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My Month-end Dupes

Dupes are something that I always get excited about. It fancies me to look for a somewhat kind of similar but in a lower price range alternatives to my favorite lipsticks  or any makeup products. I decided to put everything that I find in this blog and share it to my beautiful ladies hoping that this could give them an idea or be of help perhaps. Schedule of this post would be at every end of the month so I could have some time for my search.

For my initial Dupe this month will be leaning towards burgundy-red wine-deep red tones of lipstick. Since we’re still in the month of hearts, I believe i could still use this as my excuse to feature the dark reds. *winks* All dupes are based on a three category namely 

  • price point
  • color pay-off
  • longevity

Based on my observation, I noticed that most Filipinas love to wear dark shades of red. On my personal account, I chose this type of color because I have full lips and it at least lessens the look of fullness whenever I wear one. In relation with this, genetically I believe most of Filipinas have full lips so I think it’s already a second nature to automatically fell in love with this type of color. 

Let’s start with my first MAC in the shade of Diva. I can’t deny that this is expensive here, depending on the dollar-peso exchange rate. It is something that you wouldn’t buy on a daily trip to a mall. A tube of a MAC lipstick ranges from Php 1,000 and up. ($21) On an online store, you might get it at around Php 800 just make sure that it’s legit and authentic. Diva  is an “intense reddish-burgundy” . It’s a creamy texture making it easy to apply. Color is very opaque and lasts up to six hours max on me without any activity. ( eating & drinking) Leaves a faint tint on my lips when it fades. Though it’s a semi-matte finish to me, I still find it a little drying at the end of the day.  

Next is Menow Kiss Proof Lipstick in the shade #11. I discovered this thru BeautyMNL while I was browsing for an affordable dupe for MAC Diva that is available here in my country. Suprisingly, it’s way a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Tagged as MAC Dupes I got this for only Php 149 ($3.13) Only a fraction of a price! Color wise, Menow #11 is a lot more on the reddish-brown side, on my lips it looks a lot darker as oppose to the red-wine color of MAC. If you are a fan of bone matte, this one is for you. It has a powdery finish and very drying to the lips. Application is difficult for the tugging happening and it’s formulation is tacky on my lips. Color pay-off is good, one swipe and your good to go. Only its not buildable so retouching is not applicable because it smudges. This lasted for four hours on my lips. 

Lastly, Fashion21 All-day Matte Lipstick in the shade of All-day Russet. Fashion21 is a local brand of makeup only available here in the Philippines. You could find it at all leading department stores nationwide (me sounding like a commercial ad) For those who find placing orders online a bit tricky, this is an alternative. The lipstick color for me is much closer to Diva. Though color pay-off is not impressive, it is buildable. It is priced at Php 175 ($3.73) still on the budget. It’s a straight out matte when applied though the formulation is creamy. Even it’s matte, this lasted only an hour on my lips. Nevertheless, I should say that it’s something that you could wear on an everyday because it’s light on the lips. 


I applied lip balm prior to Diva application hence the subtle glossy finish
There you have it, my initial Dupes featuring MAC Diva, Menow Kiss Proof Lipstick and Fashion21 All-day Matte. See you again next month for another product comparison,