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Sephora now in the Philippines?!

Whenever some kin travels overseas the first that my sister and I asks for are makeups. Or we got used to saying this line, “Please drop by Sephora?” 

With all honesty, my first encounter with the word I thought it’s a makeup brand. Well they do have their line but for the enthusiasts, it’s a heaven. So now that I got to blog about makeups and stuff, I have get myself be familiarize. Another confession of a sephora newbie like me is the thinking that they carry all of the makeups that you ever thought of or at least. 

When I read in Cosmopolitan that Sephora’s coming now in the Philippines I have mixed emotions. Yes, I can’t deny the fact that I got excited. At some point of my blogging life I have diffuculty coping up with what i see on my feeds specially when that day comes that Sephora has it’s sale. I must admit it’ll be a big help, now there wouldn’t be any days of skipping the feeds for I couldn’t relate. I could now actually look for it myself. No worries of online orders, shipping fees. At the same time I feel bad for there would be a lot of saving to do from now on.