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Covet Me Not. Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit Review

Sleek Makeup set foot in the Philippine shores sometime late of last year. The much anticipated opening of the company’s first flagship store has set quite a stir to makeup enthusiasts and beauty bloggers alike. It was indeed the height of Sleek then and I personally got to see how georgeous and dreamy their products were. It’s like a new branch of Wolly Wonka’s Chocolate Factory has opened, that everything the SA would offer  I can’t afford to pass. I really have to get hold of my emotions that day for I specifically put focus on to their liquid lipstick only. The one that made a colossal following since it’s debut on Anne Clutz’s vlog. But I guess it isn’t my luck, for I with the rest of the girls who experienced love at first sight on this lipstick eventually got also our hearts broken when we left the store empty handed. I asked the SA when are they going to restock the item and she said that there is still no definite date for they just recently put up the stock a day before. Oh geez, that fast! And as if she could feel my pain by saying that I could place some reservation if I want to. I’m not so sure if they allow this so I asked if it’s ok. She said that as long as I’ll be able to show up on the event that she notifies me. If not, then automatically they will put in on stand. So I said yes and waited. It took me almost two weeks until she inform me that it’s already back in stock. And when I got there, mine is the last piece that they have. Finally, I got it in my hands. Is Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit Lip Cream worth the wait?

Before I proceed to the documentation of this experience, I would like to express to my readers that this is a honest, based on my experience review and that what I feel might not be similar to you guys, okay. Just some clarification. DSC00407

Mine is a love and hate relationship with ze Birthday Suit. If you ask me what got me to buy this product is the color. I have never seen a perfect nude that time on since I laid my eyes on her. The fact that Anne has this typical Filipina morena skin and it suits her well, what more to me ( I thought) Anyways, it really didn’t fail me on that aspect but there are just things that I forget to take note of. I know for a fact that Liquid Lipsticks/Lip Cream indeed tends to dry your lips. On that time, I failed to put up my reviews right away for my lips weren’t on their good state. They are cracking like crazy, and to base my observation with that situation would be unfair. So I gave it a good five months ( my lips) before I start.

First, the color is indeed true as to what you see on the tube. It’s the perfect pink nude that flatters the warm skin tone of Filipinas. Undeniebly the best selling liquid lipstick in the Philippines. The color is very pigmented. As you see on my swatch, this was made with only one swipe.


It sets to a min max which I find it a bit long in compare to my other liquid lipsticks. Before applying, I highly suggest that you exfoliate and hydrate your lips prior to achieve satisfying results which I did. It’s easy to apply, no tacky feeling but here is what I observed. I noticed that it accentuated the lines of my lips though I moisturized them beforehand, they looked dry. But then, I would give it a fair chance maybe because this one is on the lighter shade, I have yet to try the dark ones to see if they are alike.The process still works the same for these same as the other liquid lipsticks that if you avoid eating, drinking it’ll maximize the longevity of wear. The first part to fade would be the inner lips. Yes, you could retouch on that part only for I see that if you tend to buil it up, it’ll flake. But the most remarkable is that the way it dried my lips so fast. To think that I made sure on applying my lip balm before and after. The dryness resulted to the cracking again. Yes, I feel terribly bad. Just when I thought I found my go-to liquid lipstick. What I do now is not to make it stay longer, let’s just say 3 hrs max. And I make sure to use a makeup remover. I just couldn’t let her go. Just like in a relationship, I still would give her the chance because I so love this color. To date, she is still my favorite nude maybe not until I found another one. Though they say that Birthday Suit is a good color dupe for Kylie’s Dolce K.

As of this writing, there are still some difficulty in purchasing this liquid lipstick as it’s always out of stock. I got mine for Php 450 ( $9.66)  The packaging is okay, nothing special. I like that it has no scent and the flat applicator works well for me specially if you have the lips like mine. Unlike other Liquid Lipstick, you could readily see the product information on the tube, the name, batch number and it’s shelf life.


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In this particular, I give it a rating of 3/5 since it’s drying on my lips. Though I find ways of still making it wearable. I would still want to purchase Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks this time in different shade to see if it’ll have the same effect on my lips. Until my next Matte Me Review… *mwah*

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10 thoughts on “Covet Me Not. Sleek Matte Me Birthday Suit Review

  1. Oh man! You have Sleek there now! So jealous! 😮
    So glad you got the last tube of this, or else the torment would be too much for you, hehe! 😛
    While the colour is pretty and wearable… the dryness of this would drive me crazy! I just can’t do such matte lip products, I don’t care if they stay on all day long, if my lips suffer, it’s not worth it to me! Too bad this flakes too, ick.

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    1. As if I haven’t learned my lesson the last time huh, and here I go again with mattes. I just can’t. Lol! I think I have to alternate wearing them or lessen.


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