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Foodie Weekend: My Cookies Festival

Geez, has it been a week already since I posted this new baby? How time flies! Before I proceed, let me thank you all for the success of Foodie Weekend. I never expected such a warm acceptance of incorporating food on this blog. Well it’s my plan to reconstruct this blog and turn it multifunctional. Oh how I love that word sounds. I want to expand my horizon and make this as one of my entry since I have treated this as a diary. Getting to day day? We will get there since slowly this blog is coming together and what I would want to share has finally taking shape. Thank you all!

On to our main topic, Cookies! I remember saying in one of my posts how I love baking and how I resort to specifically making cookies when my day doesn’t turn out good. But don’t go on now making me fret huh!
I guess life had given me so much ( this year in particular) that it ended up to this number (that made me smile!) Ok, enough said.

Red Velvet Cookies – This has been an all time family favorite and I should say has been one of my bestsellers in bazaars. This recipe that I got is from Ms. Bake Happy. She has been an inspiration ever since I started baking. Her blog has been very helpful for those who are starters for her recipes are not that complicated and very good. image

Chocolate S’mores Cookies – I’ve been an avid fan of s’mores and when I started baking, this one has been on my search engine a few times. I stumble upon this beautiful lady and her equally beautiful blog Spache the Spatula. I’m not sure if hers ring a bell to you but it’s just a wonderful find. Looking at her original recipes makes you want to stack a full supply of baking products.  image

S’mores Cookies – Another Spache the Spatula recipe thats a constant request. In here you can evidently see the chocolate and marshmallows on top. Beneath is a cookie dough with graham crusts inside. Describing it just makes my mouth water. Oh camping days! image

Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies – This was made out of boredom. One rainy day, I made acquisition of my baking stocks. I see that I have to make use of walnuts asap before it tires it’s good baking condition. This kind of nuts for me makes a good pair with everything and since a chocolate craving is on the way that I typed the magic words: Chocolate and Walnuts. So I see this recipe from that is very fitting. Dark chocolate would be even better. To make it more exciting to the palette, a sprinkle of sea salt on top and it’s party on your mouth. image

Oatmeal Date Cookies – Just like my obsession with making Banana Breads comes also my love for oatmeal cookies. I can’t imagine the kinds of oatmeal cookies that I’ve made starting of from the plain one, with raisins, graham, chocolate and to date my favorite of all is this one that I found from the infamous All Recipes. The dates just gives this extra chewy and the flavor of that butterscotch in your cookies. Feels like christmas to me! image

And those are my top 5 cookie collection that I would like to share with you. The pleasure of reaching out to your cookie jar is just immeasurable. I didn’t know how many times this baking of cookies had comforted me. Maybe because baking is of precision and being precise you have to be patient in your measuring and waiting to get things done. Just my way of calming my senses and eating it? Pure bliss!


Blogging is the new and empowered movement that creates a major influence to the intelligent society of today. I let myself be the channel of my beloved homeland and share to the world that beauty doesn't divide but unites. In this blog, I will be sharing some wonderful finds that are new to our market and other neighboring countries in Asia. As well as my love for a very particular one which are lipsticks. I would also want YOU my readers to join ME as I go find quality products that wouldn't put a hole in our pockets. So, sit back and enjoy as I do the WORK.

16 thoughts on “Foodie Weekend: My Cookies Festival

  1. I’ve never eaten a red velvet COOKIE before! Just red velvet cakes and even red velvet frozen yogurt. But omg s’mores cookies, and that dark chocolate cookie – YUMMMM! I’m guessing that they won’t taste good if you mail them to me by Fedex, right? 😉
    I also love peanut butter cookies! Actually, who am I kidding? I pretty much haven’t met a cookie that I didn’t like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Thank you for sharing that same enthusiast with me. 🙂
      You know, that just gave me an idea. Peanut Butter would be my next. Hmmm, cookie butter sounds good also. 😀
      I wouldn’t give you stale ones. You deserve it fresh! 🙂
      Red Velvet actually originated from Devil’s Foodcake but I just love that little tangy flavor the cream cheese gives.

      Liked by 1 person

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