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July has been the busiest and the most challenging month to date. To juggle the schedule is a painstaking task as I obsessed myself on doing almost everything in one go. Thus my time management skills has been put to test. Nevertheless, above all the chaos we definitely would still want to see ourselves in control by looking at our best amidst pressure. I know it’s hard to keep up ze favorites on a monthly basis but these three had been a very good companion for the whole month. 

Hello August! 

Though Chinese finds you as their ghost month, I want to align everything with positivity and good vibes. With that let’s start off with last month’s favorites. Yay! Happiness.

Giving vibrance and glow for my month is Pink Sugar HD Cheeks in Concrete Jungle. 

What to love about this product?
 Since the dawn of Becca and Jacklyn Hill collaboration, everybody went cray. And since Sephora Philippines has make it a lot easier, so many has been able to join the glowing club.  The trend it is, but if you are like me who find it hard to spend a grand, Pink Sugar’s Concrete Jungle,  fits just as well. I’m so thankful to be able to find a good dupe for a very reasonable price of Php 490. The pigments where good, semi fine and really gives that bouncing glow even if the lighting isn’t that good ( my way to test ) 

  • Feeling Kylie over Matte in Detail Samantha and Pinkies Smooth Long Eye & Lip Pencil in Chocobrown

    What to love about this product?
    I know some of you are longing to have that Kylie Lip Kit, be it because of the fad or just for the experience of that sought after longevity that everyone talks about. I personally love how they were able to capture the brown  that I was looking for that it made it’s way easily to my heart. And because also of this hype that I’m thankful for the release of so many dupes, I was able to choose without compromising my budget. In my country, I found a true color duplicate for True Brown K in Matte Detail Samantha who I got in a very good buy one take one deal. Whilst Pinkies Smooth Long Eye & Lip Pencil  in Chocobrown is so creamy just like a lipstick, a perfect alternative if you’re a penchant for smooth gliding lipliner that is like Kylie’s.

    • Staying fresh with Pink Sugar BB Cream

      What to love about this product?

      Pink Sugar  is proudly Philippine brand. They might still be a baby in the business but proved us wrong when surprisingly all of their makeup line is at par with the Filipino consumers picky standards. I’m still at awe at how they were able to put all details in their makeups in just a short period of time that they were able to build a name that is dependable and worthy. One of the so many things that I love is their BB Cream. I must admit that I’m saddened at the thought that only few BB’s has passed the oily skin radar of Filipinos. And I believe this is one of the few. Although minimal in coverage but it’s good for an everyday use. It didn’t clog my pores, no breakouts aftermath. It sets on to a dewy finish on me which makes my skin looking healthy but it isn’t oily on my face.

      These three has been my best bud all throughout the month. They making me look at my best has been very rewarding second to my completed tasks. 

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      Plump Ph Magazine Giveaway

      It was my first time to join a giveaway. I’ve seen tons and beautiful giveaways from different bloggers and makeup brands but I’ve been shying away from entering just because I’m weak of heart in accepting defeat if you may call it. Lol! Nothing serious my friends. Not that I’m sensitive at any contest body it’s just the tad bit of sadness feeling that I’ll carry if ever I will not be picked is quite a burden. Typing this makes me laugh at myself for such a shallow reason but I bet anyone also feels the same. Well anyways, with that being said my joining at Plump Magazine was really unplanned. So on February 17, 2016 when they sent me a message informing me that I won, I was honestly ecstatic.


      photo grabbed from

      Before I go on with the prize, let me just share you first a little story about Plump. As we all know, when we say “plump” what automatically comes to mind is it’s either thick or fat. Yes, good guesses. It’s actually the first and only magazine here in the Philippines that tackles plus sizes. In here, we are the queen! I’m tagging myself along because for obvious reason, it is my blog’s name inspiration deriving from the word Chubby
      Plump is really a big motivation as it tackles women who have a very empowering attitude and influence. And for me they are fat-abulous :)). It’s really refreshing and  very realistic approach for I believe most Filipinas are curvaceous in nature but are too afraid to embrace and face because of the norms. Finally, someone to stand tall and proudly represent the real “US”. We should never be ashamed about our curves. Live by it. Love it. Flaunt it.
      Now, let me show you what’s inside my giveaway bag.

      It’s a 15 pieces assorted makeups worth Php 5,000 ( $107.60) Also included is a Cologne Spray from Sparrow and falsies from BYS.
      I know a lot would agree that we are always curious when it comes to everything. Posting this is not an intention to brag nor flaunt but just because it’s close to my heart being my first and a newly released local brand which was launched on the latter part of last year, Pink Sugar mainly composed of this giveaway. I’m so happy to share with you how wonderful this brand is and it’s something to look forward to.

      Now on the fun part, a tour ( yes, a bit lengthy but I assure you’ll love it) on my babies.
      Starting off with their Dual Finish Face Powder image

      So glad that it matches my skin tone. Not cakey and with a smooth finish almost like a second skin. And let me just admire the full mirror here. Yes! We all need that in our life.

      It’s Awesome BB Cream in three shades. I tell you guys these BB Creams has a foundation type of a consistency. I have yet to try it’s coverage prowess.
      Sweet Cheeks HD Cheek Color in three shades. Concrete Jungle which is a very nice bronzer fit for that summer look. Paris Lights that I personally like amongst the three. It’s my kind of blush/highlighter all together giving that healthy glow specially when beamed with light. Last is Wanderlust a matte pink blush that my mom picked. Haha.

      Honey I’m good Eyeliner Duo in Blue/Black and White/Black. The latter is a jackpot for I’ve been planning to buy a white eyeliner, you know to keep those eyes looking awake.

      Eye Sugar Palette and Too Faced Eye Shadow Palette

      Pink Sugar Eye Candy consists of Shimmers and Mattesimage

      Same with Too Faced Summer Eyes



      Sparrow cologne spray with a very powdery scent and a BYS falsies that I can’t wait to try.image
      Saving the best for last are the lipsticks. I got 2 Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint in Coral Bliss and Red Rouge one in Selfie and 2 HD Lipsticks in O.M.G and Gossip.

      I admit these are pretty bold for me. I could honestly do only bold reds and plums but let’s see. I’m also excited to see how I will look on these. Yass, I really could feel the summer here. I guess this seals the summer themed full face makeup that I have in mind.
      Again, thank you Plump for the leap of joy you have given me. Someday, I would also grace your covers. Haha! Fun, Fearless Chubbychicsdiary in Flesh

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