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Chooseday Tuesday: Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine-Free BB Cream

I still vividly remember the first time that I purchased a BB Cream from Maybelline. It’s from their Clear Smooth Minerals line. It was the hype of BB Creams then, and Maybelline’s releasing such came a huge following. I had a  BB Cream experience prior to that and it was from a Korean brand. From there I was kind of have this comparison between the two. Though the original doesn’t really impress me (has transfers, sticky feeling, oily complexion) I’m hoping that in Maybelline’s case it would be different. What made me still remember the product 11 years later is because I ended up ditching it. Really breaks my heart because I’m a person who as much as possible would still look for a way to make this product of other possible use. My concerns were not addressed properly which is the oily t-zone, coverage, sticky feel, transfer, and worst had breakouts. I find it too heavy. I tried using a finishing veil but thus just gave me a cakey look. That’s a very sad experience that hinders me to purchase even in any brand, again. I have a combination oily skin so I think having a harmonious relationship with BB Creams is a far fetched dream. Fast forward to now, my mother handed me a sample from Maybelline, it’s The New Clear Smooth All in One Shine-Free BB Cream. Okay my doubts lead me to this product sitting in my drawer for two months until yesterday. I’m thinking since it’s going to be cold (at least) because of the rainy season, why not give it a shot. Maybe it’s a reformulated one? Still, I’m holding tight to my high hopes and keep them guarded on this one.

received_10205018676854622 (2)

On the leaflet it has a tagline that says,

received_10205018676414611 (1)

Meet the New Generation BB Cream.


Lightweight Mattifying Formula For a flawless finish that beats the heat.

  • All day shine-control
  • UV protection
  • Hydrates
  • Brightens
  • Conceals
  • Refines
  • Smoothens
  • Evens
Let’s see. The formula is a little bit runny but not liquidy, which is a good sign for me because it can be easily absorbed by the skin and applies like a lotion. I applied it using my hands but you could also do this by using a brush or a beauty blender/sponge whichever you prefer. A little goes a long way for this for it instantly covers my dark spots. It looks thick though  but it didn’t settle in my fine lines. There is a faint smell of alcohol whilst I’m applying then a few minutes later it changed to a rustic one. I was literally smelling my face with my nose for almost 30 minutes. Eventually, it faded.
received_10205018674134554 (1) This BB Cream is only available in 2 variations which is the Fresh for the cool undertones and Natural for the warm undertones, a downside because you can’t have your exact color.The sample which where given to me I believe is the Fresh one (can’t really understand Thai, I just based it through the color) I noticed that it looks powdery white on my face upon application. I decided to put on another layer to see how it would look but it  took quite some time for the cream to finally set in. The weather is bit affirming being of the average so I can’t really tell much if I perspire though I notice that there’s no transfer. It has a dewy finish (a little bit sticky) on me but looks matte on pictures. Unfortunately (with a nature of combination oily skin) after 4 hours, my t-zone oiled up. Still not bad though, I had a good 4 hours which I didn’t had to my prior ones. Thus I decided to pat my face with a blotting paper then applied a finishing powder. Now, time to check the list this BB Cream claims to.
  • All day shine control- unfortunately it didn’t hold up for 8 hours. My combination oily skin had it only half of the day. 
  • UV protection – with SPF 21 PA+++ . We should take note that SPF’s doesn’t suffice but we have to rely on the PA+++ more because it protects the skin from the UVA rays which causes a long term skin damage and ages the skin.
  • Hydrates – for a dry skin, because it’s a moisturizer/foundation/sunscreen hybrid, I believe it will do it’s part.
  • Brightens – gives your skin a natural looking glow.
  • Conceals – gives a light to medium coverage
  • Refines – though it registers a smooth finish on pictures, my nose area which is a little dry is still evident and a little patchy
  • Smoothens – no settling in your fine lines
  • Evens – covers the redness around my nose area

Not bad for a 5/8. Though it claims that it won’t make your skin look oily and feel sticky, on an combination oily skin’s perspective, this is a fail. I believe this still would suit best for dry skin.

Pros for combination oily skin

  • good UV protection
  • brightens
  • conceals
  • doesn’t settle on fine lines
  • evens out your skin tone
  • affordable
  • no streaks/has flawless look
  • has light to medium coverage
  • blendable
  • dewy finish on a combination oily skin which would look good on a dry skin

Cons for combination oily skin

  • Can’t stand a day without being oily
  • can’t cover dry area around my nose
  • has a faint alcohol smell
  • though it blurs away prominent pores upon application but once the face oils up, pores become visible
  • it gives a dewy finish which tends an oily skin to look shiny
  • not a matte finish even
  • has a little sticky feel
Though it has some good signs with a good number of pros, that of still can’t combat my oily face weighs a big decision on my purchasing the full product. Even I could do some remedy on making the oiliness at bay, I feel that I can’t use this as an everyday product because I might have breakouts at the end of the week. But for those who have dry skin, this would be a perfect match.
Have you ever consider using BB Cream instead of foundation during winter. I would like to hear your stories.


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25 thoughts on “Chooseday Tuesday: Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Shine-Free BB Cream

  1. Do you not feel a stinging sensation when you leave it on for a long time? I stopped using BB creams long ago (after I finished my tube of ELES BB Cream 30 from Australia). 😦 I haven’t found a new one that won’t irritate my skin…

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  2. I can’t use bb cream bc it isn’t oil free but I really love how it makes my skin look. Very natural and smells nice. I haven’t tried maybelline bb cream but I also do not trust them when it comes to bb cream. Missha is what I’d go for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I heard Misha’s good. But I find Korean BB Creams too dewy or I haven’t found my holy grail yet?
      I’m eyeing our local brand, since it’s tailor made for Filipina skin then maybe I could have a change of heart. 🙂


  3. You should try more of the REAL BB creams from Korea like Skin79, FaceShop or Missha! They offer ALL kinds of formulations including ones for oily skin!
    Some recs:
    Skin79 Orange:
    Lioele Triple the Solution:
    Missha Vita Matte:
    Check out this chart!

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  4. Great review! I have been enjoying a BB cream by Rimmel and I think it’s their radiance one. Though I have “Normal” skin. Not sure how that would work on oily skin. xo

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    1. Thanks Katie! 😉 I have read good raves about that. I still don’t know yet how it’ll work on an oily skin combo.
      Somehow it frustrates me though that I can’t find the right one for me. The seamless finish, the economical way of having 3 products in one and other positive points. Why it won’t work? 😦

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  5. Great review! I used to use Maybelline’s Dream Fresh bb cream and I just really don’t know why I kept buying it. It was too oily for me and I had to apply multiple layers to cover anything so that totally threw out the “light, fresh” idea of it. Definitely try Skin79. I know you can find samples (usually on Ebay) so you can try out different kinds and see if you want a full size of it. I think Korean brands are the way to go! I know a lot of them go for “dewy” but more and more of them are starting to offer matte finishes since Asian beauty is starting to pick up in the West. 🙂

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    1. Upon seeing your review, I know in my heart it’ll be Skin79 though Missa ranked no.1 but my skin tone is nowhere among the variants which is NC30. How sad. I thought maybe I could combine from the pink and the bronze?

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      1. Sometimes you can combine the two if you want. I have also heard of some people that used the bb cream (and it’s a little too light) and then they will dust some bronzer over the top to darken the tone some, too. It may be worth a try!

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