinds if it would give the same effect.

My apologies for looking so Autum-ish :))

Another would be their eyeshadows since now I’m slowly learning my blending skills. My imagination ran wild as I was reading Zovesta’s  feature on them. They spoke in my dreams. I was getting all excited with the thought of those wonderful colors.
Have you joined the Colourpop bandwagon yet? Which is your favorite?

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Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick Review

Fashion 21 has been around for as long as I remember. I specifically still got a good recollection of their face powder compact and eye shadow pallettes. It’s one of those few local makeup brand who has stick around through time. Just recently that I got the chance to check them out again and have a good note of it’s progression. It’s a tough game here when it comes to makeups. The competition with the imported brands is so stiff that you could only count through fingers the ones who keep up with the game. Fashion 21 is one of them. So being a lipstick enthusiast, I came for the obvious and so far I’m loving what I have seen.
I discovered their All-Day Matte Lipsticks through my sister. Her sporting a very striking vampy lippie made me hurry up to the mall and have one for myself. I’ve seen and read also the raves for their All-Day Bronze which is what I also have in mind on that day. Unfortunately, as predicted it’s out of stock in SM MOA nor in Watson’s. With a sad face, I began looking at the other colors to see what I could end up with and amongst the other available I got two. I bought All-Day Russet and All-Day Sushi.

Starting off with their claims, here is what’s written on their site:

On swipe of this matte lipstick gives full, intensely colored and lasting coverage to your lips. And it doesn’t just look good – the formula is light on the lips and does not dry them out.

Hmmm, key words: light and not dry
All-Day Matte Lipsticks are available in 15 colors which are divided into browns, reds and pinks. I specifically chose a nude shade because of the coming summer and a MLBB everyday wear in mind. And of course the love of my life, red which in this instance I got what my sister is wearing.

My Experience
Starting with All-Day Russet with whom I fell in love with being a MAC Diva-ish dupe ( color wise ) I even made a side by side comparison with it alongside MeNow Just in case you’ve missed it, read here.

As I take note that though their colors looked so beautiful from the tube, sad to say that it is not intensely colored as it claims. Don’t loose hope tho, they are buildable. Again stressing out that it is not straight out matte, the finish is semi-matte and it transfers. One thing outstanding is that it is really lightweight and didn’t make my lips Sahara dry.

As for Sushi’s case, I’m a bit dissapointed of how it turned out on my lips. It is streaky no matter how many times I apply. Sad though I just loved the color so much. What I did is primed my lips, put concealer and blot just so I could achieve the color.
Applying them is such a breeze, glides smoothly. Longevity wise, both only lasted me an hour. With Sushi, I was able to prolong it’s duration on my lips with the help of priming and concealer but I wasn’t liking the dry look it’s giving. I also feel uncomfortable wearing them all together with a tacky, tight feeling. From the tube, I smell a faint chemical scent but nothing offensive when on the lips. Packaging is legit with a box something that I like the local lipsticks would be. Imprinted in the box are the ingredients ( another check on my would be’s ) and where it is made ( which is in Taiwan )
The tube is bullet shaped kind of similar to MAC but chunkier.


Really a lot similar I should say with it’s click lock also. What I want every lipstick tube ( again ) would be so it won’t go everywhere inside your bag. Price point, it’s a steal at Php. 175 ( $3.73)
My Thoughts
I guess my devotion for mattes have ended that I want to shift to semi-matte instead ( forgive me but I still need that full coverage in my life ) Tad a bit drying as oppose to the other that I can bear. So even though All-Day Matte wasn’t able to live to it’s claim ( matte lipstick)I wouldn’t mind. As long as it gives me that light feeling and comfort especially this coming summer. I see this wearing everyday and for a good price point, I give it a thumbs up. 👍
Claims Check
▪ matte ❌
▪ intense color ❌
▪ lasting coverage ❌
▪ lightweight ✔👍
▪ doesn’t dry your lips ✔👍
Though it checked 2/5 I still give it my thumbs up bearing that comfort and non-drying a must in my checklist.
Thank you again my lovelies and I would like to give you all my *hugs and kisses* for being with me as I reached my one year mark in the world of blogging last February 28. I love you all!

