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Sephora now in the Philippines?!

Whenever some kin travels overseas the first that my sister and I asks for are makeups. Or we got used to saying this line, “Please drop by Sephora?” 

With all honesty, my first encounter with the word I thought it’s a makeup brand. Well they do have their line but for the enthusiasts, it’s a heaven. So now that I got to blog about makeups and stuff, I have get myself be familiarize. Another confession of a sephora newbie like me is the thinking that they carry all of the makeups that you ever thought of or at least. 

When I read in Cosmopolitan that Sephora’s coming now in the Philippines I have mixed emotions. Yes, I can’t deny the fact that I got excited. At some point of my blogging life I have diffuculty coping up with what i see on my feeds specially when that day comes that Sephora has it’s sale. I must admit it’ll be a big help, now there wouldn’t be any days of skipping the feeds for I couldn’t relate. I could now actually look for it myself. No worries of online orders, shipping fees. At the same time I feel bad for there would be a lot of saving to do from now on.  


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Trending Thursday: My Korean Addiction

I could honestly say that aside from the patriotic love I have for our local brands, I’am also a loyal user of Korean products. I don’t know which came first, the Idols or the Makeups? Anyways, just like my fascination with it’s country (same withJapan) I have high respect with their brands. How they live to their claims, how they are all innovative and gentle on the skin. In addition to this are the Hallyu stars who have the fairest, dewiest vampire looking skin. They don’t really age! And how’s that?! I know, who wouldn’t want to look young. Okay, my emotions now are going on top of my head. *breath* If my reasons aren’t valid enough to love them, what else?

At the first hit of Korean Wave in our country, long before the flagship of different makeups and skincare in Myeongdong had mushroomed here, there goes the  fame of different online shops. Most of these shops caters to Korean makeups. This online shop that my sister and I have been following were the one who gave us our first taste of Hallyu (Korean wave) and I should say the rest is history.

Koreana_ph has long been standing for almost 7 years now. We accidentaly got to know her through Facebook which by then is her personal account. Until such she had become a license distributor of Lioele products here, and now most of our local stars had become her loyal clients. I decided to feature her because of the credibility that she had, an approachable person that you wouldn’t hesitate on asking queries. Most is that a trustworthy online shop that lives up to it’s name.

What made me decide to chose on buying through her online is because 1) I got to avail of good sale items that is unfortunately seldom offered in stores here. 2) unique finds 3) freebies! just like in Korea. I could still remember my first BB Cream which I got as a free sample from here and my ever trusted Lioele primer that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Just recently that we we’re able to purchase again from her after.. 3 years I guess. Yet her kindness  in assisting us is still unwavering. Okay, down to my new babies which I’m so excited to show you.


Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master and Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Tint Tok.

Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram
Image from Koreana_Ph Instagram

I got the Lip Master for Php 290 ( roughly $7) which I believe is around Php 600 (roughly $ 13) in mall price.

Image from Koreana_PH Instagram
Image from Koreana_PH Instagram

While the Pro: Beauty Tint Tok I got for Php 280 ( roughly $ 6) I’m not sure of it’s mall price but originaly it’s Php 400 (roughly $9) I saw from Holika’s site in US that it’s worth $22 (whoah!)

To sum it up, I got a total of Php 620 *shipping fee included* (around $13) It’s like two for the price of one, I still got to save a good amount enough to buy another one.

The best one would be the freebies which is a Fresh Snail Mask Sheet from 3W Clinic which is I’m excited to try. image

Individual reviews would be done the soonest, I promise! Until then, keep yourself posted. 🙂

I don’t hesitate to give a post feature to those who are deserving and in which I guaranteed 100%. To this I gave it to Scherique of Koreana_ph for being a credible and trusted online shop that I’ve known for in years. Her’s worth to be known by others. You could check out  her Facebook page here and also on Instagram.

