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Trending Thursday: My thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow

I must admit that I’m a Maybeline fan. As far as I can remember, it’s the only Lip Balm that I allow myself to buy two times in a month, or should I say as long as they come up with a new release, I’ll go buy one. The thing about loving this product is the tint it gives. I love my lip balms to have tints so that I could use it alone on a lazy day. Though I must admit there are a lot out there that could surpass such, I still opt for this one because I could have the benefit of two (moisturize and tint) all at the same time in a much reasonable price. As of counting, I owned three. It’s supposed to be four but I broke the other. *sad*


Just from a recent drug store trip that I noticed a newly released Lip Balm or it is? Though it’s under Baby Lips which is usually of a lip balm, what I saw is not the usual packaging but more on like a chubby stick. My curiosity arose when I found out that it’s indeed a Lip Balm but in a stick form? It must be something. So I might have thought that this must be super pigmented. Or at least. I was kinda hoping of a Clinique, Revlon type of a thing. Excuse my sillyness but my thinking was really next to this. Okay, hopes gone wild now. As I swipe through the bar code for the price, ok, Php 179 (roughly $4) My thoughts are now slowly being justified by the price, or so I thought. I was about to give it a go when upon thorough inspection I found out that it’s only 2gms. What? This big then only 2gms? That finally brought me to reality. Unless I dive in and purchase it, then I ‘ll know.  So you know who won the battle.


I was with high hopes still about this product not until I read reviews. I find it that it’s not as pigmented as what I expect it to be. Not for a warm skin tone. I compare swatches and kinda feel frustrated. I know it’s just a lip balm but how come they were able to release a more pigmented one before? I wouldn’t argue about the price though if they step this one up. I hope they could reformulate perhaps? Results may vary though according to skin tones. But not all have the same qualm as mine. It’s just from a constant Maybelline Lip Balm user’s point of view who among other Filipina, has a warm skin tone.

On a brighter side, I browse through Maybelline New York’s Instagram and saw this.

Image from Maybelline New York Instagram

I’m not sure if this has been released yet but let me know your thoughts. I just wish they would bring it here in the Philippines.
And come the end of the month, Maybelline Philippines will be releasing this through Beauty MNL.

Image from Maybelline Philippines Instagram
Image from Maybelline Philippines Instagram

Have you tried Baby Lips Candy Wow? Let me know your thoughts.


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15 thoughts on “Trending Thursday: My thoughts on Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow

  1. I like the Maybelline Baby Lips especially the ones that are more pigmented. My 2 favourites are Cherry Me and Grape Vine! What flavour is that tube on the left hand side in your first image? I like the tube and the swatch!
    Those lip glosses have been released here but I haven’t tried, they look like they would be sheer.

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    1. I believe it’s Lip Smooth Color and Care in Strawberry. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to put the name for the bottom part is already worn out. I’m afraid I might say the wrong one. The one on the right looks sheer at first but the color intemsifies as you wear it..
      Hmmm, you think it’s too sheer?

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    1. I was hoping they would consider our skin tone. Or maybe they’re focal point is just to moisturize? It’s only few imported brands who reformulate their products and base it on Asian skin, color, texture etc.


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