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Trending Thursday: CC Invades Manila

Just recently I’ve seen images of CC Creams being brought in the market. The likes of San San and Ever Bilena has released CC Creams respectively. Though EB has gone a lot earlier than San San, I can’t but feel excited about these. I haven’t got my hands on it yet, just a short glimpse and a little check on the background. I’m glad that our local makeups are slowly stepping up their game in leveling their products with the international brands. Though I must say that it’s a bit unfair to put them side by side with the leading brands for honestly speaking there are still a lot that they have to master. The only consolation would be is that these local brands have based these products according to our skin tone and it’s basic concerns. For me, I consider this a big leap enough, I just hope that through time and the reviews that was made, they’ll be able to perfect their craft so our avid makeup users would not resort anymore to Korean brands (no offense meant) which are dominating the Philippine makeup market because of it’s affordability and good quality..

For those of you who doesn’t know yet what the acronym “CC” stands for, it means Color Correcting Cream or Color Control Cream (hmmm.. that would be three C’s right?) which reduce the appearance of skin redness or sallowness or uneven skin tone.
The only difference that this has in compare to foundations is that it’s packed with sun protection ( for asian brand, they have PA++ factor also) and moisturizer aside from it’s usual basic claims. Believe me, I was also once confused with this letters creams and it’s benefits. I just noticed that once the letters ascends, the age coverage does too. For the CC’s, I’ve read from a lot that after a long use, their skin tends to dry and to some it flakes ( you probably had a better idea now that these won’t work on cold months) but an interesting note is those who claim for a very good result are those that ranges from their late 30’s and the latest that I read, 63. Just an intere
sting fact that I want to share.

Moving on, here I tried to squeeze in some images of the said CC Creams.


For 30ml, price is Php 185 (roughly $4) The pump packaging is a plus factor for me already. It also reminds me of an imported leading CC brand. I got to see this physically in a hbc store and I must say that the claims are pretty impressive. For it’s price, it’ll be alot if this claims will stay true.


I’m not sure how many ml is this. Maybe it’s around 50ml for Php285 ($6) The package doesn’t have anything more to say of whatit has to offer aside from it’s name. Unfortunately, I haven’t read any claims that this has a sun protection factor which is widely expected. If only this could be available nationwide then I’ll know for as of now only selected stores has it. Until then, it’s for me to find out.

Since both are reasonably price, I decided that will purchase them to see which one has proven it’s claims and which best suits our Filipina skin. So, better stay tuned!


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4 thoughts on “Trending Thursday: CC Invades Manila

  1. CC creams are such a weird concept to me. It’s like a foundation primer? Or actual foundation itself like a BB cream? Also, I don’t like that most CC creams start out as white and change colour when you rub them in – usually they all turn ORANGE on me! Not an attractive look. I’d be interested to see how it works for you!

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