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5 Ways to dry your Nails Faster

I’m a nail polish addict, most of you must have known it by now. Alongside with that is a terrible habit of painting my nails the last minute and then worry myself of the smudges after. I don’t know why I always do that so I seek help. Help in how to make them dry faster. These five tips has sure made my life easier, worry-free and smudge-free.

Top Coat – surely the fastest, smartest and easiest way to dry nails. Other benefits would be: avoids chipping and make your polish last longer. For those of you who finds using top coats a bit costly since the good ones such as Seche Vite, OPI and the likes were not readily available here in our country, stay put and scroll a bit more.

imageBlow Dry – You could easily reach out to this since I believe it’s present in every home. Just set your blow dryer in a cool setting. The cold air will help your polish firm up. image

Inevitable circumstances came and your in a hotel room, but the blow dryer is busted. You’re about to have that special evening dinner with your SO. What to do… what to do?!

Ice Cold Bath – Just reach to your mini fridge and get some ice. Fill in a bowl or any shallow dish available with ice cubes along with tap water. After painting your nails, dip it in for about a minute and you’re set. Or call the concierge if you can’t find that ice.

So the concierge took a lot longer than your nails drying I guess you better switch to..

Freezer – Just stick your hands in a minute or so. Just like the ice, the cold temperature would freeze dry those  polish. ( just another option in case setting up ice cold bath is a bit tiresome for you) image

Oil Spray – Another home remedy that is available in your cupboard. ( in case now your home from that short hotel stay)  Cooking oil spray also does the trick. Just spray your nails after you’ve painted it and wait a few sec. But wait, don’t forget to rinse. We wouldn’t want a greasy hands, don’t we?

But if we would result to the most practical of all..

Thin Layers – If you have all the time in the world, painting your nails thinner coats with 3 mins interval in any succession would lessen your waiting time rather than of a thick one. The best part of it, surely no smudging.

There, I hope these would be of help. Just a reminder,  make sure that your method of drying is prepared before you paint your nails to avoid the hassle but most specially, smudged nails. Another tip would be in order to remove polish with ease is by soaking your digits in warm water.

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NPOTW: Dreamer by Chic Nail Polish

Dreamer is one of the three nail polishes that I purchased from Chic’s Boho Collection of Kathryn Bernardo ( current image model of Chic) Prior to this, another favorite also from this line was featured here.

As I stressed out on that post, what made me love this nail polish is that I got to find an exact dupe color of imported brands. Aside from that I got to pay only a fraction of a price compared to the sought after leading ones.

imageWhen I first saw Dreamer, my mind immediately scanned dupes of this that I’ve seen floating on other blog post or social media sites. As I did my research to confirm my thoughts, I saw not only one but four! Two of    them are Christian Dior’s Electric Blue and Essie’s Butler Please. I am but so ecstatic about this findings of my recent purchase though I know it wouldn’t be fair to compare but I’m overly satisfied of the color dupe alone.

imageI chose to put Dreamer side by side with Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue (old formula) for it’s fair if you’ll consider about the price. Sally Hansen ranges around Php 130-150 (roughly $3-5) whilst Chic is Php 33.00 ( a little under $1 since the current exchange rate raise ) Though it’s still quite a difference but for me not bad. Okay, some might raise brows about the quality per se so let me bullet the points for you based on personal experience.

  • easy to apply
  • estimated drying time: almost a minute
  • lasted me for two weeks with no top coat
  • opaque at two coatings
  • affordable

imageI used this on my toes since it will be a waste to apply it on my overly “working hands” .  I just hope that the image has given justice to it’s real color since I’m not satisfied of the turn out. Still, excited to get my hands on the last of this three purchase. Until then, have a nice weekend Lovelies!

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Chic Nail Polish Gypsetter

photo from chic centre website

My love affair with nail polishes is somewhat equivalent with lipsticks. I tend to hoard with my hearts content without the feeling of guilt or resentment. No rules broken, just my pocket. But I can’t include myself to those who own a collection maybe because I have a habit of giving them to friends/relatives once I grew tired. Or some just dried out.
Most of these that I owned are from a local brand named Chic. This is among the three popular nail polish brand that I grew up with and I should say that I don’t any qualms about it.
Just from a recent supermarket trip, I found out that Chic has currently released six new colors. I been amazed that they are finally stepping up with their game in terms of colors. They currently adopted having themes which is fun. The newly released colors where from the Boho Collection.
The informal term Boho from the word Bohemian which means unconventional, not the usual. With that being said, I was expecting the not so typical colors that they offer before.

What I love about the new concept is that the colors are dupes from popular imported brands ( just take your pick and guess) With that being said, I would not have to cash out that much just to have that color from an imported brand which I’ve bren lusting over for quite some time.
Chic Nail Polish is manufactured by Chic Centre Corporation also from the makers of another leading local brand Bobbie and Color Trends. Chic Center Corporation is the manufacturer and Marketer of Cosmetic Products and Market Leader in NAIL CARE PRODUCTS and is an affliate of JG Summit Holdings.
I hadn’t completed the line and picked only three which are the Gypsetter, Wanderer and Dreamer
First feature (among the three) would be the Gypsetter
The color is a light grey cream with a hint of pale lilac. It’s opaque at two coats with a glossy finish that lasts me for two weeks.
It’s easy to apply with it’s medium brush that spreads evenly on nails.

First coat

This is without base coat and top coat. My apologies ladies, I really didn’t touch my cuticles ever since. I prefer to do my manicures by myself.

Second coat

I’m really bad painting my right hand. The controls… soo out of place! *sigh*


Have to make up for the bad shots with this one. If you notice, the color is more on the lilac side.
Chic Nail Polish Gypsetter retails for Php 33.00 (roughly $1)