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Choseday Tuesday featuring Ellana Cosmetics

Happy Tuesday Everyall!

Wow, time seems to fly specially when the year comes to a half. It’s still vivid on my mind the aims and dreams of putting up this blog. One of these is to feature our local brands make-up and skincare wise. I was longing for that dream that these products will be recognize globally and that they’ll get full exposure for the others to patronize.
I dedicate this week to give focus to make up and skincare brands that I believe in. Starting off with Ellana Minerals Cosmetics.

The name Ellana means “light” or “bright” in Greek origin. A perfect name for what make up should be – light and easy on the skin, giving its users a sheer and natural glow.
  Ellana is a Philippine brand and among the first to offer mineral make up in the Philippines. Our ingenuity and creativity helped us create quality products that are comparable to global brands but only at a fraction of its priceg We commit to use naturally derived ingredients in our products.

I first seen Ellana from a famous local beauty vlogger. It was the hype then of minerals make up so having this brand locally produced piqued my interest. What I specifically liked about them when you visit their site is that they’ll let you know of which skin type you belong so matching of foundations, concealers and lipsticks won’t be difficult. It is a big plus for me for honestly, I sometimes slack on using the ideal color of foundation to use specially if I love the brand. My bad.
You got to check also your skin type in which they could recommend what blend of foundation is for you. Honestly, I never knew that there is such kind for foundations.
In their Quick & Easy Beautorial is a chart in which for starters is a great guide. Upon determining your skin tone, an appropriate shade of foundation from their line is recommended. They also got to state their shade counterpart from imported brands which I’m quite amazed. And for further knowledge they got to explain the usage of the foundation, the benefits it could give. It also further explains how it is used, what can it do and what to expect inside the product. Everything is really of handy for those of us who wants to achieve the right look, guiding us in knowing our right skintone is a must.
Upon checking, I belong to the Light Warm Tones
and here are their recommendation.


Also included in their line are products for the Cheeks/Lips, Eyeshadows, Brushes. For those of you who wishes for great deals. they also offer Beauty Bundles But the best of all is that you could avail for samples of mineral foundations in 11 kinds all in .1-.2g each. All you need to do is sign up and pay for the shipping fee.

From their bestsellers is the Ultimate Pressed Mineral Foundation which contains Kaolin Clay which is best for oil/acne prone skin helping to control oil production. As this also best explains why you’re looking fresh all day. One blogger even attest that it’s much better than of a leading imported competitor as it sits well with your sunblock without worrying of any breakouts.

The Make it Lasts Make Up Primer that gives a velvety texture much similar to Hourglass Viel Mineral Primer

Ellana Minerals Cosmetics is also available in four leading stores and for those who wishes to place their orders at the comfort of their homes just visit their website here. They also offer shipment for international orders.
Ellana Minerals are formulated without Parabens, Binders, fillers or any synthetic chemicals. The products are tested by and on its co-founder and chemist and is 100% free from animal testing.