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My July Hits (Hair Care Favorites)

Thank God it’s weekend!
How did your week turn out? With me, everything is all usual, pretty tiring but as what they say, we’ll all get the hang of it. So who’s excited for the weekend?
On the last three days weather has been bipolar. Occasional rains occur making it a little hard to enjoy outdoors. Sigh. I read that there’s a shoe expo happening tomorrow. Being a lover of shoes, I fell so tempted. If not only for the rain, ugh! Summer has indeed ended.
If I were to encapsulate summer all I can think of is the hot weather. I think it’s getting bad every year and this I feel is worst than before. I’ll tell you how bad it is that you end up soaking just by merely typing from the computer. In this condition, taking a shower for me should be 3x a day. But having a sensitive scalp, shampooing everyday only leads me to flaky scalp or worst, dandruff. Maybe because shampoos are too strong. But ditching it would just worsen the case.
For years now, it has been a struggle for me in finding the right one that would solve my flaky scalp every summer. Just in time that my mom give me this shampoo to try. She said she got it for free from a Php 200 worth of purchase. I’m pretty surprise that she got the full size of Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin Anti-Dandruff Shampoo at 175ml.


I thought, thats neat! It’s my first time for years having a full size product from Watsons. It’s never a practice here unlike in other countries to which I know. Enough of my rant, moving on my skeptic mind is in full action again. You can’t blame me for that, i’ve used a number and none of them kept their promise. But given it’s Schwarzkopf (tongue twisting name by the way) I might give it a shot, besides i’m in need of an immediate remedy.
I gave it a full week of usage, and the result, perfect! Alleluiah! Finally, the seach is over.
It lathers fairly unlike other shampoos of the like. Seems to me that all of these are uniformed in smell, I guess. No itchy feeling at all and the best part is that it didn’t torture my hair. Though there’s still a need of conditioner for frizz seems enivitable. Unfortunately, the liquid keratin dind’t work for me.
All in all, i’m fairly satisfied with it making this number one on my July Hits.

Since i’ll be needing a follow up conditioner I decided to use Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner.


I’m not really a fan of Dove since I find their products formulation too heavy. But i’ve read good reviews about this new product so I thought maybe they have improved. My curiousity lead me to buying instead.
First, the smell. For some reason I give smell a big factor in chosing my hair products. Suprisingly, it’s completely different from the smell that I grew up to. This is pretty pleasant, not that masculine scent they had. I always end up smelling my hair strands. The body that it claims never failed me. I love how my hair looked so nourished, no tangles, no frizz. Making this my staple conditioner from now on.
Last from my Hair Care Favorites is Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo.

As I mentioned, I own a sensitive scalp that irritates easily. Though I may find the solution for the dandruff and flakes on my hair, I still opt to use a clarifying shampoo once a week just so the chemical residue would not accumulate. This is my go to product. Though it thoroughly cleanse my hair, there’s no tangles compared to the other clarifying that i’ve tried. I found this totally compatible with my hair. The best part is it’s organic.

There you have it, my months hits focused on Hair Care. Excited to see your favorites too! Till the next post. Enjoy your weekend!😘