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The 500 peso challenge

I know that most of bloggers whom I follow are under the “no buy” scheme. This is really a no joke especially for us girls who have made the make up hall our therapy booth. From recent posts and comments, admittingly I still can’t commit to such (maybe in the near future when my drawers are full) so instead I got myself a “low buy” rule. Which is I get to buy but within a certain price range without compromising the quality. To date my progression, I recently own a good pair of lip products (one that I bought from a buy 2 for the price of 1) and a good buy of organic skin care products. Just recently, I was inspired by the number of make up finds from a recent supermarket trip. The choices really overwhelms me (if a certain fad hits Philippines you would definitely have an array to chose from) You just have to pick what you think would work good on you which is a little bit tricky under these circumstances 1) There are only few products who offers sample size 2) Some low priced products have a reputation of substandard quality. Chances are, you’ll end up buying again.
When I decide to purchase a certain product, I seek reviews first. Find other choices to compare my brand with, quality wise and price wise. If what emerged to be the best, that i’ll get. There are a pretty number of newly formulated brands out there that are affecting my decisions that at such I made a plan. And so I thought, why not do a money challenge instead. That would be fun! Let’s include some spice in that bugeting. I often see make up challenge wherein you get to buy drugstore make ups in a certain amount range.
Amount up would be 500 pesos ( approximately $12)  Since I’m a light make up wearer, here are my choices.

Nichido BB Cream 

I’ve been hearing great reviews about this BB Cream. Priced at Php 238.00 (roughly $5.34) for 20ml. It’s claims were skin lightening (i think this is a specified quality that every BB cream has here, locally) lifting, moisturising, soothing and color corrector (this got me little confused. A color corrector which stands for CC Cream in a BB Cream?) anyways, the three qualities that I took note from reviews are 1) has a good coverage 2) lightweight 3) doesn’t transfer. I’m sold!

Nichido Final Powder


Priced at Php 150.00 ($4) for 25g. This loose powder is my commendable substitute for those Ben Nye fanatics. The silky and light finish of this final powder is what I look for a finishing veil. Not grainy or heavy it serves as a support for my BB Creams, Foundation to set. 

LOL (LotsOfLove) Liquid Eyeliner

Incredibly priced at Php 100.00  ($2.25) for 3ml, this remarkable liquid eyeliner has a good reputation of non-smearing, water proof eye liner. The catch is it’s easy to take off. 

Here you go. A total of Php 488.00 ($10.12) I still have a change. Not bad. Next would be going to the mall and buy these babies! 😊

Have you gotten into this kind of money challenge? I want to know about it too!