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The EB Advance Liquid Lipstick First Impression Review

I’ve been with so much enthusiam since the press release of this product last month. I thought, way to go Ever Bilena! I am but ample of happiness and  with a sense of pride that my local brand is stepping up it’s game. Every now and then, I’ve been checking out their Instagram account to see  their new lineup which admittingly made me so hyped about. And this I found, the EB Advance Liquid Lipstick  together with their eyeshadow pallette, the cheek color and the blush duo that I’ve been raving also. Ever Bilena has been in the cosmetics bussiness for a long time now and has maintained their top ranking of being no. 1 in terms of sales. I’ve been such a fan of their lipsticks since they are the only ones that gives a wide array of colors to choose from and suits the Filipina skin tone perfectly.

 The EB Advance Liquid Lipstick came in full swing come first week of December. Though it’s been on my radar since the latter week of October if I may remember it right. I’ve been haunting down malls after malls, drugstores and supermarket searching for this. It literaly gave me a month of longing after I finally found one at SM Mall of Asia. As predicted, all six shades were available. (yay!) Though I haven’t swatched them all, here are the four ones that I’ve been eyeing.  

My apologies for the bad lighting. To give you a short info about these four beauties that I have in my hand starting with Soft Lace in which at first glance, I thought would fall in the nude category. Unfortunately, it belongs to the pink family. Being the palest of all six, it is best described as “a milky peachy pink with slight yellow undertone”. 

Fire Opal, the one that captivated me is “ a deep, blue based red”  which I know for all is the standard quality when it comes to choosing reds.

Rich Vino, my second favorite being on the autumn-ish shade is ” a deep reddish-plum that looks flattering on all skintones.”

Lastly, Pink Pearl,  a mauvey pink color that “that makes it a perfect everyday shade to swipe on.”


I settled for Fire Opal. I just love blue based red. The ones that makes your teeth whiter and gives you an ilussion of a sudden flush on your cheeks. In a way, it’s kinda economical too because there’s no need to put on that blush to complete the look. A really good go to product. Aside from these characteristics, my added point on this liquid lipstick is that it’s affordable at Php 180.00 or $3.82. Packaging is sleek, they pretty much reminds me of Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick but on the cuter side. Easy to handle with a doe foot applicator.

Product glides on easily on the lips which is a big suprise for me. This usually is my biggest problem on liquid lipsticks, application per se. So with the superb application that I get, it’s understandable that the consistency is very good in a light formulation, another good tick on my unexpected list. I preferably would like liquid lipsticks to be light on the lips and not tacky so it wouldn’t give you that irritating feel or like reminding you that you have a lipstick on. Such a hassle. Which also brings me down to the smell. No strong smell nor taste. Very good Ever Bilena!

It’s the first that I consider using a satin finish on my lips as oppose to it’s matte counterparts. The good side here is that it leaves with a good stain. It’s like applying a lip stain for a touch-up but it’s not. The satin finish that it gave me is so good that it made me consider on choosing that kind for the next purchase. No settling on my lip line giving me that full healthy pout that I love.

But if you think that I’m being good and all that on this impression, unfortunately I also have seen some bad. The lipstick color isn’t true to what is seen on the tube which kinda frustrates me. Though the color pay off is really good on this red number which totally eradicates my qualm. The color selection is very limited. I was hoping that they could come up with nudes next time. I know they could give better since they know the Filipina skin the most. 

This is a newfound love. A big thumbs up for Ever Bilena for creating another world class product.



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8 thoughts on “The EB Advance Liquid Lipstick First Impression Review

  1. So nice to see a post from you!
    This sounds SO good from a local brand too. Sometimes I get concerned if the brand isn’t well known, maybe the quality isn’t as good. Fire Opal is PERFECT for the holidays!
    I hope you’re keeping well and getting ready for Christmas! πŸ˜€

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    1. Hi stashy!!!! I really do have so many exclamations in me right now seeing you. 😊 Yeah, I have that concern to, not for being a snub but one lip product proved me wrong, now that’s a teaser. 😁 I have so much to catch up with you guys, I see your blog’s xmas get up and I adore it so much! I can’t also wait to tag myself into your christmas songs playlist.

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