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5 Ways to dry your Nails Faster

I’m a nail polish addict, most of you must have known it by now. Alongside with that is a terrible habit of painting my nails the last minute and then worry myself of the smudges after. I don’t know why I always do that so I seek help. Help in how to make them dry faster. These five tips has sure made my life easier, worry-free and smudge-free.

Top Coat – surely the fastest, smartest and easiest way to dry nails. Other benefits would be: avoids chipping and make your polish last longer. For those of you who finds using top coats a bit costly since the good ones such as Seche Vite, OPI and the likes were not readily available here in our country, stay put and scroll a bit more.

imageBlow Dry – You could easily reach out to this since I believe it’s present in every home. Just set your blow dryer in a cool setting. The cold air will help your polish firm up. image

Inevitable circumstances came and your in a hotel room, but the blow dryer is busted. You’re about to have that special evening dinner with your SO. What to do… what to do?!

Ice Cold Bath – Just reach to your mini fridge and get some ice. Fill in a bowl or any shallow dish available with ice cubes along with tap water. After painting your nails, dip it in for about a minute and you’re set. Or call the concierge if you can’t find that ice.

So the concierge took a lot longer than your nails drying I guess you better switch to..

Freezer – Just stick your hands in a minute or so. Just like the ice, the cold temperature would freeze dry those  polish. ( just another option in case setting up ice cold bath is a bit tiresome for you) image

Oil Spray – Another home remedy that is available in your cupboard. ( in case now your home from that short hotel stay)  Cooking oil spray also does the trick. Just spray your nails after you’ve painted it and wait a few sec. But wait, don’t forget to rinse. We wouldn’t want a greasy hands, don’t we?

But if we would result to the most practical of all..

Thin Layers – If you have all the time in the world, painting your nails thinner coats with 3 mins interval in any succession would lessen your waiting time rather than of a thick one. The best part of it, surely no smudging.

There, I hope these would be of help. Just a reminder,  make sure that your method of drying is prepared before you paint your nails to avoid the hassle but most specially, smudged nails. Another tip would be in order to remove polish with ease is by soaking your digits in warm water.

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Trending Thursday: CC Invades Manila

Just recently I’ve seen images of CC Creams being brought in the market. The likes of San San and Ever Bilena has released CC Creams respectively. Though EB has gone a lot earlier than San San, I can’t but feel excited about these. I haven’t got my hands on it yet, just a short glimpse and a little check on the background. I’m glad that our local makeups are slowly stepping up their game in leveling their products with the international brands. Though I must say that it’s a bit unfair to put them side by side with the leading brands for honestly speaking there are still a lot that they have to master. The only consolation would be is that these local brands have based these products according to our skin tone and it’s basic concerns. For me, I consider this a big leap enough, I just hope that through time and the reviews that was made, they’ll be able to perfect their craft so our avid makeup users would not resort anymore to Korean brands (no offense meant) which are dominating the Philippine makeup market because of it’s affordability and good quality..

For those of you who doesn’t know yet what the acronym “CC” stands for, it means Color Correcting Cream or Color Control Cream (hmmm.. that would be three C’s right?) which reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or uneven skin tone.
The only difference that this has in compare to foundations is that it’s packed with sun protection ( for asian brand, they have PA++ factor also) and moisturizer aside from it’s usual basic claims. Believe me, I was also once confused with this letters creams and it’s benefits. I just noticed that once the letters ascends, the age coverage does too. For the CC’s, I’ve read from a lot that after a long use, their skin tends to dry and to some it flakes ( you probably had a better idea now that these won’t work on cold months) but an interesting note is those who claim for a very good result are those that ranges from their late 30’s and the latest that I read, 63. Just an intere
sting fact that I want to share.

Moving on, here I tried to squeeze in some images of the said CC Creams.


For 30ml, price is Php 185 (roughly $4) The pump packaging is a plus factor for me already. It also reminds me of an imported leading CC brand. I got to see this physically in a hbc store and I must say that the claims are pretty impressive. For it’s price, it’ll be alot if this claims will stay true.


