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Baking or Jamsu? Which works better

I stumbled upon Jamsu  which means submerging thru Facebook. The word originated in Korean and it’s their version I believe of Baking. Contrary to the latter, Koreans doesn’t dust off the excessive translucent or loose powder on their face but dunks it in a bowl of cold water. Intriguing isn’t it? Korean being the trendsetter in makeup trends, who wouldn’t give this a try?Since the arrival of baking up to the present day, I have been introduced to different ways of how this technique is done. Primarily it just started with the under eyes to prevent it from creasing and withstand the day without looking mummified. Until it goes on to the whole face, to set everything and make it lasts. I did try though but not religiously. Yes, it upholds to it’s promise and really for an oily combo skin like mine, there’s more that I need to bake.

Then after a year, Jamsu came up. I’m not really a professional in terms of makeup. I just rely on what I believe will look best on me. So when I saw and read how this new makeup technique came to be, I immediately thought of comparing it to know which one works best and share this experience to you. So far amongst Filipina vloggers, only a few have tried and reviewed this so it hasn’t really penetrated deep yet. I must say the finished product is really promising which I admit, what compelled me to try and feel it for myself. If this succeeds, well I’ll sing my bye bye’s now to oiliness.

Getting ready with the procedure, I used San San Matte Finish liquid foundation for my face and Pink Sugar Our lil Secret Concealer for my under eyes. My inspiration is to go all local with my makeup brands particularly on these two basic ones. 

And for my loose powder, this one has been with me for quite sometime now. Unfortunately the name of the brand is not imprinted in the label. It is of your preference what to use in this step, actually the first that I have in mind is to use Johnson’s Baby Powder. If you noticed I still used a matte finish for my foundation just for an optimum results of being an oily faced and applied it using a damp beauty blender. 

 And so I go on to the main event of this technique which is the submerging of that face into cold water. This should last for 30 seconds or merely counting thirty. You could go up every now and then if you think that you feel drowning. I was told that for oily 3o would suffice but for normal to dry, 20 will do. Prior to the dunking you shouldn’t forget to put a generous amount of loose powder to year face. The best image that I could think for this is kabuki

Yes, be as white as a kabuki. After the submersion, pat dry your face. Do not rub or it will take away that foundation. Wait for a few minutes to settle. Don’t fret if you’ll see some caking, I think it’s the initial reaction of the powder to the cold water. Eventually it’ll take form of what you expect it to be. Super matte finish.

My Thoughts

I noticed that there’s some caking under my eyes. I actually fret a little so my initial defense was dab it with the damp beauty blender. But it did came out well, and I really am true to my word saying this. The texture of the skin looks soft and kinda peachy. Though I must say that the color difference between my face and neck is really o-vi-ous! It’s just a teeny weeny problem. And since the powder who acts as a sealer really adds up to the color, it is suggested that you go one tone lower than you’re usual color of foundation. That is if the color change really overwhelmes you. For me it eventually sets to my skin color so I didn’t mind. Other than that, I’m impressed. The matte finish for me isn’t flat looking. And the application of blush is just perfect. At first I remind myself to not go overboard with my blush, you know not steady hands. Suprisingly I was able to control the amount that I want and it just glides on so smoothly. The idea of baking is to allow the heat of your face to set the base foundation and concealer wheareas in jamsu you let the cold set your base. Baking takes 10 minutes to take but jamsu with all the preparation of the cold water and stuff, will take you to 20-30.The entirety of the technique will give you a whole day of smudge proof, fresh looking face. I swear! I didn’t get this on baking for I usually end all oiled up in the afternoon. But jamsu is very forgiving on just making my face a little dewy at the end of the day. I just noticed that the first to oil up is my nose but what really gave me the infinite go is my laugh lines. The foundation that I used, in any brand always settles on this area. But Jamsu washed those fears away. 

For Filipinas on the go, this isn’t really commendable. I must say that if you really, really would like to incorporate this on your makeup routine before going to work, spare some time ahead. You may come in your office with a bang but still, late. So just stick to baking instead. But if you will to attend a function, gathering or event that needs a superlative beauty to lasts, I highly recommend this.



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On my beauty radar: The Latest on Korean Skin Care


Hi All! I know I’ve been procrastinating on my blog lately, which I admittedly aware of. I had a lot of thoughts occupying my mind but can’t seem to grasp the appropriate words. Anyways, I’m so glad to be back in my old self again and upon that week of brain hibernation, I did a lot of my reading stuffs and I had one focal interest.The water-less skincare from Korea being one up-manship.

I have a deep admiration on how Koreans treat their beauty and skincare with such devotion. Just last year, Charlotte Cho had introduced to the west The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine. The renowned owner of SoKo Glam looks thoroughly for the best Korean products out in the market and curates them for better recommendation. Her vast Korean knowledge is selflessly shared for the modern woman to conform to.Undoubtedly, Koreans are far more advance than of the westerns when it comes to skincare and make up technology. Marie Claire would attest to this claiming that Koreans are 12 years ahead compared to US when it comes to skin care technology. The coming of BB Creams, and Essences are just a few of their contributions just the past year when in fact this has already been in their skin care regimes for ages. And what I love about Korean cosmetics is their use of all natural products. Snail Creams, Bamboo Essence, Jeju line of skin care just to name a few. The west might think this as some kind of crazy to use but it is a common fact for Koreans to treat their skin with care so only the gentlest ingredients are acceptable. Even washing of their faces or applying essences has this certain motion that they follow and not of the harsh type that we are accustom to. They believe that beauty is an investment. At a very young age, women are geared to love and take care of their self, their whole being for they believe this would lead them to a successful future. The ageless, dewy and vibrant looking Korean skin is the living proof. Such demands and customs only made them ahead of their league. So when I read that there are now a release of water less skin care products in the market, my skepticism raised. I know for a fact that water is very essential to our well being. It is a common knowledge that water is synonymous to hydration. And Korean skin is a look of total hydration. This indeed is just a big 360 turn. Just imagine the effectivity of this products if water has been extracted. But Christine Chang of Glow Recipe further explains that

When water disappears from the ingredients list, botanical extracts and oils are used as the base instead. “These extracts and oils are full of vitamins and antioxidants that work to penetrate each layer of your skin more intensely in order to repair damaged skin, hydrate and revitalize your complexion, and fortify the protective barriers on the skin meant to prevent further damage and faster aging,”

Water hydrates our skin, but this notion isn’t quite the same on skin care products with water as an active ingredient. The water strips off the purity of the active ingredients used to target certain skin concerns. With this big leap, skin care products would be now of their pure form or should i say more adhering to the FDA standards of not using too much chemicals.

Though it’s not as close as the 10 steps, slowly I’ve been incorporating some to my skin care regime. From 3, I now turned into 6. I have injected the masks, exfoliation and eye cream. I still yet have to try looking for a good essence brand. I’ll share my thoughts into it as soon as I find one since essence is the heart of this regime intrigues me. As for the water less, sooner one of my favorite Korean brand would unveil one so I might as well wait and see. Have you ever tried following the 10 steps regime? I would be delighted to share some thoughts with you.

Have a nice week ahead!