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Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge


This challenge was originally done by my style inside out and stashmatters. I found myself engrossed with the thought of doing it Philippines style so when they asked who’s still up for the challenge, I volunteered. With me is my sister-in-blogging-faith lipstick and bottles as my collaborator. May I now present to you our Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge ( Philippine Edition)


First let me orient you with our current Dollar to Philippine Peso rate exchange.

$1 = Php46.39 for mystyleinsideout whereas CAD 1 = Php35.01 for Stashmatters. I decided to use the CAD equivalent so CAD20 = Php 700.20. So my makeup items would sum up to Php 700.20 worth.
Lipstickandbottles and I agreed to have everything from our local makeup brand. We also put into consideration the makeups that we could wear everyday with a hint of summer influence for full face.
I decided to drop by HBC that day to see what I can get since I’ve been eyeing their San San liquid foundation. HBC is mostly known for the Hortaleza brand. I believe it is our drugstore version where prices ranges from below Php 100 and up. When we say hortaleza  the first that comes to mind is beauty salon, because they are the vast supplier of salon products here not to mention the nippers where they do the sharpening. But they are also known for their makeup line which is San San and Allure My first makeup for teens to name a few.
I chose San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation. I read that it adheres well to oily skin like mine.

This retails for Php 140.00 in 1.04fl.oz/30ml glass bottle.


It comes with a paddle type applicator but word of caution tho, it tends to stuck when you are about to pull it open so be careful or you might waste the product.


The SA says I’m in the color light Ivory which is no.2. The consistency is a bit runny. A little bit goes a long way for this product which made me think about the paddle applicator. Very summer appropriate because of the SPF 15 plus vitamins A, C and E which is good for the skin.
Next is San San Creamy Matte Lipstick.

This retails for Php 150. I got overly excited on this one that I teared off the plastic cover immediately not knowing the vital information written on it. Let me just pause for awhile and admire the shiny mettalic aqua case. To be honest, it adds up to the appeal. I chose the color Luscious Plum since it’s summer and I see that it’s fast becoming a trend color here for the season.

San San creamy matte lipstick has a SPF 15 with vitamin A, C and E that nourishes and keeps the lips from being dry perfect for summer.
For the eyes, I got the San San False Lash Effect Mascara which retails for Php 185.

The false lash effect got me here. But I’m not quite sure if it should be volumizing since it calls for a false eyelash look which we all know makes our lashes look fuller. Though it didn’t give me a volumized lash, I’m pretty much satisfied how it made my eyes look lively. It opened up my peepers without being so obvious that I was wearing a mascara plus my lashes feels soft not stiff. It has a good wear time without smudging.
Unfortunately there isn’t any available eye shadow at that time. I haven’t seen any blush-on either. With this I thought I have to go to the cashier and try visiting another store. I was having my last stop in the makeup aisle then I found this.


I will be too heartbroken if I’ll leave this so I decided to toss it inside my basket. Basically, I’m just an eyebrow and lipstick girl. Anything for my brows, I’ll go for it. Undecided if I’ll include it in my challenge tho. With nothing left in mind I headed to the cashier. As she finished punching the items, to my surprise the SA handed me two blush-ons.


Yay!! Finally, my blush-on problem is solved!


Since I got a total of Php 610 that I was able to snagged two. For every Php 300 worth of makeup items, you’ll get one. But the freebies didn’t end up there. Along with my receipt, they handed a Coupon that entitles for a Free Diamond Peel at any HBC branch. Geez, I was able to hit a good spot on choosing HBC that day.

For my eye shadow, I decided to include the newly released palette of Ever Bilena which I purchased ahead but is still sitting in my stash

This retails for Php 150. Not bad for a six decent pan of colors. This is available also in Pink Palette but I opted for the Brown Palette which consists of six shimmery colors all pigmented and easy to blend. I also find it’s texture buttery smooth that pleased me so much. The palette is so handy with a small mirror inside which you can bring along with you for easy touch-ups. This palette pretty much reminds me of NYX’s.

I find that I could also use the first one for highlight and the second to the last for contouring. Brilliant!

Last would be the Ever Billena Ever Original Pencil in brown for Php 100 that I can use for an eyeliner and for shaping/filling my brow


To sum it all up, I got a grand total of Php 725 excluding the brow mascara. I exceeded with Php 25. Still under the 700 bracket. Yes! But considering the freebies that I got, even I add up the brow mascara I still got to save a lot with the 2 blush on that amounts to Php 100+ and Diamond Peel that could go to Php 1,000 or $22. Yay for the freebies!
It has indeed pleased me to do this challenge that I was able to feature our local brand. The freebies are just the icing of the cake. The quality is the one incomparable. There are alot of good brands out there, they just lack in some exposure. All you need is a strong heart to do the test. I hope you enjoyed this collab with my beautiful ladies and please do also check out lipstick and bottles to see what she has in store for you.

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Blogging is the new and empowered movement that creates a major influence to the intelligent society of today. I let myself be the channel of my beloved homeland and share to the world that beauty doesn't divide but unites. In this blog, I will be sharing some wonderful finds that are new to our market and other neighboring countries in Asia. As well as my love for a very particular one which are lipsticks. I would also want YOU my readers to join ME as I go find quality products that wouldn't put a hole in our pockets. So, sit back and enjoy as I do the WORK.

13 thoughts on “Collab: $20 Makeup Haul Challenge

  1. Wow, that foundation only costs equivalent of $4 CAD! Very impressive.
    And that lipstick – I agree, the packaging DOES add to the appeal lol – what a pretty colour!
    I’m with you – if I don’t do my eyebrows, I look like an alien! I’m a concealer, brows and mascara kind of girl! 😛
    That’s SO amazing you got 2 free blushes! You can even use those as eye shadows if you wanted!
    The eye shadow palette you got looks VERY wearable. Great job on the challenge – it’s always so fascinating to read about local brands.
    What is a diamond peel?


    1. I think this explains “Diamond Peel” better 😊
      Yes, I get so excited and contented with my purchases. The experience of looking for a gem in this challenge made me realize that there’s really much that we have makeup wise and I got to appreciate that.
      I’m glad that I got to do this challenge. 😊
      Lol! Same sentiments with eyebrows.
      Thank you for appreciating our local brand stashy!


  2. SanSan has always been a great brand but kind of the “underdog” amongst other brands. I used to love their eyeshadows as they are super pigmented. I am very intrigued by the foundation though. I need to check them out when I get home.. I cannot wait to go home.. Great tag!! Super enjoyed seeing products away from home.. hehe

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! 😊
      I agree to that! It’s a good thing now that they are becoming a drugstore brand, same as Ever Bilena.
      Yes, there’s a lot right here that definitely you should try. 😊
      Now, I need to find a San San eyeshadow…

      Liked by 1 person

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