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5 Ways to dry your Nails Faster

I’m a nail polish addict, most of you must have known it by now. Alongside with that is a terrible habit of painting my nails the last minute and then worry myself of the smudges after. I don’t know why I always do that so I seek help. Help in how to make them dry faster. These five tips has sure made my life easier, worry-free and smudge-free.

Top Coat – surely the fastest, smartest and easiest way to dry nails. Other benefits would be: avoids chipping and make your polish last longer. For those of you who finds using top coats a bit costly since the good ones such as Seche Vite, OPI and the likes were not readily available here in our country, stay put and scroll a bit more.

imageBlow Dry – You could easily reach out to this since I believe it’s present in every home. Just set your blow dryer in a cool setting. The cold air will help your polish firm up. image

Inevitable circumstances came and your in a hotel room, but the blow dryer is busted. You’re about to have that special evening dinner with your SO. What to do… what to do?!

Ice Cold Bath – Just reach to your mini fridge and get some ice. Fill in a bowl or any shallow dish available with ice cubes along with tap water. After painting your nails, dip it in for about a minute and you’re set. Or call the concierge if you can’t find that ice.

So the concierge took a lot longer than your nails drying I guess you better switch to..

Freezer – Just stick your hands in a minute or so. Just like the ice, the cold temperature would freeze dry those  polish. ( just another option in case setting up ice cold bath is a bit tiresome for you) image

Oil Spray – Another home remedy that is available in your cupboard. ( in case now your home from that short hotel stay)  Cooking oil spray also does the trick. Just spray your nails after you’ve painted it and wait a few sec. But wait, don’t forget to rinse. We wouldn’t want a greasy hands, don’t we?

But if we would result to the most practical of all..

Thin Layers – If you have all the time in the world, painting your nails thinner coats with 3 mins interval in any succession would lessen your waiting time rather than of a thick one. The best part of it, surely no smudging.

There, I hope these would be of help. Just a reminder,  make sure that your method of drying is prepared before you paint your nails to avoid the hassle but most specially, smudged nails. Another tip would be in order to remove polish with ease is by soaking your digits in warm water.


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12 thoughts on “5 Ways to dry your Nails Faster

  1. Great tips! I mostly stick to fast dry top coats (Poshe is my favourite) but I will sometimes run my hands under cold water to speed them up. I don’t like using a blow dryer because I find it can cause bubbles. I do like using oils – just apply lots of cuticle oil on the nails which helps to moisturize and dry the polish faster. But yes, ultimately, it’s most important to use thinner coats. 🙂


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