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Spring 2015 Nail Polish Color Trend

When you think of Spring you see life, you see colors. Imagine those vibrant life colors be put into your favorite nail polish. Brilliant! It’s like a breath of fresh air on the mornings of springs. An inspiration to start the day anew.

Putting nail polish is my own depiction of mood radar. Since it’s a Monday, I often see the Manicure Monday floating around hence I decided to have my version and compiled my five favorite nail polish brand and what they came up for Spring. opi

  • OPI Hawaii – OPI has come out with 12 shades. Tropical Island is it’s inspiration hence called Hawaii. The colors of Spring is still visible in the collection like the pastels.That’s Hula-rious in mint Suzi Shops & Island Hops (pink) Aloha from OPI (deep coral) Hello Hawaii Ya?  (purple) What you see in this beautiful land has a mere representation in this colors. The blazing sun, Go with the Lava Flow (red), Is Mai Tai Crooked (orange) The water, This Color is Making Waves (blue green) The greenery, My Gecko Does Tricks (reminds me most of a green apple). And for those who are a staple nude wearer, check out Do You Take Leigh Away. A fan of mauve, Just Lanai-ing Around is for you. For those who loves purple just like me, Lost My Bikini in Molokini is a personal fave. Wouldn’t an Island be Hawaii if not for Pineapples?? Yes, Pineapples Have Peelings Too, in yellow shimmers. *These are also available in colorgel.
  • ZOYA Delight – It was love at first. Just looking at the colors is like staring a jar full of my favorite candies. In fact I’m in all smiles while typing this. Who wouldn’t? Delight comes in six colors. This is composed of three shimmers, and three cremes. Let’s start with the cremes. This three are all time pastels of mint, Tiana. Turquoise in Lilian and Pink which is Eden. The other three remaining still on the pastel family but this time with shimmers. Starting off with the yellow Daisy which reminds me of a butter. Rayne, the baby blue shimmer which reminds me of  Cinderella’s gown. And the last is Leslie in Lavender my personal favorite because it suits my olive skin tone well and with a plus because of the shimmer. This collection reminds me of the fairies, the gowns and the candy wonderland. A  Delight indeed.zoya
  • ESSIE Flowerista – essieEssie’s first collaboration with the renowned accessory designer Rebecca Minkoff . Flowerista has six colors that depicts the Flowers in bloom. First came to mind when I saw the collection and the name, “Flower Child” Specially with the star color Flowerista, the very rich purple that reminds me of a beautiful orchids in dew. The freshness brought about by the colors of Perennial Chic and Picked Perfect in hues of peach and nude. The Peaceful color of mint in Blossom Dandy so cool to look at. The Garden Variety that brings me to a beautiful Spring Garden wedding in coral blue. And the stone gray color of Petal Pushers as we walk the pavement in the beautiful day of Spring.
  • CHINA GLAZE Roadtrip – This collection showcases twelve colors. The first six mostly composed of light pastel colors. Pinking out the Window in carnation pink. Wanderlust in pastel purple. Pack Lightly in soft peach. Dashboard Dreamer in pastel blue. More to Explore in cream peach. And last on this team, Boho Blue in cornflower blue. The next six batch of six, I find it more of the bold ones. Suns Up, Top Down reminds me of the canary bird. The Trip of a Limetime in lime green. My Way or the Highway in turquoise. I Brake for Color in orangey red just like a sun setting in. Pop the Trunk in orange. Lastly, License and Registration Pls in ocean blue. Roadtrip as what it says is a picture of life in one’s journey from sun up with it’s light colors and still the brightness of the day in the bold ones.
  • CaptureORLY Sugar High – The six piece sweet temptations are as sweet as the name. If you want fresh and clean, chose from the array of Cake Pop in pale pink, Frosting for it’s pale white with shimmer. For a more polished look, have Candy Shop in mauve or Sweet Dreams in taupe. But if you want to amp up the sweetness, there is Key Lime Twist in neon yellow and Plum Sugar in a deep purple.SUGAR HIGH ORLY

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