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Product Dedication Week: The Bobbie Matte Lipstick Discovery

I guess nothing beats that gratifying feeling of having to spot a gem.. a gem in the sea of makeup brands. *big grin* That thing when you get so confused in the center of the aisle trying to figure out what to buy or be that adventurous and find that special one. Am I making sense?

Anyways this is one of those makeup hunt escapades story of mine. Actually it’s one of my leisure thingy that I love doing whenever I have my trip to the mall. At least make it worth the while since I seldom do the visit. I really want to give focus on our local makeup brands and make it known that these were often victims of mistaken identity. What made me say so is that most times, people judge the quality according to the brands popularity or some tends to shy away if it’s on a cheap price thinking it won’t do good. It’s saddening that one’s fault would be passed to all as there are those who strive to earn their names but are not given due credit because of this mindset. And what made me push myself to strive more to attain that goal is the big number of response/reads that I got whenever I do a local brand lipstick review. This time we need to give the underrated the limelight.

I believe early of 2014 ( please correct me if I’m wrong) that Bobbie Cosmetics  which is more known to us as the leading nail polish brand has expanded their line and also ventured in the world of makeups. Exciting really, happy to find that the local makeup family here is growing. Slowly I’ve seen makeup vloggers feature these products. How they speak well about it made me include Bobbie in my itenerary for my next mall visit. For the obvious reason the first product that my hand picked is their Matte Lipstick. This claims to be “Lead Free” . 

There are only limited colors available in their Watsons kiosk so I chose a safe, for everyday, your kind of MLBB color. My heart lead me to Sugar Babykiss.  

This lipstick retails for only Php 89.00 for I think 4gms. Not bad right? I see that their packaging is really cute with metallic pink as it’s color banner. This lipstick is in a transparent tube, very convenient in determining the lipstick shade. I just worry at how flimsy the cap though for it looks prone to breakage. Aside from the brand name, manufacturing date and batch number are the only vital things printed but no ingredients. It could be helpful in validating their “Lead-Free” claim though. While the shade’s name is written on the bottom part. Other than that, my initial assessment seems OK.

Moving on to the formulation. It’s pretty pleasant for a matte finish having a creamy texture. I find this a good point for people who wishes to wear matte with comfort. No tugging on application, glides smoothly . But with minimal transfer which I personally don’t mind. Scent is bearable that resembles more of a candy. For its longevity, if no further activity it lasted at least 2hours. Not really long because it also tends to wear off as you speak or  have long conversation. But I love that it’s very pigmented. And oh, I also noticed that this color could also pass for a MAC Please Me dupe. Really compatible for the Filipino Morena color. And upon three days of consecutive using, it didn’t dry my lips.

I know it’s kind of too good to be true but with all honesty I’m also surprised. Some might have a qualm of how not long staying this is but most I think would agree and give a thumbs up on how it’s comfortable to wear and that above all, nondrying. And don’t forget,  it’s Lead-free! Really too much for Php 89.00.

This I tell you what makes a makeup hunting  escapade fun and fulfilling. For me,  it’s much contenting to be able to discover new finds but at the same time budget friendly. Though it could be a hit and miss but once you hit, it’s like winning a jackpot.

Thank you for being with me on this makeup discovery. Stay tune for more haunting series.



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Chubby Chic’s New Find: Nail Polish Solvent by Bobbie

  It’s a common bonding to us sisters to visit a local Drugstore near our place. We happened to swing by the other day and accidentally I found this product that I’ve been looking for quite sometime now. It’s a nail polish solvent. For those of you who doesn’t know what this is, it is used to dilute thickened nail polishes. The favorite ones that you store in that drawer for so long but is already on the stage of drying up. This is your life saver.DSC00117

This comes in a 30 ml bottle for a price of Php 29.00. It may come a long way though. Instructions says ” pour an adequate amount of solvent into the nail polish solution ( about 6 drops per 15 ml  ) ” . I stated what is written in the bottle for you’ll have a difficulty reading. My only rant. I hope they had a lighter background label  or a lot bigger letter. PicMonkey CollageI ended up dropping a lot  than stated. My nailpolish became a little runny. Anyways, it’s still usable. 🙂 I’m glad our local brand Bobbie came up with this product. Other brand that I know are of  Sally Hansen. Though it’s distributed here I’m not quite sure if they have it in the market yet. Or if it is, might be a little pricey. Now, I wouldn’t be throwing away dried up nail polishes. So happy that they are now restored to its original shape.