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My Monthly Favorites

Would you believe time flies so fast ladies? It might have sound so cliche but as proof here we are now on the last week of the month talking about our month end faves. I made mine a combination of December and January since I find it too late to post now that favorites. 
For December here are my most used:

1. Hurraw Lip Balm – I’ve seen this floating on every celebrity blog here in the Philippines and I was taken by their praises of how this works. December is not of the usual cold month last year because of El Niño but my using of too much matte lipsticks has caused chapping of my lips. Very timely that I have this purchased on  Beauty Mnl. Since then, this and my lips became bff’s. 

2. Soap Wrap Manila Hand Balm – Contrary to the month of December, January’s weather is cold with it’s winds blowing in the mornings and evenings. I find that with this temperature, my hands starts to wrinkle and becomes dry. Though I had a hand lotion that I’ve been using for months now it doesn’t seem to target the problem area in my hands, unlike with this Hand Balm from Soap Wrap Manila which is actually a gift to my sister. What I specifically love is the formulation specially made for sensitive skin. Though it’s a bit greasy, it made my hands less wrinkled and it soften some callous parts making them softer now.

3. Made by David Organics Dry Shampoo – On the early week of January, taking a shower has been a struggle beacuse of the sudden drop of temperature. I’m just being honest that at times with my now long mane, my shower time tends to get longer than before. Good thing that I stumbled upon the newly replenished stocks of this dry shampoo. Aside from making my hair looking and smelling fresh, it is organic so I don’t have to worry on having flakes on my hair which the aerosole type gives me. Downside though, it’s a hassle shaking and pouring the product on my palm. But I guess I have to live with that tiny bit of a problem anyways I’ve been getting good results though. 

Come January, here’s what made my list.

1. Sooper Beaute Tomato Serum – I was lucky that I got to stock on this one beacuse of their 70% sale last holidays. I really chose Tomato infused skin care products as it effectively  brightens my face/skin. Aside from the savings that I got, Sooper Beaute skin products are really effective and affordable. I had suffered from a mild acne last year and really felt terrible beacuse the dermatologist recommended ones didn’t worked well on me. Only this that made my face truly compatible with, no breakouts. 

2. Sooper Beaute Pore Minimizing Serum – I was a skeptic really on pore minimizing products in the market. Be it an anti oily kind they seem to look the same to me. They just aggrivates my pores more. So when this was recommended to me, I had my sister be a living testimony first before I dive myself into it. I said, one product at a time since my face is at it’s recuperating stage then. So finally when my little enemies started to shrink on their sizes ( I got cystic ones ) I give this a shot. My sister also has a sensitive skin so having this worked well on her, I have no doubts. It really did make my face less oily unlike before and another good thing is that it also works well as a primer.

3. Sooper Beaute Retexturizing Night Cream – This I should say is my top favorite of the Sooper Beaute purchase that I made. I have this puny laugh line on my left face that really bothers me. When I say “bothers” literally, it’s the one that I see before I sleep and one that I look at as I wake up. It frustrates me that I got to buy so many anti wrinkle cream and serum. I even have a Q10 going same as with snail creams but to no avail. What I thought could be less effective because it’s cheaper and locally made solved my problem. I’m sorry that I had that mindset but this product just changes everything.

4. Sooper Beaute Tsubaki Oil – This is my life saver. This is the one that had cure my cystic pimples. Though it’s a bit pricey, thankfully this was included in their 70% off sale. Because it is an oil, a little bit goes a long way so my pimples will be totally gone before it runs out. I also apply this on my forehead for it could also diminish those fine lines. 

5. Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat – Cold weather is equal to unruly frizzy hair specially mine. I have a natural wavy hair who in cold days were extra frizzy and with static situation goin on. Really ugly. This product were able to tame those frizz.  I was also able to wear my hair down without worrying it’ll go places. It makes my hair so smooth with no worries of getting oily at the end of the day. It’s one of the reasons why I was able to wear my hair down all through out the cold days.

6. Daiso Shampoo with Argan Oil – This was actually a trial purchase because it’s Daiso I didn’t worry of getting dissatisfied because it’s only less than a dollar or Php 88. I admit some products here were hits and misses. Luckily I got a lot of hits with only one miss from my last purchase and this belonged to the hits! Geez I’m so happy. It undoubtly made my hair smoother, though the shampoo doesn’t lather that much in your hair. I’m totally satisfied of how smooth my hair has become.

7. San San  Nail Polish in Nude – Oh yes! It was a total love that I got with this nail polish. The pinkish nude was my ideal MNBB color. I wasn’t able to find a very beautiful nude one that I’ve been dreaming of until I found this. Though it’s a miss application wise, I still would endure all for the love of this color. 

8. Essence Eyebrow – My Wet and Wild eyebrow cake already hit pan. I was in the search  for a different product to consume actually so I changed brand. I stumled upon Say Tiocco’s eyebrow one day in one of her blogs and found myself getting so focused. Thankfully she selflessly shared the product that she’s using and off I went to the store to buy one. Luck struck me then for it was included in an ongoing sale. Eyebrows like lipsticks were I should say “my essentials” so it was one of my used makeup products. I was  inlove with how my brows looked so natural with Essence though it doesn’t have a wax included in the palette unlike of Wet and Wild’s still it was able to hold my brows color in place.

There you have my Monthly Hits. Until next month my Lovelies so excited to know yours!


Blogging is the new and empowered movement that creates a major influence to the intelligent society of today. I let myself be the channel of my beloved homeland and share to the world that beauty doesn't divide but unites. In this blog, I will be sharing some wonderful finds that are new to our market and other neighboring countries in Asia. As well as my love for a very particular one which are lipsticks. I would also want YOU my readers to join ME as I go find quality products that wouldn't put a hole in our pockets. So, sit back and enjoy as I do the WORK.

2 thoughts on “My Monthly Favorites

  1. I agree with you – Janauary has FLOWN by! I can’t believe it.
    I’ve heard of Hurraw Lip Balms but never paid much attention to it. I might have to try it now! What an odd shape for a lip balm though – and LIME! What an interesting flavour for a lip balm!
    Sooper must be a local brand for you, I’ve never heard of it. It sounds like a great brand though – and I love the colourful packaging!
    Oooh that Nude nail polish, I love it! Mannequin nails!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m now starting my drafts for February. ☺️ *happy kid*
      Actually Lime is pretty refreshing for a lip balm. I often smell my lips in an odd way. 😁
      I’ve been loving Sooper Beaute, so far their products didn’t fail me. I would really love to be a product ambassador of our local brands someday. ☺️


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