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Monday Musings: Liebster on a double

Happy Monday!
How did your weekends went? I decided to incorporate my Liebster Award into my Monday Musings because this is a celebration of friendship. Being acknowledged by your job means that you are doing it right. You have been an inspiration. What a better way to repay is to give back the kindness and spreading the love.
My week has been pretty busy so I wasn’t able to post my foodie weekend. Not to mention that until now my internet connection is a total mess. My apologies to my blogging family that I can’t catch up. I’m trying my very best to visit and leave my well wishes as much as my cellphone could accommodate. With this, I owe deniselyra so much to keep this standing for so long.
Before I proceed, I would like to thank first this two wonderful Filipinas for acknowledging my effort and nominating me for this award.
DeniselyraΒ who shares her love for Korean products, lives her life by sharing her wonderful travels and journey and a passion for books. Don’t miss the opportunity of getting to know her.
CheonsadianaΒ for sharing her knowledge in skincare and giving out best advice based on a personal experience. If you have problems on combating oiliness which is very common to us Filipinas, try reaching out in her blogs. It might do wonders for you.
First, the rules:
* Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.
* Answer the questions asked by the nominator.
* Nominate 5-10 bloggers
* Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

Here are deniselyra’s questions.
1. What is the number 1 beauty product on your wishlist?
That would have be a Tom Ford red lippy.
2. What is your favorite beauty/makeup hack?
My eyelashes are very thin and short. To make it fuller, I sweep mascara towards my nose instead of applying it upwards. This technique would also make your eyes look bigger.
3. Favorite place in the world?
I feel so much connected with Italy. Maybe I lived there prior my present life.
4. Unlimited access to skincare products or makeup products?
Unlimited access to skincare because I’m a sucker for youthful looking skin.
5. Would you rather type/text or write by hand?
I prefer writing by hand because I feel the words sticks more in my brain as I do the strokes.
6. What’s the first makeup item you ever brought?
If my memory serves me right, it’s a red burgundy lipstick from Maybelline.
7. Are you a homebody or do you love going out?
I’m a homebody person.
8. Do you play any sport?
The first and last that I involved myself deeply into sports is when I became a member of our Rowing team in college.
9. Beach or Mountain?
I’m a beach baby.
10. Any exciting plans for your blog we should be watching out for?
I’ve slowly incorporated things that I love in my blog. Not just solely focus on budget friendly makeups and skincare. I also would love to include food and places to eat though I have started my foodie weekend a few weeks ago. As I said, I want it to be multifunctional.

Thank you again denise for that wonderful set of questions.
Now on we go with cheonsadiana’s .
1. What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?
Aside from reading blogs on my reader, I always bake.
2. What’s the fear you’ve recently overcome?
I have deep fears. Not just a plain thing or place but something about the future or perspective. Slowly I battled a few, can’t say that I completely won but I believe, I will!
3. What’s your all time favorite dessert?
I scream for ICE CREAM!!
4. Any skincare tip?
I use to gently rub ice cube on my face before I wash it. I feel that it makes my skin finer.
5. Any makeup tip?
Same with my answer on denise’s number 2 question.
6. Do you watch Youtube videos? Who is your favorite Youtuber?
I had a post about my favorite Youtuber, you can find it here

7. Facebook or Instagram and why?

Instagram. As Cat said, they all look like a catalogue to me.

8. Any advice to bloggers?

Write with your heart. Your love for Β what you are doing will lead the way.

9. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who gives me the attitude.

10. Which culture would you like to experience?

Korean and Japanese.

11. What’s your favorite quote?

See it here

Thank you Cheonsadiary for the fun questions.

I decided to skip the nominations since most that I know have already done this a couple of times but then again let us not forget the main rule here, spread the love and kindness to these beautiful Ladies! Don’t forget to check them out!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Blogging is the new and empowered movement that creates a major influence to the intelligent society of today. I let myself be the channel of my beloved homeland and share to the world that beauty doesn't divide but unites. In this blog, I will be sharing some wonderful finds that are new to our market and other neighboring countries in Asia. As well as my love for a very particular one which are lipsticks. I would also want YOU my readers to join ME as I go find quality products that wouldn't put a hole in our pockets. So, sit back and enjoy as I do the WORK.

16 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Liebster on a double

    1. It’s easy. Would you believe that mine is a self-taught. I just learned through watching Youtube. Just follow everything, because baking is with precision. One mistake, everything is a mess. But mistakes makes you learn. I have a handful of burnt cupcakes when I was starting. 😁
      I always believe that if the will is strong, nothing is impossible. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re amazing! Maybe I should start watching YouTube too. Yeah baking seems complicated. Everything has it’s own measurement. Most often you cannot do any adjustments once you’re on the final stage. Unlike in cooking, when it’s too salty you can add something to make the tastes better.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes that’s true. But you can do trick on the flavors. πŸ™‚
        Not really amazing Herl *blush* I would like to just say that I’m an eager learner who’ll do whatever it takes.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Congrats on the awards! πŸ˜€
    Do you consider Tom Ford lipsticks the best out there – is that why you have it on your wish list? I’ve never been particularly interested in it myself… I just feel that it’s SO overpriced and the quality surely can’t be 100x better than other brands. Maybe I just don’t care enough about lipsticks, hah!
    I’m with you – I’d want unlimited skincare products rather than makeup. Oh to dream!
    What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Mine is mint chocolate chip!


    1. Thanks Stashy!
      Tom Ford is much less than Channel so there. πŸ˜€ I would like to say that my best way of describing this would be the way others utter their love to CT. It may be underrated to compare but I can’t seem to fully understand why, I guess like any high end product that draws you near, you get blinded by everything. It’s a love at first sight. One thing also why it’s on top of my wish list. πŸ˜€ because a wish yet it could be realistic the probability for it to happend is also slim. And I want a Flamingo!
      My favorite? To date, Salted Caramel.
      I don’t mind owning a lot makeups as long as my skin is beautiful!


      1. Oh really? Chanel is more expensive than Tom Ford in the Philippines? Wow. Here Tom Ford lipstick is $55 whereas Chanel is $42. Charlotte Tilbury is $38. I think anything over $40 is ridiculous! πŸ˜› I try to stay below $30 normally but will make exceptions.
        I had salted caramel ice cream a few weeks ago – hmmm it was so delish! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I saw a Php1,650 range of Channel and a Php 1,550 one from TF. That was my basing, but I guess it depends. You know my country does the extraordinary. πŸ˜€
        Chocolate + mint for me is = Christmas! Hmmm, which brings me, why I haven’t tried baking chocolate and mint cookies? I still owe you a peanut one. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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