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Choose Day Tuesday: ClioTinted Tattoo Kill Brow

Hi All!
How’s your day? Mine would be a gateway to a month long hell ones, I suppose. With that being said, I would now be giving my notice of brief absence from the blog. Ocassionaly i’ll be checking now and then on you guys or if time permits, will squeeze in some posts.
To carry on, I’m excited to share with you my thoughts on this Choose Day Tuesday. And the limelight goes to… Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow

Literally when the word tattoo came to mind automatically it’s needles that you will see. The painful way of achieving beauty. Thanks to the modern age though. New breakthroughs have taken place. Now with less pain and more natural looking, tattooing on brows have been a resort of some celebrities who worries being caught up in their laid back days with fans wanting to take some selfies. But what about us, who just wants it but on a semi permanent basis minus the pain?
Brows for me is a big help when it comes to faking age. The thicker it gets, the younger you look. Agree?  Beautiful brows just frames the face. Sometimes what is needed is just a groomed one, a tint on the lips and you’re good to go. And doing my brows is one thing that requires my full attention and time. Or else, I’ll make it to the next wax museum parade. With that, doing eyebrows seems tedious specially on the days that I don’t have ample of time.

Thankfully with Korea being on top of their game again, semi permanent make ups have been fast becoming a trend. And one of these innovations are the tattoo like eyebrow pens. Though it’s not permanent as what the usual tattoos are (and definitely no pain involved) the concept would be well defined brows that lasts for days or even a week. Simply apply it before bedtime (est. 8 hours) and you’ll wake up having freshly made brows that could withstand sweat and water. So intact just like a tattoo.
How excited this had made me. Imagine, having a define brow in a very hectic time is such a blessing. All you need to do is just choose what’s the best.

Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow – dual type tattoo eyebrow pen with mascara. Has a self tanning component and could withstand sweat and water among others. It’s defining pen that would make your brows looked groomed and a mascara that makes them more natural.
This retails for Php 894.51 (roughly $9.48) More affordable than the real tattoo brow. And another advantage is that you could easily remove this with any make up remover.

How about you? Would you consider purchasing one or stick to the old school kind of way? Let me know your thoughts.

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It’s a Choose Day featuring Hers 2n1 Sexy Lips & Cheeks with Pheromone

Hi All!
Supposedly this is a Tuesday Choose Day post but unfortunately I wasn’t able to put it up. Anyways, I have this idea going through my mind for quite sometime now. The inspiration for this is I want to feature random products that piqued my interest and have it shared to YOU, my beautiful readers.
These are rare finds that are a bit unique in some ways, the not so typical ones that you thought wouldn’t exists.
For my first Choose, Hers 2n1 Sexy Lips & Cheeks with Pheromone 


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Aside from the obvious, (lipsticks) which in any other form would still interests me, this product got me by Pheromone. But before we go further, a look at what Pheromone is. 

 Pheromone a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behavior or physiology of others of its species.

Exactly what I have in mind. A chemical substance released to attract. Just imagine this being bottled or added to a lip product. I can’t fathom even the attraction it could give let the lipstick alone more so with pheromones. Some might find it weird but at the back of my mind why is it saying genius?

Let’s dig deeper.. 


I happend to find this product through a local youtuber that i watch religiously. On one of her make up tutorials, this specific lipstick caught me. I’m not sure if my eyes were lying, but all throughout that video, I can’t help but admire how she was able to sport such an awesome summer look. But more specifically my eyes were tuned to her lips. I suddenly became interested on finding out the brand that i immediately looked at her description box. There, voila! It’s Hers 2n1 Sexy Lips and Cheeks with Pheromones. Excuse me? Say what?? Pheromones? You got to be kidding.   

ann clutz of Anne Clutz vlogs

A local online shop carries this brand but originally it’s from Thailand. I tried searching only to find out it’s written in Thai. So I have to google translate it for me to fully understand. The company is still new with it’s lip line as their sole product yet. I believe their goal is We wake up confidence sleeping inside. It’s a lip and cheek tint i believe with a soft matte finish. This retails for 450 THB ( roughly $13.38) It claims to sold 10,000 bars in just three months. The Pheromones might also got them. I haven’t gotten any decent reviews yet for all is written and said in Thai. The only description that I got from the site is it’s soft matte or I haven’t fully translated it. Given that it’s matte, I suppose it’s stays a minimum of four hours. 

Will I be purchasing the product? I’m not yet sold to the Pheromones idea though I admit that I’m very very curious. I still need a thorough explanation on how they were able to capture it and from where. I believe humans, animals and insects has it. I’m kinda creep out from the idea. Not until I get a full knowledge of how it’s being extracted on a safely measure, cruel free then I could give consideration. But I can’t beat the fact that Pheromones really attracts. “It’s not Magic. It’s Science!”