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Affordable Makeups for Graduation

Thursdays and Fridays for Instagram freaks are usually meant “throwbacks” and “flashbacks” ( with the hashtags of course) And for millennials (as what we called) and titas of Manila (which is more fitting for me, lol) we cringe whenever we see our photographs from way back. Be it baby pics, family reunion, office functions and the most timely graduation. Yep! Do you still remember those studio pictures that doesn’t even give justice ( to think it’s taken from the studio *roll eyes roll*) Those makeups that you don’t have any say at all just because you’re too scared to ruin the artistic vibes of the makeup artist or else her mood will be all over the place and you’re the one to blame. And those sky scrapper bangs. Ugh! It’s either I wasn’t able to move on or because I was hoping to share that achievement of my life to my children or grandchildren in the future but afraid of the mockery by my own kin. Anyways, gone were the days. At least now we could edit out our imperfections from different photo application. Or we could go to a salon to get ourselves fixed for the main event. But not all are for the shamcy fancy. Most are still opting for practicality like doing it their own since there are so many affordable stuffs now to choose from. It’s also a good investment for makeup enthusiast or those who wants to put up their own collection of necessities just in case a function needs it. So with this in mind, I’ve listed makeups, tools as well as shops that could be of help now that graduation is here. 

First things first, let’s not put aside the natural beauty of a youthful skin. We should always bear in mind that we have to maintain that youthfulness by moisturizing our face. Moisturizers gives a very good base for your skin. It also helps to keep the makeup adhere more. The best to use are the light ones that are non-greasy such as Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer 

via BDJbox

 I know some are still skeptical in using moisturizers in a tropical country like ours but believe me this is a very good investment that your skin will surely thank you for someday. A 50ml tube retails for Php 115.

Next is to Prime. This event calls for long hours of waiting. Primers is like setting a good canvass for a good makeup. So if you still want your look to hold until the moment the Dean calls your name, girl you have to prime. A highly suggested, affordable and a very close dupe of Benefit Porefessional is Maybelline Baby Skin which solds for only Php 299.

via Maybelline Facebook page

Then we proceed to our good foundation. We have to put into consideration something that will look good under the lights and could withstand the long hours of waiting without melting. At the same time feels lightweight and finishes like a second skin. With this in mind I immediately thought of Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation


This retails for Php 525.

Moving on we go to our eyes. We would want to have our eyes speaks the joy we have for the said event so we would opt for the basic but at the same time looking professional. We need an eyeshadow product that we could use not only for this occasion but also after like job hunting right? So the Ever Bilena Brown Eyeshadow Palette is very suitable since it has beautiful nudes suited for a tame but business-like look. Retails at Php 150. 

via Tackthis

Still with our eyes we now go to our brows. Some of you might still have virgin eyebrows. I highly suggest that you keep it that way. You might want to get rid of some strays to have a perfect shape. Other than that please don’t overdo. So many pays a grand just to have thick brows. Mumuso has a wide array of eyebrow pencils, eyebrow mascara and pen to choose from. The price is so affordable at Php 99 only.

via YouTuber Toni Sia

And we now go to the cheeks. Eventhough it’s a night ( well for the long wait) event I suggest to still have that naturally looking flush. Don’t be scared that it won’t last till picture taking time. Going overboard is not a valid excuse. We wouldn’t want to be looking like a clown on this occasion. Remember if we have a good foundation/base  our blush will stick with us through thick and thin. Detail Cosmetic’s Influential and Ever Bilena Fig are both very flattering on our Filipina skin. These two are also versatile by serving as a contour and eyeshadow as well. Very affordable at Php 175. 

Still on our windows to the soul is a very dependable Mascara.  It is very inevitable that we’ll shed tears of joy so we must be needing a waterproof but at the same time could hold our peppers curl intact after that situation. What better more that I could think of is none other than Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. For only Php 199, those eyes is worth fluttering. 


Last but not the least is the lips. After the ceremony, we will be exchanging kisses with our parents as our gratitude for this milestone. Friends, classmates and teachers that we won’t be seeing for awhile. So what a better way to be prepared for this is to have a long lasting lip color that will stay with us. Something that we will comfortably wear all throughout even at the after party, right? So Maybelline Color sensational Matte lipstick is very much forgiving on this. Lips will still look hydrated even though it’s matte. I chose a color that very much accentuates our morena skin but at the same time would look fresh and natural in the shade Touch of Spice. This retails for only Php 299. And if you were lucky, you could avail for a good discount with their ongoing sale.

