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Chic Nail Polish Gypsetter

photo from chic centre website

My love affair with nail polishes is somewhat equivalent with lipsticks. I tend to hoard with my hearts content without the feeling of guilt or resentment. No rules broken, just my pocket. But I can’t include myself to those who own a collection maybe because I have a habit of giving them to friends/relatives once I grew tired. Or some just dried out.
Most of these that I owned are from a local brand named Chic. This is among the three popular nail polish brand that I grew up with and I should say that I don’t any qualms about it.
Just from a recent supermarket trip, I found out that Chic has currently released six new colors. I been amazed that they are finally stepping up with their game in terms of colors. They currently adopted having themes which is fun. The newly released colors where from the Boho Collection.
The informal term Boho from the word Bohemian which means unconventional, not the usual. With that being said, I was expecting the not so typical colors that they offer before.

What I love about the new concept is that the colors are dupes from popular imported brands ( just take your pick and guess) With that being said, I would not have to cash out that much just to have that color from an imported brand which I’ve bren lusting over for quite some time.
Chic Nail Polishย is manufactured by Chic Centre Corporation also from the makers of another leading local brand Bobbie and Color Trends. Chic Center Corporation is the manufacturer and Marketer of Cosmetic Products and Market Leader in NAIL CARE PRODUCTS and is an affliate of JG Summit Holdings.
I hadn’t completed the line and picked only three which are the Gypsetter, Wanderer and Dreamer
First feature (among the three) would be the Gypsetter
The color is a light grey cream with a hint of pale lilac. It’s opaque at two coats with a glossy finish that lasts me for two weeks.
It’s easy to apply with it’s medium brush that spreads evenly on nails.

First coat

This is without base coat and top coat. My apologies ladies, I really didn’t touch my cuticles ever since. I prefer to do my manicures by myself.

Second coat

I’m really bad painting my right hand. The controls… soo out of place! *sigh*


Have to make up for the bad shots with this one. If you notice, the color is more on the lilac side.
Chic Nail Polish Gypsetter retails for Php 33.00 (roughly $1)


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9 thoughts on “Chic Nail Polish Gypsetter

    1. Lol! That I forgot to mention. She is a famous young actress here with a huge following. Some marketing strategy.
      My first thought upon seeing this is ESSIE’S Master Plan. I’m glad that they’re acquiring these international colors here because the imported ones are so expensive. And we don’t have that sale of some sort.


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