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Say What?? SG Authentic Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick?!

Disclaimer: The following could be harmful to your health. Strong discretion is advised.
If you are based in Asia, this kind of makeup is very rampant here. And if you will ask me what is it, I only have a few knowledge to offer. Okay, let us start first from the definition. At a glance, you probably might have an idea that it’s just a makeup manufactured in Singapore basing on the acronym “SG”. Yep, there’s a point. But if you’ll ask the question what kind, then a huge picture of difference comes in. To be honest, there is no such thing to as a product be named after a country or to it’s authenticity. To make it legit, there is what we called patenting to make it known that the product is lawfully from the maker itself. Now, you see these kind of branding of products here in Asia ( Hong Kong Authentic, Korean Autentic….) were fake ones. Sold at a much cheaper price, who wouldn’t be enticed? And I say, some are pretty much the same as the originals. How did I know? I tried one for myself.

Actually, it’s not just makeup, there are also perfumes, bags, apparels or even the ones you saw on Home TV Shopping. I just noticed that every year it changes. For last year and the present, these makeups had built a trend. I chose to buy myself a liquid lipstick for the obvious. I found this Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick floating every second on my Instagram feed. I’ve also seen MAC’s Giambattista Valli edition, Limecrime, and some Korean brands.


I was thinking that it was indeed a far cry from the original judging on the tube itself. But I just made a mistake in basing it on their lipgloss type which is with a black cap.


From the original Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick



And from what I’ve purchased.


Does it strike a resemblance?
Unfortunately I don’t own an original so I couldn’t make a side by side comparison. With a little help from the net, I was given a glimpse of how physically the original looks like. From the box, the ingredients, the bottom label, name design which for me pretty much looked the same.





Even the same doe foot applicator.

As for the swatches.

Stating that I can’t fully compare, I will just tell you how is it like vs the imported liquid lipsticks that I had.
It amazed me though that they really did have the same name. I mean once I searched for the different Giamvattista lipstick names that I saw from an online shop and nothing matched. With this, Blush’s color looks similar from the original. Contrary to Electro though they have the same name but not with the color.
Electro has a good color pay off. Very pigmented and sets easily. And mind you, no tacky feeling. With blush, I got frustrated with the streaking. I ended up layering just to cover the streaks. Consistency wise, this is a fail. Not to mention that it easily faded on the insides of my mouth. It sets a little longer than electro. And blush leaves a tacky feeling. The smell tho I must say is quite profesh for an imitation. No chemical scent, even a faint one. It resembles more of a chocolate for me. Longevity wise, electro won. I mean, I didn’t expect that it could come by par with the leading liquid lipsticks that I tried. And it leaves with a very good tint on my lips. Both applies easily.
Everyone should know by now how drying liquid lipsticks could be. Undoubtedly this didn’t come with an exemption. I got to used it for a week’s time and thankfully didn’t experience darkening or somewhat ended my lips from getting burned on that matter knowing somewhere from the stated ingredients on the box, nothing is true.
I must say that my experience with this Anastasia SG Authentic Liquid Lipstick is not of what I expect it to be. I did even had some worst ending with the legit ones in compare to this. Impressed is a presumptive word to describe. My experience isn’t necessarily similar with others though some may agree with me. Also, knowing that this isn’t the sole manufacturer, even if the name is the same some might have a different product than what I used here. Just what I stated, same name, but not the color or vice versa.
Purchasing such is at your own risk so if you decided to have one, be ready of the consequences that it may lead to because again, with full emphasis, this isn’t legit and may cause harm to your health.

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