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Under the lens: A look at Ever Bilena Lipsticks

It is of the obvious that lip products (lipsticks, for that matter) occupies a special place in my heart. I could easily give up my “low buy” rule on this for I never grew tired of owning even if i’m this close to hoarding. With this the case, putting priority on local brands became my focal point only not to lost track. I also would like to emphasize that there are good products that are locally made which doesn’t costs an arm. At the same time, having faith with my local brands on the perspective that it’s not a matter of trend, name or fancy a product should be but of what your skin best speaks to. And in that case, I believe that it’s still best to use our own produce because they know among others, our skin concern.
With all these in mind, I decided to put up a post showcasing what we have in the line of make ups and skincare and the very first that I would like to introduce to you is Ever Bilena.
My love for this brand specificaly on their matte lipsticks grew when they began opening their doors to world class quality. This was the time when they become expanding their line catering more to our needs. It is good to know that there is Ever Bilena who made our wishes come true. Bearing in mind what’s best for the mostly olive skin Filipina, I specifically love how they made their lip products in line of the changing wants. They produce a good kind of matte lippies that has a wide range of colors. These hues are simply at par with other leading imported brands. Some could even be a dupe of popular named ones which makes this brand a household name. And what’s best is that it only cost a quarter of the amount.
At of present count, I owned five Ever Bilena lipsticks. Three EB Matte and two EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks

( I suppose you can tell my favorite kind huh?) As much as I would love to have more (there are still some waiting on my tick list) I promise to limit myself not until it’s almost half. Just because I can’t contain my excitement (if I could just squeeze this in) as of this writing a new line of liquid foundation is released making me curious of their soft natural finish.

Something that i’m excited to review. Only from the country’s trusted leading cosmetic brand.

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post*