💋 M

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Bourjois Rouge Velvet Review

As I mentioned from my recent blog ( Code Red ) my first encounter of the brand Bourjois was from Fivezero, if my memory served me right she made a comment regarding this brand. From there I understand that this was also with the same manufacturer as of Chanel. So does that mean they are sisters? The intriguing question hit me first before the Rouge Velvet. Thus came my little background check ( a short trip to history lane) and here is what I learned.

Bourjois started in 1863 and originated in the theater district of Paris. I believe it was intended for theatre purposes only until in the 1950’s that they carried their perfume line. It is on the 20th century, that the Wertheimer family, who is the owner of Chanel today took control of the makeup brand. But this was not mentioned on their site, I read it on Reuters. I also found out from that article dated Oct. 7, 2014 that

“Coty made a binding offer to buy French-makeup brand Bourjois from Chanel and give the family-owned French luxury company a stake in Coty worth an estimated $240 million.”

 Which just supported some of the theories from the forums that I read falsifying the ownership of Bourjois from that of Chanel because of the quality of the prior doesn’t match the latter. So I leave it there, though Coty and Chanel declined to comment. 

Fast track to my review. I know I should have asked for the Healthy Mix Foundation also ( next time, for sure!) but because of the obvious, Rouge Velvet Edition it is. I also want to have the Nude-ist but only got Grand CruBourjois isn’t available yet in the Philippines, hopefully someone would hear me and send this here ( calling Rustans!) This was purchased in Watsons Singapore. You could find this at major Watsons branch only. From it’s website it says:

Matte finish and incredibly light. 

It’s soft, melting texture glides on the lips and turns into a matte, velvety and incredibly light colour. Lips are left smooth and soft as velvet.

Enriched with evanescent oil, it’s incredibly sensuous formula provides a soft, second-skin feel, without drying or fading lips.

The Claims

  • Bold colour with matt finish
  • Flawless hold
  • Lightweight velvety texture
  • Non-drying formula


My Experience

The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a cap that matches its shade. This makes it easy for you to see the exact color of the content and is helpful for me in a way that I get to see it easily alongside with my other lipsticks. It comes with a slant foam applicator again is a plus  because it applies evenly on the corners of my lips. I’m just bothered with it’s strong chemical scent that reminds me of a paint it automatically sends negative signals on my brain but also fades eventually when you wear it. It has a mousse type of consistency so application of the product glides smoothly on my lips. It sets in for about a minute or two into a bold matte finish. No tacky feeling, or tightness on your lips and is non-drying. It it really lightweight as it claims to be. Though it has minimal transfer as oppose to it’s smudge-proof claim. Longevity wise, it stayed on my lips for four hours without any activity (eating & drinking) there is no fading and no feathering. I also suggest that since this is a bold red, application for first timers could be a bit tricky so outline your lips with a lipliner first. It also helps for the product from bleeding which could be the case for this type of lipstick. Because of it’s high pigmentation, there wouldn’t be a problem when the product starts to fade because it leaves a faint stain. Unlike any matte lipsticks, this could be easily removed by any makeup remover.


I applied lip balm prior to the application hence the glossy finish
with the lip product alone
My Thoughts

What makes this lipstick a thumbs up is because it has checked three out of four of it’s claims. I’m not sure about the Flawless hold though because for me there ain’t a matte lipstick yet that could hold a solid 8 hours or so, not even this. I love that it’s velvety matte because it didn’t hurt my lips. The lightweight feel is true which I believe is all we would want our lipsticks should be or else you’ll find discomfort all through out the wearing time. Though it is matte, my lips didn’t crack or chapped after which is my recurring problem with the matte liquid/creamy lipstick of today. Despite of the good points that it gave me, I have to give it a thumbs down. Remember that strong chemical scent it has, I come to think if it’s an indication of a really strong chemical component apparent in the product. I noticed that after a week of using, my lower lips darkened on the sides. For me, it only indicates that the product is strong  based on prior experiences. Sad to say that I have to discontinue using it. Unfortunately the ingredients is not available on the website or on the tube.


