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Colourette Naughty or Nice Lipstick Review

Hello, hello!

Naughty or Nice is the limited edition lipstick bundle of Coulorette by FnF specially made for the holiday season. FnF stands for Fairness and Flawless which is a legit Instagram seller with 52,8k followers. This site mainly caters on skincare and I was a follower of them since 2012 I believe, if my memory serves me right. Whitening products are a huge thing here in the Philippines and I vouch that theirs  were one of those whom I can rely on. Really true to it’s claim and safe. So when I saw that they expanded to cosmetics line, I was one of those who were excited. Their first line of products that was launched last year of October was lipsticks. Ding! Ding! I know! 😊 The color variety was really interesting. With it’s tag, ” 100% Marketing, no false claims” I was hooked.

Reds and Nudes were a thing of December, though we all know that reds were really a staple because of the cold month ( sorry no winter here guys) it was unexpected that nude will have a huge following also. What I was thinking then is to look for a good MLBB lipstick. So when Naughty or Nice was launched, BAM!

So what does the bundle consists of? Yes, good guesses ladies. A beautiful red lipstick in the name of Helena and a good  nude which is Chelsea. The balm looking one is their Uno Primer, a first for me so my hands were shaking. These came with a flip top pink box really appropriate for gift givings. No worries for the hassle of gift wrapping. All these three for Php 1,399 pesos. A lipstick retails for Php 499 so I made a savings of Php 98.00. Placing your orders is really easy peasy you guys. One thing that I really admire in this onlineshop is how organized they take orders, easy to talk to and well manered. They have a designated dealer assigned in every part of the Philippines. In that case no tiresome waiting for replies, stocks to be replenished etc. Just to name some of our online pet peeves. I know ladies, the struggle is real on placing an order not to mention the delivery. Now lets pause for awhile and admire these swatches.

I must admit I really have difficulty on capturing the right hue of that red but believe me ladies it’s so beautiful in person.

Colourette Coloursticks were all natural, hypoallergenic and lead free lipsticks. Each tube are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Colagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojaba oil, Shea Butter, Avocado oil and Grapeseed oil. Yes all of these!

I should say that these lipsticks were demi-matte which is almost but not quite matte. So there is no worries of having that dry lips afterwards. No chapping, no evident lines. Application is smooth, though I suggest for beginners to use a lip brush in applying Helena to achieve precision. Color is so pigmented that one swipe would suffice. The color may tend to bleed because of its semi matte finish so I suggest to use a lipliner or highlight the rim of your mouth. If these two were too tiring for you to follow, blotting with tissue will do the trick. Formulation is good, smooth and creamy feels light on your lips. Longevity wise, without the activity of drinking and eating, it lasted me a good 6 hours but with the help of Uno Primer I believe it’ll still lasts more. It is transferable, though I must say retouching is not a thing for me with this on my lips for it gives a really good noticable stain just like of a lip tint. No overpowering smell or a bothering taste. In fact that cosmetic scent which they say is evident on local brands isn’t there. All i all I’m so satisfied with Helena in terms of color payoff, though it’s demi matte, unlikely on my line, it passed on my red category of that “wouldn’t-be-needing-a-full-makeup” red.This is the red that would lighten your whole face without doing the full do if you know what I mean.

My favorite everyday face with Helena. This was a staple last Christmas season. As you see I only did my brows.

Chelsea  on the other hand is a very nude, Nude. I admit that I wasn’t a fan of pale nudes simply because you need a full makeup to give this justice. The problem that I have with nude is that I looked washed out. I haven’t really tackle that dilemma not until with Chelsea. I tried applying it with and without Uno. First without, I noticed that my lip lines were very evident. Though it’s creamy formulation saved it from looking dry. I failed on achieving the right color on my lips because it patches. So it didn’t work. Now with the primer, there was a really huge difference. The color now clings on my lips, with one swipe I noticed that I got a solid hue. But then again, as I said this ís the nude that you need a full makeup going on. I try to see what it is like.

Sultry and sexy alright! *big grin*

A few tips though, if you don’t have any lip primer, a concealer or applying foundation would amplify the color. Applying nude lip liner would give those lips that “omph” look. The creamy texture of Chelsea helped in making my nude lips moisturized. Also knowing your skin tone is a big help in choosing the right nude. All in all if you want to look sexy, Chelsea is the name.

My final thoughts on the product

Thumbs up for Naughty or Nice!  Helena was my HG red on that season whilst Chelsea on the other hand is great for a more serious get together with friends or with a SO perhaps? 😊 Uno the primer is magic.

For the price, I know my Filipinas would raise brows. Some of you might find it too pricey specially for a local brand, moreso from online Instagram seller but I vouch you that it is worth every peso.

Good news guys! As I last checked, these three were already a mainstay in their lipstick lineup so no worries on those who missed it. More trending colors to chose from, and I’m eyeing so many as of this moment so I suggest on paying their site a visit and see for yourselves.

Thank you ladies for dropping by, and kisses from Moi!


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  1. Oh I love BOTH of these on you! That 3rd picture of you!!! ❤ I personally like the Chelsea – nude lips create such a nice canvas to play up the eyes are do a pop of colour on the cheeks with blush! I wonder what colour you create with Helena and Chelsea mixed together? 😛
    So nice to see your face once again! 😀

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