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Product Dedication Week: MUZ BB Cream Review

I had a huge admiration on how Koreans keep up such a good healthy young looking skin. We belong to the same continent but where’s justice? The reason of many on the propensity of trying and buying any Korean beauty product is attributed to this. I, myself attest to the shot in the arm purchases of such. I even want to inject the 10 steps beauty regime but the hot weather won’t allow me so. And then one fine day, as I was strolling down the beauty products bay of a leading drugstore I found MUZ.  I thought it was just another snail cream variant that they had which (lol!) I also tried. But as I leaned closer, it’s a BB Cream! (excuse the exclamation but that’s just what I felt that day :))

Moving on, I was standing there a good five minutes. I tell you, it’ll be the first Korean product I say that I buy without an impulse. Why? Because it’s a BB Cream. I know my reaction prior doesn’t justify to this. Lemme explain. I had tried countless BB’s, local and imported brands but nothing satisfies ze skin. My combination oily skin is a snub to this so no matter how hard I try literally tried different brands, I failed. But the skeptic still gave in listening to her inner self, “how will you know if you won’t buy?”.  I know this has been a broken record but sometimes it works.

The problems that I encounter with these Beauty Balms were:

  • aggravated oily skin
  • clogged pores the morning after
  • transfer of the product 
  • sticky feel
  • too heavy 

I gave this product a week test to see if it solved my Beauty Balm standards and I say that after a weeklong, I gave it a 4/5 rating. To be honest, I had only a little chance in me of not having an oily skin nor it would escalate the situation. But I’m surprised that I only have minimal oil on my t-zone. I wish I knew beforehand that I ran out of blotting paper so I could show you how it is. 😦  Really beyond my expectation. Usually the following morning I’ll be having zits or bumps afterwards but as I feel my face… clear. Though it still has a minimal transfer but really nothing obvious. And this, it is so lightweight that you have to remind yourself that you wear one. Wow! (keep on talking!) It’s easy to blend with it’s average consistency. A little bit goes a long way I should say so though it’s a bit pricey ( Php 104 for 10ml) it’s worth it. This amount covers my entire face already but it’s buidable if you would want to give that extra on your problem areas. No worries of caking. It has light to medium coverage with SPF 50 PA+++ .


Just a few downside though why I didn’t give a perfect grade. It only has one shade available which is light beige (though it suits my skintone) From the tube it has this strong foundation-like scent ( what I could remember) but fades when applied. You can’t really see any information from the tube aside from the bar code, it’s manufacturer and the cruelty-free logo. Not even a product website to consult with.No expiration, batch no. or ingredients.


 I just hope that they could also come up with other shades specifically fit for the morena skintone. And that they could state beneficial information of the product. All in all,  I’m still satisfied with this product and could finally end the hunt for my ideal BB Cream.

MUZ BB Cream is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.

Disclaimer: The following are of the author’s experience. This is not sponsored nor a paid ad.

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8 thoughts on “Product Dedication Week: MUZ BB Cream Review

  1. Oooh you updated your blog layout! Looks nice. 🙂
    I’m glad this BB doesn’t irritate your skin! But it’s such a tiny tube – only 10ml? And yes, no ingredient list, no website – that’s strange. I don’t think that would be allowed here actually! All products must have information listed.
    Have you ever tried Skin79? I like that one a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad that you liked it. 😊 I finally figured how to maneuver the widgets and all that stuff. At last, all to my liking.
      To my knowing, it’s a SOP right? I must admit that the people/dept. responsible to this is a bit lenient. Boo!
      Haven’t tried Skin79 but oh how I love their sheet masks! Hmmm, I have to include that in my list to buy. Lol! ‘Lil brother’s going to Korea. Yay!!😁


  2. I always see this bb cream in Mercury but never purchase it. I have used their facial sheets and collagen snail and considering that they are really moisturizing, I thought their bb cream would be moisturizing as well, something that my super oily and acne prone skin would not like. This is the VERY first review I have seen for this product and am so glad you liked it. The next time I go Mercury, I will definitely give this one a try! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for dropping by. 😄
      It’s a shame that there is no dedicated site for MUZ products considering they’re been in stores for almost two years now and getting good demands ( snail cream always out of stock 😑 ) so consumers would know more. I just rely on my experience and decided to put it into documentation to be of help. I too have an oily skin but it worked on me since it’s a matte finish in compare to the previous that I tried. I hope it’ll do the same on you too. 😄


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