Bourjois Rouge Velvet comes in six colors and is priced at 25 SgD or Php 848.19 . 

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Colourette Naughty or Nice Lipstick Review

Hello, hello!

Naughty or Nice is the limited edition lipstick bundle of Coulorette by FnF specially made for the holiday season. FnF stands for Fairness and Flawless which is a legit Instagram seller with 52,8k followers. This site mainly caters on skincare and I was a follower of them since 2012 I believe, if my memory serves me right. Whitening products are a huge thing here in the Philippines and I vouch that theirs  were one of those whom I can rely on. Really true to it’s claim and safe. So when I saw that they expanded to cosmetics line, I was one of those who were excited. Their first line of products that was launched last year of October was lipsticks. Ding! Ding! I know! 😊 The color variety was really interesting. With it’s tag, ” 100% Marketing, no false claims” I was hooked.

Reds and Nudes were a thing of December, though we all know that reds were really a staple because of the cold month ( sorry no winter here guys) it was unexpected that nude will have a huge following also. What I was thinking then is to look for a good MLBB lipstick. So when Naughty or Nice was launched, BAM!

So what does the bundle consists of? Yes, good guesses ladies. A beautiful red lipstick in the name of Helena and a good  nude which is Chelsea. The balm looking one is their Uno Primer, a first for me so my hands were shaking. These came with a flip top pink box really appropriate for gift givings. No worries for the hassle of gift wrapping. All these three for Php 1,399 pesos. A lipstick retails for Php 499 so I made a savings of Php 98.00. Placing your orders is really easy peasy you guys. One thing that I really admire in this onlineshop is how organized they take orders, easy to talk to and well manered. They have a designated dealer assigned in every part of the Philippines. In that case no tiresome waiting for replies, stocks to be replenished etc. Just to name some of our online pet peeves. I know ladies, the struggle is real on placing an order not to mention the delivery. Now lets pause for awhile and admire these swatches.

I must admit I really have difficulty on capturing the right hue of that red but believe me ladies it’s so beautiful in person.

Colourette Coloursticks were all natural, hypoallergenic and lead free lipsticks. Each tube are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Colagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojaba oil, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Grapeseed oil. Yes all of these!

I should say that these lipsticks were demi-matte which is almost but not quite matte. So there is no worries of having that dry lips afterwards. No chapping, no evident lines. Application is smooth, though I suggest for beginners to use a lip brush in applying Helena to achieve precision. Color is so pigmented that one swipe would suffice. The color may tend to bleed because of its semi matte finish so I suggest to use a lipliner or highlight the rim of your mouth. If these two were too tiring for you to follow, blotting with tissue will do the trick. Formulation is good, smooth and creamy feels light on your lips. Longevity wise, without the activity of drinking and eating, it lasted me a good 6 hours but with the help of Uno Primer I believe it’ll still lasts more. It is transferable, though I must say retouching is not a thing for me with this on my lips for it gives a really good noticable stain just like of a lip tint. No overpowering smell or a bothering taste. In fact that cosmetic scent which they say is evident on local brands isn’t there. All i all I’m so satisfied with Helena in terms of color payoff, though it’s demi matte, unlikely on my line, it passed on my red category of that “wouldn’t-be-needing-a-full-makeup” red.This is the red that would lighten your whole face without doing the full do if you know what I mean.

My favorite everyday face with Helena. This was a staple last Christmas season. As you see I only did my brows.

Chelsea  on the other hand is a very nude, Nude. I admit that I wasn’t a fan of pale nudes simply because you need a full makeup to give this justice. The problem that I have with nude is that I looked washed out. I haven’t really tackle that dilemma not until with Chelsea. I tried applying it with and without Uno. First without, I noticed that my lip lines were very evident. Though it’s creamy formulation saved it from looking dry. I failed on achieving the right color on my lips because it patches. So it didn’t work. Now with the primer, there was a really huge difference. The color now clings on my lips, with one swipe I noticed that I got a solid hue. But then again, as I said this ís the nude that you need a full makeup going on. I try to see what it is like.

