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Monday Musing

Hello Everyone!
I’m not on my tip top shape today so I just want to keep everything light. I’ve been sick over the weekend and until now still feeling under the weather. Speaking of weather, we are experiencing a typhoon right now. Not so much rain here in the city but the winds blew so strong. We’re a bit lucky though but not to those area who were hit directly by the typhoon. Hopefully, there’ll be no casualty. About 30,000 people were already evacuated. I’m praying that all would be safe and dry.
Ours is a typhoon stricken country but despite of the times and numbers, these didn’t dampen our faith nor our outlook in life. So much so that living with it has now been a second nature. And for me, it’s just a classic example of living life and getting away with it. If we were to live with fear of what the past experiences brought about by the typhoons ( some are painfull to recall ) we wouldn’t make it. But because we have to move forward for our loved ones and for our self that we leave the bad behind and pick up the learnings. So that in the event that it’ll come again, we now know what to do. I guess we have gone too many for me to say that it’s already a second nature. So don’t be surprised if you’ll see us waving and smiling at you from a waist deep flood. I would also want to share it to everyone out there to take life lightly and how we were able to transcend these things. Problems come but not to burden you. It molds you. It doesn’t crushes you, it develops you. See the positive in it. Of how it’ll make you as an individual.