I’m not sure how many ml is this. Maybe it’s around 50ml for Php285 ($6) The package doesn’t have anything more to say of whatit has to offer aside from it’s name. Unfortunately, I haven’t read any claims that this has a sun protection factor which is widely expected. If only this could be available nationwide then I’ll know for as of now only selected stores has it. Until then, it’s for me to find out.

Since both are reasonably price, I decided that will purchase them to see which one has proven it’s claims and which best suits our Filipina skin. So, better stay tuned!

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My Monthly Empties

It’s that time of the month again my lovelies that we count down the empty containers of our month’s product consumption. I noticed that I have ample since it’s been four months from my last one and it mostly consists of skin care product. So it’s a Keep if i want to repurchase and a Ditch if I want to replace it. This is a bit lenghty so we rather get started.

Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner in Tomato – I’ve been loving this product since day 1. Well aside from being organic, I like that it is a tomato which gives my skin a certain glow. Once, I ran out of this toner and I switched to the other kind ending me with breakouts. So this is a keep.


Human Nature 100% Natural Daily Moisturizer Another fron the line of Human Nature (you really can’t tell that it’s a favorite, would you?) It’s a type of a moisturizer that it’s light with no sticky after feel. The consistency is a bit runny which I prefer because it easily absorbs by the skin. Again, for keeps.


Human Nature 100% Natural Night Moisturizer Though it has the same qualities as my daily moisturizer, I feel that there’s a bit lacking. This being applied before bed, I expected to wake up with such suppleness on my face but ending with the same. So I’m ditching.


I plan to replace it with their 100% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream with Plant Collagen


Cover and Clean Essentials Foaming Facial Wash I’ve been using this for quite sometime now that I feel my face is so getting used to it. It plateau. Though it’s oil free, my face doesn’t attest to it’s claims anymore unlike before. With that being said, it’s a ditch verdict.


I guess there would be a reunion with Tony Moly Clean Dew Lemon Seed Foam Cleanser.


Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo I must say that my bathing experience isn’t complete lately because the absence of this. (oh, the empty bottle was accidentaly thrown in the trash hence it’s not in the group picture) So I won’t prolong the agony. It’s a keep.


Glysolid Glycerin Cream My footsies are experiencing dessert storm again. I must say, no foot lotion nor body butter could surpass it’s service. A Keep.image

Watsons Fresh Baby Wipes There are a lot of baby wipes variation but I specificaly prefer this one with 3D honeycomb pattern. At times that I feel lazy washing my face at night, this is what I reach to. When I do alot of paperworks during the night, I refrain from stressing my eyes more. So before my eyes kills me for being stubborn, lemme keep this.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock
Though rainy season is here, it’s still a must to wear your sunblock to protect you from the harmful UV rays. I love it’s Ultra Light Clean Feel formulation which you seldom find in a sunblock. No tacky feeling. Hurray for keeps

FCUK Friction – lastly, I almost died when I found out that it spilled in my bag for no apparent reason. It was a gift from an aunt in Canada so it breaks my heart that I can’t repurchase anymore. I’m tempted to go online but there is a standing issue about postal package fee. Good thing, I still have the hand lotion. Unless I go to tell my aunt again. Undecided.image

There you have it, monthly consumption empties. Excited to know what’s yours! And oh, have a nice

weeWweekend my lovelies!

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The Sally Hansen Airbrush Face Make Up: Yay or Nay?

My obsession with light weight make ups leads me in finding products that I could use daily, not time consuming and effortlessly natural. If I’ll be lucky enough, a budget friendly one would be a big bonus. Just recently that I found out that Sally Hansen famous for their leg airbrush has came up with another revolutionary Airbrush Face Makeup. On the website it says:

photo taken from the Sally Hansen website

Uniquely designed airbrush delivery system expels a cool, extra-fine mist for a flawless finish. Our exclusive formula is weightless, with micro-fine pigments that blend onto skin beautifully and won’t settle into pores, lines or wrinkles. Apply a small amount for a light veil of coverage or build up more for greater coverage. Comes in 6 natural shades to match your skin tone!