Sultry and sexy alright! *big grin*

A few tips though, if you don’t have any lip primer, a concealer or applying foundation would amplify the color. Applying nude lip liner would give those lips that “omph” look. The creamy texture of Chelsea helped in making my nude lips moisturized. Also knowing your skin tone is a big help in choosing the right nude. All in all if you want to look sexy, Chelsea is the name.

My final thoughts on the product

Thumbs up for Naughty or Nice!  Helena was my HG red on that season whilst Chelsea on the other hand is great for a more serious get together with friends or with a SO perhaps? 😊 Uno the primer is magic.

For the price, I know my Filipinas would raise brows. Some of you might find it too pricey specially for a local brand, moreso from online Instagram seller but I vouch you that it is worth every peso.

Good news guys! As I last checked, these three were already a mainstay in their lipstick lineup so no worries on those who missed it. More trending colors to chose from, and I’m eyeing so many as of this moment so I suggest on paying their site a visit and see for yourselves.

Thank you ladies for dropping by, and kisses from Moi!

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Chooseday Tuesday: Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok

Tuesdays will be full of excitement for all of you my dear readers. Specially for those who love this. For the month of October, which is my birth month I decided to dedicate this segment of Chooseday Tuesday to my longtime favorite which is Lipstick. If you’ll  wondering why no nail polish? We will get there. For the meantime, since birthdays give you the leeways, I give in to the Birthday Buying Spree. Still, I take hold of my low buy so a single purchase should not cause me over $23. If you’ll ask me how many purchases have I done so far? I made two. And another one on the way. All lip products. But wait, before the judgement took place, all these purchases were made under the SALE tag. A lot of sanning here and there, online shop to online shop and these were the results. A month long of lipstick reviews just for you. Specifically, most of these were of Korean brands. It’s just a rekindling of an old flame that I had. There were so much that has been out in the market since I had my low buy and unfortunately no sale like this. So there, so much of my justification, let’s get on to what this is all about.

Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok was purchased together with Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (which I made a review last Tuesday) from my trusted online seller Koreana_ph. With all honesty, curiosity prevailed on chosing this. I have seen a lot about this “smudger” sponge tip and based on what I read, they came as an applicator for lip tint. This is popularly used for gradient lip effect. The product comes in a slim shiny black stick that you’ll mistaken for an eyeliner. The only difference would be the screw cap on both end. Yes, this is a two product in one. The other being the lip balm while the other end being the lip tint.


Pro: Beauty Tint Tok comes in seven colors and what I’ll be reviewing for you now is RD801.


I made a swatch on my hand using the lip balm. It has a sheer color which is buildable. This makes your lips soft and prep up upon applying the image

While the lip tint which is in “smudger” sponge applicator bursts a lively color.image

Both product comes with a screw cap which: protects the lip balm from being punctured and for the lip tint to dry up.

What it says on the web:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a Holika Holika website that would best explains the product. Instead I got a few excerpts from

Product Description:

: Cushion tint for easy tap vital looking lip expression

: Botanical oil complex for healthy glowing lips

: Blooming flower complex giving soft and bright looking lips.

Major Ingredients:

: Botanical oil complex, Blossom extract, Lily Magnolia extract, Damask Rose extract, Lotus extract

My Impression

I bought this product which is on sale for Php 280 ( $6 ) with volume of tint at 0.6g and lip balm at 1.1g.  I decided to use this on a dry lips to see how the lip balm works. I was a bit disappointed with the lip balm. Though it look tainted in person, it wasn’t pigmented as I expect it to be. Being buidable, it gives a little sheer color. Considering the amount of Flower extracts and Botanical oil, it is not as impressive the way Kiss Lover has moisturized my lips. But a goid prep up for the lip tint.

