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Product Dedication Week: Strip-it Cold Wax/Sugaring Review

As a Filipina I observed that we obsessed so much on how ideally what our armpits should looked like. We put a dedicated time and effort to keep it from looking smooth, fresh and even colored. That’s why we make it as an essential to keep it hair-free as always. As in no intervals, or procrastinating days but religiously we make sure that no hair on that area should be visible. And I believe that with maintaining this regimen, everything else follows. Like smooth, fresh and even skintone underarms.

But not all has the luxury to be a regular on a waxing salon all the more the time of the day to visit one. We all know how much it takes to book a certain schedule convinient to us. And we just couldn’t have that emergency appointments we need due to unexpected events. So oftentimes we ended up shaving, plucking or worst going to cheap salons just because we have to. In this situations that unevitable circumstances arises. Like when we shave, we ended up with chicken skin and razor burns that causes to darken our UA. Cheap salons often times becomes a tragedy of being mishandled by unexperienced staff. And if we go for depilating creams, we’re left with little stubborn hair.

Waxing before is not as accessible as it was now. The ones that I saw in the market then needs to be heated in order to achieve full effect. Eventually it progressed thus Cold Wax and Sugaring was made. Much convenient, less work.and more options. I have tried all believe me and nothing beats the works of a Cold Wax. I got my first from an online shop on the year I’m not sure when. Unfortunately when I got to finished the tub, the shop is already nowhere to be found. It has been years since I got my hands on the waxing game again for a reason that I find it hard to trust a legit cold wax seller. Until my luck has changed and I unexpectedly won a  Strip It package from Kris Lumagui’s giveaway. 160606055832

Before we lead to my experience let me first share to you the benefits of Strip It Sugaring taken from their website.

  • Have a lighter skin that’s silky-smooth and hairless for weeks
  • Easy to use, no heating required
  • 50% less pain from ordinary wax
  • Hairless skin that lasts 2-4 weeks
  • Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin
  • Hypoallergenic and Water soluble
  • Calamansi ingredient which promotes skin lightening
  • Removes hair from the roots
  • Hair regrowth is finer and softer
  • Laced with Moisturizer


Prior to my waxing experience, using Strip It is far way better than my previous brand. Let me enumerate. Though I must say that it has been years way back but I vividly remember how my first wax looks like. The consistency was a bit runny then in comparison to Strip It’s solid and more compact form. 5182016193814 Then I understand that this is how it’s supposed to look like because the density it has makes stripping more easy and less painfull. I just noticed that some of the hair were pulled off already upon spreading the wax to the skin so the tugging could give a jolt of pain. But tolerable for me. And also because of this quality that the strip cloth were able to pull all of the hair. So no redoing or no areas are missed. A word of advice though, please follow the rules accordingly to maximize effect. Some might be too excited to have their UA get waxed again even if the hair still aren’t growing to it’s suitable length. Chances are some hair will be left unwaxed due to it’s length. And another one, the cold wax adheres strongly to the skin that at one point I wound myself upon pulling the strip.

Excuse the vulgarity of the image.

It took me a month and a half to have my armpits waxed again. Yes, that long and the growth is not as thick and coarse as before ( I used razor before I had this) My UA is not that bad looking as it was when I was shaving with hints of razor burns and uneven skintone. Though I could still experience a little chicken skin but not as terrible as it’s prior state. And no ingrown hair. To date that it’s only been my second time of use. Ms. Lumagui has been generous enough to give me two variants. I must also say that a tub could last you a lengthy amount of waxing. Not to mention that it is more affordable and saves you a lot to own some more for your stash. So I might have trouble of finishing them all. 😉 To sum it up, it has been very satisfying to find a brand after all these years that suits your standards. I highly recommend Strip It for those who are looking for a trusted and true to it’s claims. With that note that I give them a 5/5 rating.

No worries now of purchasing this product, visit their site to see the nearest distributor in your location. A tub starts of with a 100g trial size at Php 130.00 up to the biggest which is 350g at Php 295. A pamphlet with it’s procedure, stripping cloth and waxing stick comes together with the tube.The product is good for only a year upon opening so might as well use it also in some parts of your body that you want hair-free. Strip-It is made from all natural ingredients.

Disclaimer:  The following is based on the author’s personal experience and is NOT sponsored or paid.

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