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The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the sweet Rothseri for The Versatile Blogger Award which I’m trully thankful of. Her passion and love of life radiates through her blog. Let’s all feel the vibe and drop by her blog to show our love. Before I tackle mine, let’s go on with the mechanics first.


The Rules

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  • Write 7 facts about yourself.
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Since I have done so many posts noting facts, trivias etc. about myself ( if you want a full coverage see here ) I’ve decided to feature something more about where I came from.

I’m a Filipina and resides in the beautiful warm country of the Philippines. Ours is only a small archipelago for those who doesn’t know yet, we are from the continent of Asia.

I’ve collected 7 random facts bout my country so you may know me fully well. I just hope my little history won’t bore you.

  1. Philippines is being occupied by different countries over the centuries making us having acquired a vast influences in terms of Culture and Religion. Being ranked according to the number years they have colonized our country, they are as follows: Spanish, Americans, British and Japanese. Though the Spaniards may have ruled us the longest for 377 years, It’s the Americans who had given Education as their major contribution hence English language is being widely used aside from our native tongue.
  2. We are blessed for our pristine white beaches, some of which I made featured here. But little did they know that my country is also known for having the world class surfing beaches some of which you were unheard of. Aside from the popular 9 waves of Baler and the majestic waves of Caliocan, there is also Pararan in Catanduanes and Lanuza Bay in Surigao.

3. Coconuts is one of our biggest exports. In fact we are the world’s leading producer of coconuts having produced 19.5 million tons of fruit in 2010. This is not only one of our biggest produce but is also what we called The Tree of Life because of the endless list of products being derived from it’s various parts.

imageAmong the famous is what we call latik ( coconut cream) which is popularly used as a dipping sauce of Suman one of our known native delicacy. Also a personal favorite.


4. Three from the Top 10 largest malls in the world are found in the Philippines namely, SM City or SM North Edsa, SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.

image5. Being colonized by the Spaniards for the longest period, their greatest contribution was the Roman Catholic religion making us the largest Catholic population in Asia. With this being told, ours also have the world’s largest Catholic University in terms of population which is the University of Santo Thomas founded in 1611. Oldest than Harvard University founded in 1636.

6. Filipinos has a great passion for food. Proof of this are the vast population of investors who have invested their popular chains here. But some of the best that we are known and liked worldwide are as follows: Adobo and Lumpia

lumpia by
lumpia by

The Halo Halo which was featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown and Leche Flan.

leche flan by
leche flan by

7. And lastly, being a tribute to Filipinos who loves to sing and always a participant in different singing competitions worldwide, did you know that the first patented producer of the karaoke is not a Japanese but a Filipino. Roberto del Rosario made the karaoke machine in 1975. It was only four years later that a Japanese musician had invented it. So don’t be surprised why in every Filipino event there’s always a karaoke or presently called videoke.

My 15 Nominees

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As always, my sole request is show our love and support to the following ladies for sharing us a part of their life and learnings. So eager to know more about you ladies.

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  Summer Gateaway: The Philippine Beaches

My Country is an archipelago consisting of 7,100 islands. We are surrounded with water thus having pristine beaches are of abundance. I know that summer is already peeking through in most parts of the world. While here in my country, we’re already halfway done with the heat. Thus being said, I would like to give you a glimpse in some other parts of the islands who’s beaches are not yet known to many but of a priced gem. Let’s start with the white sand beaches. Most of you were probably familiar with Boracay and it’s sugar fine white sands. While it’s gaining a lot of popularity, there are also some that are yet “untouched by the civilization” . As much as I want to put all the wonderful beaches that we have discovered while doing this blog, I opted for an island in Iloilo with it’s scenic views and mystic waters that surrounds them. However, if you want to spent a little fancy on your vacation, I also have some good recommendations. Let’s start off this island nearby Boracay that is also at par with it’s beauty.

  1. Isla Gigantes Carles, Iloilo 

Though not a lot of people know this isolated Island in Iloilo but only the natives, this place is already gaining a lot of recommendations. And for those who are done with Boracay’s congestion specially this Summer, the Island is worth a visit. Maybe a bit undeveloped but there are a few but decent fan room accommodations for those who want to spent a day. A list of things to take note of are the white beach, caves, rock formation, the lighthouse and island hopping. On the first stop of the Island Hopping itinerary would be the salt water Lagoon called Tangke.  

image courtesy of
image courtesy of
picture courtesy of
image courtesy of langyaw media

Next is Cabugao Gamay a small island two kilometers off the coast of Isla de Gigantes.  Seen from afar is a huge chunk of the island consists of a rock hill covered with thick  vegetation. It’s distinct feature is the beautiful white sandbar found at the northern tip of  the island. Another interesting rock formation can also be seen at the end of the sandbar  at Cabugao Gamay. The Island is surrounded at all sides by emerald green waters that  entices everyone to take a dip after a long trekking
Bantigue Island reflects of a picturesque beauty with it’s wide stretch of white sand in the middle of the ocean. This sandbar looks like a division of two waters though they may look like one they possess different qualities. The left may look calm but with a sudden deep whilst the other is rough but shallow.

photo courtesy of

Last stop is the Antonia Beach a must for those who loves snorkeling.

image courtesy of palala

For those who seek luxury notwithstanding the price, here are my choices.

  • Balesin Island – inspired by some of the top luxurious beaches in the world, Balesin is a 20 minute plane ride from Manila situated southeast of Polilio Quezon Province.
Mykonos village inspired villas.
Mykonos village inspired villas (image courtesy of
St. Tropez inspired villas in Balesin (image courtesy of
image courtesy of

Balesin is slowly gaining it’s fame for being the most sought after travel destination for tourists. Instead of going to Greece, nearby countries in Asia rather prefer experiencing the island here in the Philippines which they find more convenient and affordable. The best part is that the island give it’s environment concern on top of their list despite of the grandeur, they come to be in tune with it’s natural surroundings. A part of the island is reserved for greneeries like organic planting in which the produce are used by the islands renowned chefs.

  • Amanpulo Island is only one of the few tourist spot in the city of Palawan. An island situated in Pamalican, Amanpulo is the most popular amongst the private island resort. Frequented by celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Mariah Carey to name a few. The seclusion of the island is a must to those who are already worn out by the city’s civilization. Tagged as the Paradise, it’s turquoise color waters gives us a much appreciation of the untouched marine life circulating the island. The breath taking rock formations and blue lagoons are really a sight to behold.
    image courtesy of

    7452937782_fc916af8f7_zAlready have plans of spending your summer getaway? Will it be an out of the country trip or simply a staycation with your loved ones? With these beaches in mind, you guys enjoy the weekend!


This is not a paid post to promote. Pictures are not of the author’s unless stated.