The lip tint in a sponge applicator that applies in a tok motion which means tapping. Tap the lip tint gently on your lips wether it’s on the middle part or the entire lips area. The color is pretty impressive with its bold, matte finish. Very pigmented. Only one swipe will suffice, for those who wants it light on an everyday like me. But if you want an intense one, the color is buildable but not overwhelming. The sponge applicator is so easy to use for it glides smoothly. Though when tint is worn alone, it could accentuate your dry lips. I just have a few qualms about the smudger though. Will the sponge worn out easily? Will the tint dry up fast? Having a screw cap lid just gave me a little assurance about my latter worry. But to no avail, for some reason, the lip tint cap cracked! Though it is still usable, it won’t secure much plus I have to be really carefull now for I might broke the cap if exerted with force. This saddened me for I only got to use it a few weeks upon purchase. I also find sponges unhygienic. On a lighter note, no unpleasant smell/taste for me. It lasted me a good four hours. Even if I ate Ice Cream in between, it fades but with a subtle tint left. Because of the lip balm, smudging is inevitable unlike if you wear the lip tint alone.


▫️ Lip balm is moisturizing

▫️ Lip tint is very pigmented

▫️ Handy

▫️ Lip tint is easy to use. Being with a sponge applicator, no worries about spillage or waste of product.

▫️Affordable having two product ( lip balm + lip tint ) in one price.

▫️ Screw cap lid secures product in place.

▫️ No overpowering scent.

▫️ Good wear time.


▪️ Screw cap isn’t sturdy enough so handle it with outmost care.

▪️ Though the sponge applicator has it’s pros, it is still unhygeinic.

▪️ Sponge applicator has a tendency to worn out.

▪️ Lip balm’s tint is superfacial.

▪️ Lip tint has a tendency to dry your lips.

▪️ No English translation it the box.

▪️ Smudges


Because there is no Holika Holika website that could greatly explain this product and it’s claim ( I wouldn’t dare either to translate it myself for some reason ) I leave this as it is. But if you are looking for a lip product that would give enough tint, enough gloss but at the same time moisturizes, this is for you. This double end product is so handy, good to carry all around.


Given with enough deliberation, I give this product a 7/10. Though it really is a must have for a girl who is always on the go ( lip balm + lip tint = what more could you ask for? ) My apprehension about the sponge applicator is still there until it is otherwise proven. But if you wouldn’t mind it that much, it is really a money’s worth.

Holika Holika is distributed by Enprani. Made in South Korea.

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How to glam up your nude lipstick

Hi there my Lovelies!

It’s been awhile since I made a lipstick related post and I missed it very much. As I rummage to my make up kit, two nude lipstick has been ignored much. I love nudes, but the problem is Nudes doesn’t seem to like me. As much as I want to make it a staple like of the others, I alwyas end looking so washed out. It could also be a matter of pairing though, I know. Should I wear a Nude lipstick, my eyes should hold attention. But could I think of anything that would make these lipstick more of use rather than on an ocassional basis? I thought of two: Coral and Gradient.


Making your nude on a coral hue concept was of Joy from Style with Joy. If my memory serves me right, I was hooked with her idea of making coral hues from layering orange with nude. On that point, my mindset was to make my orange lipstick be of action again since it’s been long sitting in my drawer. Now, I could make use of the two. I use my Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey and CMX Lipstick in Mandarin Maiden also a matte finish. I put a lip balm first before applying the two for it’ll tend to dehydrate my lips.
Next is the Gradient Lips or just-bitten lips which has been a trend in Korea since last year. The natural look it gives has made a huge following though some might find this a litte “lacking” to the feel because you don’t totally cover your lips with lipstick. There are at least three that I know to achieve the Gradient Lip or ombre/bitten lips. Again, my orange lipstick could be of work to this and a lip tint. Apply the lipstick first then apply the lip tint at the inner part of your lips. Carefully open and close your lips for the color to blend.

Korean Make up has this Lip product that has a smudger on the other end to smudge the outer part of your lips leaving the inner part more intensified for that gradient effect. Or you could simply use a lip tint and apply in the inner part of your lips.

For my Gradient lips what I used is the third kind wherein you got to apply your nude lipstick first then carefully dab the inner part with a bright or bold lipstick and again carefully open, close lips for blending. For my nude listick, I used my M&Co. Eur Color in Biscuitand Loreal Color Intense in Intense Fuschia


Have you tried layering? How do you glam up your lippies? I would love to know yours.