The benefits includes:

  • Oil-free
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Minimizes look of pores
  • Long wearing
  • For all skin types

What’s good about airbrush formula is that you could have a more even finish. Another point is that it doesn’t settle into pores, lines and wrinkles unlike the traditional foundation. So persons like me who freaks out on my wee under eye lines, this is a tick on my list.
Another tick would be the oil-free formula. Me having a combination oily skin, I really dislike it when my make up speeds the oil production on my face.
On my perspective, I believe that airbrush makeup is something that you wouldn’t be afraid of building. The light coverage helps for the product to sit evenly on your skin without worries of being cakey.
My only qualm would be the application. Though according to reviews, this product is easy to apply. Against my better judgement of how I could handle the application pushes me aback. Though this could be handled with thorough practice and right tools, I’m settled.
Price is roughly at $13 vs $22 and $62 (other leading brands)

Have you tried using Sally Hansen Face Airbrush Makeup or any of it’s kind? What are your thoughts?

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The Stinging Sensation of Ilog Maria Honey Propolis Shampoo

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm has never been a household name. In fact my first encounter of this was through a celebrity. She was doing a rundown of her routine and the products she is using. One of the remarkable physical qualities is her shiny straight hair. Not really a fangirling, but who am I not to take note of what she’ll say. So I guess that’s where it all started. My initiation of Ilog Maria through their Shampoo.

This shampoo is not available in stores and big malls. I got to purchase it through online, which for me is more convenient. I am thankful though for I got the chance to know the product better and know their story. Isn’t it amazing to find beautiful origins and inspirations? Something that you can’t get from buying in stores. As I read through pages, I am but amazed of how they came about. Most, I was moved by their visions. I must confess that micro entrepreneurs have a soft spot in me. It’s one of my main reason why I put up this blog. They become an inspiration. In my little  world, I want to give them a voice, I want to in my own way be of help to their advocacy.
Ilog Maria is known for their honey infused products. Their product line mostly consists of skin care, health products and household. All of the ingredients used for the production are 100% organic so they’re all safe. As for the bees, don’t worry no harm were done unto them. They had a farm in Silang Cavite wherein these bees are taken care of. One of the reasons why they didn’t chose to go mainstream is because they go in accordance with the season. Knowing the demands of the market today, they don’t want to compomise their bees.

 Honey Propalis Shampoo is one of their best selling product. Upon recommendation of the said celebrity and after a thorough research I found out that it helps in prevention of hair loss due to scalp irritation and dandruff. At one point in my life I experienced excessive hair fall due to dandruff. I had avoided several shampoos with a specific ingredient that could worsen my dilema but only this has given me a concrete solution.

photo courtesy of

A short walk through about Propolis and why it is effective.

Is a gunk often produced by the bees, they are often called “bee glue“. This is used to patch holes, seal cracks and build panels in the hive. It also acts as an antiseptic barrier protecting the hives from contamination and external invaders.
Propolis has a powerful bacteria killing properties making it suitable for dandruff as it also soothes the scalp and stops itching. On a new study conducted in Japan, it has found out that it also encourages hair growth.

Ilog Maria uses only the purest form of propolis on their products for they are obtained straight from the beehives farm.
No pesticides nor chemicals is consumed in their farm ever since.
They are the first users of their product so if there are any deviations in the quality, that whole batch is scrapped. Thus making it’s effectivity level of high ranking.

At times that I feel that there’s an excessive hair fall happening, this is my preventive measure. I say that I’m not afraid of recurring receding hair line anymore.

Seldom that we have high regards of respect to the products that we personally use. With this we got to value and share it to our loved ones because we treat it as something precious. This I give to Ilog Maria not only because it has reached to my standards but I look up to people who stung me with their values and worthiness to their craft.

disclaimer: Because of the high grade quality of materials used in this product, it is not of recommendation for people who have an adverse allergic reactions with virgin honey, propolis and the like.