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June Favorites

When I was about to gather all the things that fancied me for the month of June, I’m surprised to find out that there are only a few. And when I did an acquisition for the products that I consumed, only one stood out. Hence there will be some merging  for my empties which I’ll be posting next month or depending on the volume of the products. Though it’s only a few (six to be exact) things that caught my heart, they’re are actually exciting ones. Actually it’s more of my love at first use items which are quite new to me and a discovery. Though there’s one that I found myself going back to and one that I wish I could have the guts to pursue. I guess it is now well explained we will go now with with my June favorites.

The first on the list is something that I didn’t expected to have. I first saw this on itsjudyslife. While their family having a penchant for organic, I’m not really keen on the brands name let alone having to try one. Aside from the fact that it’s not available here, it costs a fortune. 

  • Malin+Goetz  

I’ve been using their Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer as my night lotion. To be honest, this didn’t catch me at all (which is before I use it). Although I adore the clean minimalist packaging, the scent is something that I’m not really a fan of.

It’s actually a clean masculine scent but for no apparent reason, instantly reminds me of hospitals. The reason why I emphasize on this is that I am very particular when it comes to lotion scents. Like it matters most to me than any of it’s attributes. Okay, don’t judge please. Yes, it’s scent before anything else. Going back, but you know that I easily disregard the scent factor with this one knowing that it’s a legit organic. And that I love waking up to a supple, healthy looking smooth skin. But my liking also comes with a problem. How could I repurchase??

  • Cilantro Hair Conditioner

What made me drawn to their conditioner is that it’s very beguiling. Yes, catching word alright but in a positive way. Let me explain. The kinds of conditioners that I used are the ones that you get results as early as it touches your hair. As you apply, it glides smoothly and you feel like your hair is a ball of cotton. That definition. But it’s totally different with  Cilantro.  I got frustrated while applying this on my hair. No smoothness, tangles as I ran my fingers and coarse to the feel. Totally opposite. So with this given to me on first impression, I really couldn’t care less of whats next. But as soon as my hair dried up (air dry) I noticed how soft and managable it become. That’s what I call deception.

  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips 

It took me awhile to finally use this product. You know that I have this weird thing making them stay for sometime to make sure of it’s effectivity. Especially if it didn’t give me good results for a start. Yes, a chance to redeem and that happened to this lip balm. I call this “pagbabalik loob” or conversion. I don’t know why it didn’t give me this appreciation that I have now way back. It surprisingly healed the dryness and chapping on my lips. And what’s best is that the natural red lips that I have since I started using it again. 

  • Lalavesi Alma Cream Moisturizer

This samples were only given to me by my brother who got them from her officemate. The trail.. I’m a bit confused at the letters tho. What it stands for and the significance. Upon research, I found out that it’s the 4 seasons. First time that I encountered a Korean product with no cute characters and bold striking packaging. Yes, the minimalist themes on organic brands are hitting me. But anyway,  Akma Cream is one darn moisturizer that I’ve tried so far where you could already see results just from these samples. So sad that I couldn’t find a local online store that carries this. I’m so eager to find the amazing results in a long term use so I’m searching online internationally since they don’t have any distributors in any country but Korea.

  • Thrifting

This is something that my sister and I both loved doing. The pleasure of finding good stuff that only you owns. We’re kinda bit dramatic on that part if we find out that we wore the usuals. Lol! That feeling “artista” vibe. Anyways, I’ll be posting a separate blog on this so I could show you some finds that I had from thrifting. 

  • Thrifty Hanako

Which also brought me to this. During my spare if I’m not reading a Jeffrey Archer book, you’ll find me watching her vlogs. I’m her senior but I find her very inspirational when it comes to being a minimalist. And I love how she have an eye for fashionable pieces which mostly she got from her thrifting. I find adopting mostly of her peices and include it in my wardrobe staple. Simple yet with authority. For the meantime, I’m still garnering some strength and high spirits to come up with “some” fashion blog. I’m laughing at the thought but seriously, you’ll find it here. đŸ™‚

  • Jeffrey Archer The Clifton Chronicles


I find myself being hooked on this Clifton story. It’s been years since I engross myself to a good read. I just have to contain my excitement though so that I could get some sleep or else I would finish the entire four in one sitting.

There you have it. Another month, another good stuff. Only few but I could say worth it. Have you listed your favorites yet. It’s also a good reminder of how well our month turn about. See you on my next.


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