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Chooseday Tuesday: Peripera Peri’s Water Tint

Hello Lovelies! It’s this time again of the week that I get to pull another lip product and do a review for you. As promised, my month long highlight of newly purchased lippies. For this Tuesday, it’ll be Peripera Peris Tint Water.
This was purchased online under the sale tag. I got this for a bundle which means there are a few more lip products along. image The best part would be the freebies.  imageAll three for a price of Php 800 ( $17 ).
For the span of time that I was on a low buy, different kinds of Korean lip products came soaring in the market. Let’s just say I was making up for my absence. Taking in mind that it was also the hype then that I refuse myself to dive in. I wouldn’t see myself owning these three all at the same time just like this. Unlike now, everyone is calm and behaved and on sale. Wohoo!
This would be my second Korean lip tint purchase for this month. Although Holika is also the same, this doesn’t come with a balm but a sole glass bottle of liquid tint which pretty much reminds me of Benetint.

Lip tints has been a go to lip product since Tony Moly made it’s impression on me. What brings me to this are: lightweight and easy to use. No feathering, no smudging. Matte finish. Natural looking colors and most of all economical. I say this 6.5ml would last me a lifetime.
Okay, let’s go down to the product. Peris Tint Water is only one of the few from the Peris Line of Peripera. As predicted, the cute packaging is always a bonus. The girl in the box. Am I seeing an Arianna Grande inspiration? Her bow looks like ears to me. On to what it says on the box:

Like juice, this water tint spreads upon lips with vivid colors. With a single touch perfectly dewy colors give an elegant look. Fruit Complex help give vitality to the lips.

Aside from this brief description in English, the rest is already in Korean so I have to consult the web again for further understanding.

Peri’s Tint Water comes in five colors. Though you could still see it as the basics, I’m pretty much surprised to see an orange one which often than not included in this typical line. Unfortunately because it’s on sale, only a few stocks were available. What I’m reviewing with you now is #1 Cherry Juice.


  • lightweight
  • long-lasting
  • suoer bright colors


Aside from being a lip tint which is already an edge for me, with all honesty I was thinking that this will be my solution for my long overdue lust over Benetint. Don’t be suprised why for the longest time, I haven’t purchased one. The tint comes in a liquid form, not your jelly type consistency of lip tint so it’s not sticky. That for me is a pro already because I should say, with an experience with lip tints I could vouch that liquids doesn’t give you that sticky film in your lips which is quite annoying. Why Liquid? Because it’s made to resemble fruit juices for Peripera’s explanation. I see a good vibrant color in one swipe with it’s doe foot applicator. This is one of my qualm though for lip tints, I find doe foot applicator unhygenic. Though I find some that comes in a brush which personally I would prefer. It didn’t settle on my lip lines which is another good point. Didn’t dry my lips but it’s highly recommended to exfoliate to achieve best results. It lasted me a good five hours with occasional water intake and lips licking. I had this used by my sister. She is acidic so I found out that her lips seems to eat the tint. Needless to say, it didn’t last her that long so she have to re-apply. So for those of you who have the same state, this would probably might happend. It’s a matte finish so there’s no smudges or transfer. I would also like to point out that I used this as a cheek tint due to curiosity. I find that it blends evenly on my “after” swatch giving you a subtle flush color which I love. ( I have to give a seperate review on this when used as a cheek tint, promise! ) No bitter after taste, more of like a candy. No overpowering smell. One thing I noticed is that it seems to bleed on my teeth. I end up looking like a vampire who just finished drinking a glass of blood. Ok, just exaggerating, in effect for the coming Halloween. *wink* But seriously, you have to apply in good moderation, and avoid pressing your lips whilst it’s wet for it tends to stain your teeth.


  • liquid consistency
  • lightweight
  • no sticky feel
  • vibrant color
  • smooth application
  • doesn’t dry lips
  • matte
  • no transfer/smudge proof
  • no overpowering smell/taste
  • lasts for hours
  • affordable


  • doe foot applicator
  • bleeds on your teeth

To sum it up, Peripera Peri’s Tint Water is a highly recommendable product. It’s a good Benetint sub for those who doesn’t want to splurge. Has an outstanding attributes for a lip tint. Because of it’s liquid water consistency, a bottle could lasts a long period of time. Very buget friendly. I would rate this a 7/10 if only not it’s staining my teeth.

Peripera is a namesake of a Persian fairy, Peri. It is manufactured in South Korea.

Until my next lippie review ladies. Ciao!



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4 thoughts on “Chooseday Tuesday: Peripera Peri’s Water Tint

  1. I gotta say, I’ve been enjoying your Asian beauty reviews lately! So many unusual products and gives me more items to add to my growing wish list! 😛
    I have a little jar of Benetint from a kit and I’ve only ever worn it on the cheeks – I always feel like it would be too drying on the lips. And NOT a good look that it bleeds onto your teeth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks stashy! That means a lot! 🙂
      I’ll be trying some from Japan next time. *wink*
      That’s what they say also on Benetint. So far I haven’t experience such on this one but the bleeding thing is just too off!


    1. Thank you Chris! 🙂
      I enjoy looking at them, brings that youthful joy of loving cute stuffs. 😀
      Sometimes the physical aspect’s the one that draws me to buy them. I just worry how it works later on. 😀 Not a good example!


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