Makeup is complete, we now go with the tools. You could find affordable makeup brushes and sponges as well as hair tools for the do at Divisoria’s 168. At Php 250 you could already own a decent set of makeup brushes and for Php50 a beauty blender. But if you don’t have the patience to conquer the world of divi I must say Landmark is the place to be. They also sell affordable brushes that are Korean made and eyelashes. I got this egg blender there for only Php99. 

 Graduation is the end and at the same time the beginning of another chapter in our life. I believe no makeups could amount to the inner joy of having completed this course. That alone is picture perfect. Also let us not forget our parents for the sacrifices they had in order for us to achieve this success. We owe it all to them. To the graduates of 2017, Congratulations!

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Say What?? SG Authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick?!

Disclaimer: The following could be harmful to your health. Strong discretion is advised.
If you are based in Asia, this kind of makeup is very rampant here. And if you will ask me what is it, I only have a few knowledge to offer. Okay, let us start first from the definition. At a glance, you probably might have an idea that it’s just a makeup manufactured in Singapore basing on the acronym “SG”. Yep, there’s a point. But if you’ll ask the question what kind, then a huge picture of difference comes in. To be honest, there is no such thing to as a product be named after a country or to it’s authenticity. To make it legit, there is what we called patenting to make it known that the product is lawfully from the maker itself. Now, you see these kind of branding of products here in Asia ( Hong Kong Authentic, Korean Autentic….) were fake ones. Sold at a much cheaper price, who wouldn’t be enticed? And I say, some are pretty much the same as the originals. How did I know? I tried one for myself.

Actually, it’s not just makeup, there are also perfumes, bags, apparels or even the ones you saw on Home TV Shopping. I just noticed that every year it changes. For last year and the present, these makeups had built a trend. I chose to buy myself a liquid lipstick for the obvious. I found this Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick floating every second on my Instagram feed. I’ve also seen MAC’s Giambattista Valli edition, Limecrime, and some Korean brands.


I was thinking that it was indeed a far cry from the original judging on the tube itself. But I just made a mistake in basing it on their lipgloss type which is with a black cap.


From the original Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick



And from what I’ve purchased.


Does it strike a resemblance?
Unfortunately I don’t own an original so I couldn’t make a side by side comparison. With a little help from the net, I was given a glimpse of how physically the original looks like. From the box, the ingredients, the bottom label, name design which for me pretty much looked the same.





Even the same doe foot applicator.

As for the swatches.

Stating that I can’t fully compare, I will just tell you how is it like vs the imported liquid lipsticks that I had.
It amazed me though that they really did have the same name. I mean once I searched for the different Giamvattista lipstick names that I saw from an online shop and nothing matched. With this, Blush’s color looks similar from the original. Contrary to Electro though they have the same name but not with the color.
Electro has a good color pay off. Very pigmented and sets easily. And mind you, no tacky feeling. With blush, I got frustrated with the streaking. I ended up layering just to cover the streaks. Consistency wise, this is a fail. Not to mention that it easily faded on the insides of my mouth. It sets a little longer than electro. And blush leaves a tacky feeling. The smell tho I must say is quite profesh for an imitation. No chemical scent, even a faint one. It resembles more of a chocolate for me. Longevity wise, electro won. I mean, I didn’t expect that it could come by par with the leading liquid lipsticks that I tried. And it leaves with a very good tint on my lips. Both applies easily.
Everyone should know by now how drying liquid lipsticks could be. Undoubtedly this didn’t come with an exemption. I got to used it for a week’s time and thankfully didn’t experience darkening or somewhat ended my lips from getting burned on that matter knowing somewhere from the stated ingredients on the box, nothing is true.
I must say that my experience with this Anastasia SG Authentic Liquid Lipstick is not of what I expect it to be. I did even had some worst ending with the legit ones in compare to this. Impressed is a presumptive word to describe. My experience isn’t necessarily similar with others though some may agree with me. Also, knowing that this isn’t the sole manufacturer, even if the name is the same some might have a different product than what I used here. Just what I stated, same name, but not the color or vice versa.
Purchasing such is at your own risk so if you decided to have one, be ready of the consequences that it may lead to because again, with full emphasis, this isn’t legit and may cause harm to your health.

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