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Picks of the Month

It’s the time of the month again ladies that we share our same likes or favorites. The month of March is the birth month of my dear mother. It is also the month where my father got to meet our Creator. I believe these events will forever be engraved in my being but I never thought that another life changing one will add up to this. Well anyways it’s another story to be told. As I gather all the things I noticed that most included in this segment are somewhat became my comfort. Things that had given me consolation in this trying times. 
I’ll start with this scent that really uplifted my spirits everytime I use it. The name pretty much says it all. At the same time it’s smell is my prelude to summer.

Bath & Body Works White Citrus 

Though March would usually be  hot and humid, we got to have the opposite. Since the global warming is pretty evident now almost for the whole month we experienced cold winds. And what a better time for this is to have coffee. I really am not an avid drinker but I’m keen on trying everything new that is out in the market. This two newly released got me hooked up.

Great Taste Double White which for me resembled Starbucks White Mocha and although this is not a coffee Coffeemate Salted Caramel has taken my ordinary coffee days to the next level. pixlr-2

Come latter week of the month that it became hotter than the previous, taking a shower seems to be my favorite pass time. Well figuratively, just because the heat is so much to bear that you’ll be thinking of taking a shower every now and then. And very timely that I got a new body shower to try out. After a few days, I’m officially loving it!

Dial Soothing Care pH Balanced Body Wash with Collagen simply takes my breath away every time I take a bath. Contrary to the last Dial Body Wash that I had, the effect of this one is quite similar to Healthy Moisture with Soy and Almond Milk ( also from Dial) It gives my skin that healthy glow and softness. Also I don’t bother applying lotion afterwards because it doesn’t dry up my skin. Surely the Collagen is working out here.2017-04-10-17-41-53

For almost half of the month that I haven’t had a good decent sleep. If this is the case, chances are breakouts will be popping out here and there. As predicted I actually had the cystic ones. I should really thank my brother for lending me his first aid solution to budding pimples. Calayan Skin Calming Solution has been my saving grace. InstaBox_201741217207685

I’m still with my usual stuff in terms of makeup since I always lean on the light ones and weather changed finding it still appropriate.

The month of March has changed me emotionally. It gave me a sense of maturity in an aspect of acceptance and moving forward. These guys have been with me, lifting my senses. I believed even though these were just petty ones incredibly they made me survive. Lastly, though it may sound cliche Blogging has kept my sanity and I couldn’t thank you enough my virtual friends for being with me. Until our next favorites.