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Chooseday Tuesday: Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok

Tuesdays will be full of excitement for all of you my dear readers. Specially for those who love this. For the month of October, which is my birth month I decided to dedicate this segment of Chooseday Tuesday to my longtime favorite which is Lipstick. If you’ll  wondering why no nail polish? We will get there. For the meantime, since birthdays give you the leeways, I give in to the Birthday Buying Spree. Still, I take hold of my low buy so a single purchase should not cause me over $23. If you’ll ask me how many purchases have I done so far? I made two. And another one on the way. All lip products. But wait, before the judgement took place, all these purchases were made under the SALE tag. A lot of sanning here and there, online shop to online shop and these were the results. A month long of lipstick reviews just for you. Specifically, most of these were of Korean brands. It’s just a rekindling of an old flame that I had. There were so much that has been out in the market since I had my low buy and unfortunately no sale like this. So there, so much of my justification, let’s get on to what this is all about.

Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok was purchased together with Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Master (which I made a review last Tuesday) from my trusted online seller Koreana_ph. With all honesty, curiosity prevailed on chosing this. I have seen a lot about this “smudger” sponge tip and based on what I read, they came as an applicator for lip tint. This is popularly used for gradient lip effect. The product comes in a slim shiny black stick that you’ll mistaken for an eyeliner. The only difference would be the screw cap on both end. Yes, this is a two product in one. The other being the lip balm while the other end being the lip tint.


Pro: Beauty Tint Tok comes in seven colors and what I’ll be reviewing for you now is RD801.


I made a swatch on my hand using the lip balm. It has a sheer color which is buildable. This makes your lips soft and prep up upon applying the image

While the lip tint which is in “smudger” sponge applicator bursts a lively color.image

Both product comes with a screw cap which: protects the lip balm from being punctured and for the lip tint to dry up.

What it says on the web:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a Holika Holika website that would best explains the product. Instead I got a few excerpts from

Product Description:

: Cushion tint for easy tap vital looking lip expression

: Botanical oil complex for healthy glowing lips

: Blooming flower complex giving soft and bright looking lips.

Major Ingredients:

: Botanical oil complex, Blossom extract, Lily Magnolia extract, Damask Rose extract, Lotus extract

My Impression

I bought this product which is on sale for Php 280 ( $6 ) with volume of tint at 0.6g and lip balm at 1.1g.  I decided to use this on a dry lips to see how the lip balm works. I was a bit disappointed with the lip balm. Though it look tainted in person, it wasn’t pigmented as I expect it to be. Being buidable, it gives a little sheer color. Considering the amount of Flower extracts and Botanical oil, it is not as impressive the way Kiss Lover has moisturized my lips. But a goid prep up for the lip tint.

The lip tint in a sponge applicator that applies in a tok motion which means tapping. Tap the lip tint gently on your lips wether it’s on the middle part or the entire lips area. The color is pretty impressive with its bold, matte finish. Very pigmented. Only one swipe will suffice, for those who wants it light on an everyday like me. But if you want an intense one, the color is buildable but not overwhelming. The sponge applicator is so easy to use for it glides smoothly. Though when tint is worn alone, it could accentuate your dry lips. I just have a few qualms about the smudger though. Will the sponge worn out easily? Will the tint dry up fast? Having a screw cap lid just gave me a little assurance about my latter worry. But to no avail, for some reason, the lip tint cap cracked! Though it is still usable, it won’t secure much plus I have to be really carefull now for I might broke the cap if exerted with force. This saddened me for I only got to use it a few weeks upon purchase. I also find sponges unhygienic. On a lighter note, no unpleasant smell/taste for me. It lasted me a good four hours. Even if I ate Ice Cream in between, it fades but with a subtle tint left. Because of the lip balm, smudging is inevitable unlike if you wear the lip tint alone.


▫️ Lip balm is moisturizing

▫️ Lip tint is very pigmented

▫️ Handy

▫️ Lip tint is easy to use. Being with a sponge applicator, no worries about spillage or waste of product.

▫️Affordable having two product ( lip balm + lip tint ) in one price.

▫️ Screw cap lid secures product in place.

▫️ No overpowering scent.

▫️ Good wear time.


▪️ Screw cap isn’t sturdy enough so handle it with outmost care.

▪️ Though the sponge applicator has it’s pros, it is still unhygeinic.

▪️ Sponge applicator has a tendency to worn out.

▪️ Lip balm’s tint is superfacial.

▪️ Lip tint has a tendency to dry your lips.

▪️ No English translation it the box.

▪️ Smudges


Because there is no Holika Holika website that could greatly explain this product and it’s claim ( I wouldn’t dare either to translate it myself for some reason ) I leave this as it is. But if you are looking for a lip product that would give enough tint, enough gloss but at the same time moisturizes, this is for you. This double end product is so handy, good to carry all around.


Given with enough deliberation, I give this product a 7/10. Though it really is a must have for a girl who is always on the go ( lip balm + lip tint = what more could you ask for? ) My apprehension about the sponge applicator is still there until it is otherwise proven. But if you wouldn’t mind it that much, it is really a money’s worth.

Holika Holika is distributed by Enprani. Made in South Korea.


Blogging is the new and empowered movement that creates a major influence to the intelligent society of today. I let myself be the channel of my beloved homeland and share to the world that beauty doesn't divide but unites. In this blog, I will be sharing some wonderful finds that are new to our market and other neighboring countries in Asia. As well as my love for a very particular one which are lipsticks. I would also want YOU my readers to join ME as I go find quality products that wouldn't put a hole in our pockets. So, sit back and enjoy as I do the WORK.

9 thoughts on “Chooseday Tuesday: Holika Holika Pro Tint Tok

  1. I’m not a fan of products with no English description on their packaging. Even if I like the product it stops me from repurchasing. I’m guessing the lip balm is not intended to be used alone. That’s why it has sheer finish. Maybe it’s just meant to prep the lips and to give the lip tint a nice and opaque color. The tint looks nice though! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I think so too.
      The downside of being completely blind while purchasing online. You only got to see it through pictures. I wasn’t expecting it though because Tonly Moly has it.
      With makeups it’s kinda easy but not on skin care products. I won’t do the guessing game there.


  2. Yes birthdays definitely warrant SHOPPING! 😀 ALL THE LIPSTICKS!!! ❤
    And you've only made 2 purchases, that's really controlled! The month is only 6 days in though, lol!
    This tint and balm concept is so novel – I haven't seen anything like that here. Is it powder or cream on the tint sponge end?
    At least you got this on SALE. I'm a sucker for anything discounted – I really feel like I won something, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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